Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fashion Staples for Men

  1. Three Piece Suit
  2. Jeans
  3. Leather band watch
  4. Polo shirt
  5. Leather belt
  6. White Dress Shirt
  7. White T-Shirt
  8. Sneakers
  9. Silk Ties
  10. Black Socks
  11. Black Dress Shoe
  12. Brown Dress Shoe
  13. Black Dress Shirt
  14. Trench Coat
  15. Scarf
  16. Sunglasses
  17. Cashmere Sweater
  18. Cuff Links
  19. Steel Band Watch
  20. Leather Gloves
  21. Pea Coat
I suppose in a humid and hot Malaysia weather, we do not really need certain stuff from the above list. But I personally think it is essential to have them. You never know when you might just get a chance to travel to London or anywhere else with winter season! Anyway, that's not the point. There is a reason why GQ and Askmen suggest the staples. Go figure! Let's see how many of those items I have.

*andrewkin inspects his wardrobe and begin slashing items that he have

  1. Three Piece Suit
  2. Jeans
  3. Leather band watch
  4. Polo shirt
  5. Leather belt
  6. White Dress Shirt
  7. White T-Shirt
  8. Sneakers
  9. Silk Ties
  10. Black Socks
  11. Black Dress Shoe
  12. Brown Dress Shoe
  13. Black Dress Shirt
  14. Trench Coat
  15. Scarf
  16. Sunglasses
  17. Cashmere Sweater
  18. Cuff Links
  19. Steel Band Watch
  20. Leather Gloves
  21. Pea Coat
Not too bad eh ... 8 items left. Well, I don't think I really need a trench coat or leather gloves.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Selina's wedding

Attended Selina's wedding last night. The wedding was well planned, the food were good and the crowd is supportive and cheerful (even during the "yam seng" ceremony!). Something I hardly experienced in weddings. What to do? Most family members are traditional Chinese-type, where weddings are usually held at restaurants instead of hotels. Anyway seeing Alvin, Janet and Kenny getting drunk last night was a whole lot of fun. Overall, the dinner was enjoyable. I am so happy for Selina and Yean. They looked very happy together and I wish them the best of luck in everything they are about to endure in the future. Seeing them being strong for each other really got me thinking how special a relationship can be and ... can get. I suppose they are right with the saying that "it is not easy to find that special someone. So when you do, appreciate them". That said, those out there who have that special someone - never give up on each other if there is still love and for those who are enduring singlehood - never give up on love.

Best wishes guys

Monday, December 4, 2006

SSA - Skinny Sickness Anonymous

Hi. I am Frustrated A. I have a problem. I am thin and skinny and I cannot put on weight. I do go to the gym and workout. Maybe I am doing the wrong routines but I am very sure I tried building muscles. My arms are small and it looks awful. Think of snowman with tree branches as arms. Not that it is a huge problem but my friends say I should put on weight. I do eat alot and maintain a healthy diet but my weight stays at 65kg. I am not entirely underweight but I think increasing my body mass is somewhat better. Any suggestions either than eating more? Cos I can't afford to drink Eno everytime I try to double my meal!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dead Blog?

G : Why haven't you been blogging ya?
A : Ha? No reasons la ...
G : What happened?
A : You mean to my blog? Or to me?
G : Your blog la!
A : Nothing la! Just don't feel like writing
G : Ok ...
A : Good also ma, become PMS Blog.
G : What are you talking about?
A : You know, you girls PMS once a month right? So I blog
only once a month lo!
G : Ha? You didn't change abit!
A : Hello? Nine months away only ler ... I am still quite Malaysian k!
G : Yah la tu~

BTW , I am back ...

Thursday, November 2, 2006

The member issue

One of the things I will miss is NJ and GL's interesting conversations. One of them happened last night; when we were chatting about how men are proud of their member. It was quite interesting because I remember when my bunch of boy friends and I were young (primary school), we talked about how to get a hard-on. Yeah, I know ... but we were young! Moreover, when you enter puberty, interesting things happen (ie; asking friends questions!). We shared thoughts about our member and mostly, it directs to ways to get it up. Most of them imagine the group Spice Girls when they try to get a hard-on. Funny how pop music could be more than just music. and that leads to yesterday's conversation;

GL : Boys a! Nothing else to do with their member a? So dumb!
NJ : Serious! You cannot insult their member
GL : Yah meh?
NJ : When they are young, they are fasinated by it
AK : Which is quite true!
NJ : and when they are old, they are proud of it!
GL : Got meh?
AK : I am not proud of my member!
NJ : Your case differently la!
AK : o_O
GL : So cannot insult their member la?
NJ : Of course cannot! If you do - they go limp one!
AK : That I have to agree!
NJ : I had sex once, and I say la, Harder! Faster! Stronger!
GL : A huh?
NJ : and he got ... erm ... it's like big banana to ... tofu!
NJ : I was shock! He was angry but I still want my sex!
AK : I so do not need to know that
NJ : and he was out of the mood
GL : This is so funny
NJ : Then he ask me why I say such things, I had to lie!
AK : What did you tell him?
NJ : I said those things because Hollywood movies say it.

Moral of the story; never insult a guy's member in anyway during sex

Monday, October 30, 2006

Up at 5am

I think I am still alive - pretty much like a zombie! Had watch sunrise for 3 consecutively days. It's beautiful I tell you! The sky just splits into three colours; dark blue, bright blue and a yellow base line. Don't be mistaken, I did not stay up for the sunrise. I had no choice but to study. Can't sleep anyway. By the way, daylight saving started. Lost an hour and am going to have longer day, in terms of light and shorter night. The sun only start setting at 8pm and comes out at 5. Quite cool, but it feels like you have more things to do in the afternoon.

Exam is just around the corner - two days away. I am only half prepared. Can't wait for it to be over. After that, my uni days are over. Fast eh? Soon I will be returning to the land where the haze comes every year. I am not glad that I had to return to Malaysia so soon, but I do anticipate for the day I pack up, board the plane and meet my friends at mamak again. Those were the days. But I better not expect so much, since Jen told me that things changed since I was away. Sadly, it was not changes for the better ... but nevertheless, I hope my friends are healthy and happy for my return! Hahaha, definetely have to make everyone buy me a welcome back mamak drink!

I wonder, does my friends back there still remember me? I hope so ... afterall, 10months is not that long ...

Friday, October 27, 2006

Echoes in a Falling Leaf

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My voice echoes,
No matter how many leaves I saw falling,
I felt the warmth of a new life.

A perfect day?
Never a perfect person.

So help me echo my voice, my presence and my strength,
Because I felt the stranger in you.
It's not my will to feel the blankness,
It was not my intention to stay in it,
It is the leaf I saw falling.

Warmth new life?
That is not perfect.
New scars will come ... and the leaves will fall again .
But I am glad it fell.

Help me echo my voice, my song and my heart beat,
Because I felt the warmth, the new scars and the perfect person,
It was not the new life I felt,
It was the leaf ... ever falling

Tuesday, October 17, 2006



Monday, October 2, 2006

The 10 Hour Room


I've been so busy this past few weeks, I didnt even realized it was October already. I suppose that is the effect when you get stuck in the editing suite for 10hours a day. Ok, I am over-dramatizing but spending the entire weekend in room P2.21 wasn't exactly the weekend I anticipated. Moreover, I spend last weekend shooting for Medha (my art"sie" short film for ACT206 unit) and the previous weekend finishing a major essay for ASC287 and the previous weekend, another assignment. There, a month without proper weekend! Who said that studying life were more fun than working life?

Thank goodness, 大姐 hooked me up on a tulip trip with her friends. Hehe, I can't wait to see the crazy wacko girls. Miss them! By that I meant, CL and 小Wei. Two crazeeeee woman! If you guys think I am hyper ... wait till you see us three in axion! We are like the herioc trio, the charlie angels, the DOA girls! But I wonder what the hell am I going to do during the tulip trip. No doubt we would be looking at tulips!!! Like *DUH! But is that all we are going to do for the entire Sunday ????? I ain't want to just look at tulips!

I could pack a picnic-lunch basket ... but that's not even during the trip. It's like before the darn thing. Of course, I can always hope there are cute hunks and gorgeous babes (ala Gisele type) at the tulip field! At least then, I can work on my eye's six pack, which have been suffering because of the non-stop 10hour daily editing since last week! Sigh* what staring at the computer screen can do to your eyes!

What else to do during the trip leh???



I could get some tulips and put it in the house! I mean, our house is like so dead (thanks to our landlord who keeps on killing the greens, weeds and whatever not around the yard) - and since we borrowed a vase for Medha's production, we kinda got flowers sitting around the living room since last week! Yeap ... tulips for the living room ...

What a gay thing to do!

But what the heck


Sunday, September 24, 2006


Post is actually for sunday

Had my first music festival celebration today - The Darwin Music Festival at Northcote. Actually, I was filling in for Eva (since she had other matters to attend to) as a crew membe for shooting Greg Walsh (a local old time songwriter-singer). BTW, it's for a documentary assignment. Greg, also a friends of ours, was one of the five finalist for the song-writing competition. So, the girls was just adding materials for their documentary. Anyway, the festival was awesome - shops were all open on sunday, selling heaps and heaps of food, people brought their kids, dogs and lovers but the weather was the give-away (it rained)... Why don't we have something like that in Malaysia??? So ... back to the festival, the competition was fun. Every contestant gave their best performance. Sadly, Greg didn't win but he was complimented for his "1920s" jazz style and unique voice. So ... I shall shut-up and let the pics tell the enjoyable moments at the festival ...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Greg Walsh and me @ the street

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Grace and me!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My 4dollar lunch. Am not sure what is it called but it taste very different and quite filling.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
People still having fun despite the weather

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Greg giving his best shot for the competition

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
One of the finalist ... His song is really funny - it is called, Short People are Sexy. LOL

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The winners for the competition

Ok ... after a whole lots of fun. Grace treat me to a Korean food (which I have anticipated for a very very long time!). We went to this place called Seoul House between Lonsdale St and Russell St. It was recommended by ALST. Thank you ALST so so so so much. The service was top notch! Polite, friendly and very very helpful. I love that place. PICS PICS PICS!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The korean version of Okonomiyaki. My most favourite! *yum yum yum

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me eating Okonomiyaki

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Korean BBQ setup

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Chili BBQ pork - VERY YUMMY!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
KIMCHI!!!! *nyam nyam nyam

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
HotPot Seafood - nothing special.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The very authentic - Rice Green Tea! Yummy!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Thank you grace! Hmmm ... I think I am going back that place again quite soon or maybe I should extend my masters program to Korea! Haha, since I love the food so so much. BTW, did I mentioned about their steel bowl and long spoon. LOVE IT! I tell you, I WILL have that Korean set cutleries next time in my home! WILL HAVE'em!!! I am so hungry now thinking of the dinner. Thank gawd I bought a bucket of Kimchi. Ok ... That's enough for today. Going to eat my kimchi now ... hehehe

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A hungry man is an angry man

CL told me that 'a hungry man is an angry man' and that's so true! I am grumpy and pathetic when I am hungry. I don't know about other guys ... but I practically have "PMS" when I am deprived from food. Thus, fasting has never-EVER worked for me! Tried once a few years back when I was working with Padini. Joined my malay colleagues for the fasting period where I only lasted for 6hours ... or is it two? LOL ... with breakfast ~

Food is essential ... every 4-5 hours for me. Sadly, by the amount of food I am eating, I am still skinny. Unfair ... but trust me, I prefer to grow a lil more. I know very well by tomorrow, I would be that hungry and angry man CL is talking about. Main reason? The fridge has no greens, the cupboards are empty with cook-able can food and with that - I am down with ingredients to cook a proper dinner and lunch for today, tomorrow and most likely the day after tomorrow. I can't actually drive out to buy because I ain't got a car and there is NO public transport to the nearest market on a Sunday! Consequences of living in a suburb! The 2nd nearest is closed! Safeway and Coles seem to be the only available options but usually you don't get fresh groceries from there AND I do need to hand in an assignment tomorrow, which I have only completed 20% of it


Advices? Buy tomorrow? I have class till 5pm. Then, everything is closed. Buy on Tuesday? I still have class till 5pm and by then, everything is CLOSED. Eat outside??? Am beginning to think that is the only options. Take-Away? In those plastic containers and the cold weather at night ... I might as well just cook porridge and eat it with soy sauce! Sigh* I think I only got myself to blame - improper planning for groceries shopping. So, there you go ... soon to be hungry and angry boy. If you see a guy in his new Birkenstock sandals, running around burwood with a butcher knive ... that would be me.

I bet in Malaysia, no one have that problem. Cheap food EVERYWHERE and even if all the hawker stores, mamak, food courts and restaurants are all closed, you can always count on your best mate to cook. Hehe ... right Jenny ??? :P

PS ... It's getting hot ~beginning to feel the burning light from the sun. Hitting 26degree soon. Malaysia ! I am so prepared!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's about the sleeping

After 10hours of sleep and a whole lot of mess with ALC314 Advertising unit last night, I wake up feeling just a little better. No headache or what so ever but only a backpain. That reminds me of my bed back in Subang. Sigh* Miss that mattress! Good support and tough, compared to the beds here - soft till the extend you could feel the spring with your back. Now that explains the backpain!

When Alvin talks about being picky with his pillow, I so totally agree with him. I mean, picking a pillow is like picking the partner you hug to sleep at night! The pillow ought to be not too hard nor too soft for me. The pillow got to have that softness where I would just doze off as soon as I put my head on it. And of course, the pillow gotta be "smell-free" regardless of it's material. Some has that kinda feel that it smells ... urgh ....

Then we have the mattress! I love my mattress (the one back in Malaysia) and I so totally agree that the higher the price - the better it is. LIKE DUH! Go for a good brand and look for a particular attribute. What do you want from your mattress? Extra support, good padding? Tough cookie? Soft? Something you can hump and pump on? and FYI, size does matter! If you have a partner that loves to sleep over - dump that single and get a queen. If you have a partner that loves to do martial art when he sleeps over - dump the queen, get a king! If you like to feel you partner and hug him closely to sleep, a supersingle would be just nice ...

Another thing important thing about sleeping is the hair! I don't know about you guys, but long hair keeps me awake. I fell the heat behind my head. Am still wondering how girls sleep. BTW, got a new hair cut last friday. Man ... I love the new hair. For 20 dollars at Sui, it is so worth the money. I think this is my hair. You know - THE hair that suits me. hahaha

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lastly, the decor is very important when you sleep. I can't sleep in a room where everything is disoriented and messy. Of course, I think many who knows my sleeping "style" - disagree with that! hahaha. Anyway - the color white and earthy color makes me feel more comfortable. I think it applies to most people. Give me a raise of hand, people those who can sleeps in bright-shocking red walls?........ Jimmy raises hand.....

Make sure everything is fengshui directed too. No sharp "blades" disturbing your chi when you sleep. No mirror reflection. No computers or mechanism that is on. No legs facing directly at the door. No sleeping head first to the bathroom door. If you ain't sure ... go grab Lilian Too's book or borrow one from Kenny. Hehehehe.

and of course, a glass of water right beside me ...

Friday, September 8, 2006

Untitled Post

Everyone is asleep in the living room. Its past 4am and I got to wake up about 930am. Why am I still not asleep yet? Don't ask me! Have an appointment at 11am and because I need to travel using the public transport, I gotta leave the house early. I am so gonna look like a zombie tomorrow.

Well, not most of us get the things we want anyway. So, just make the best out of it even if you are deeply sad, dissapointed and in many ways - hoping it will get better (but you know it wont).

Problem with staying up late alone is that you always feel lonely, hallucinate, feel hungry and lazy to cook ... and feel more lonely afterthat ... and you can't sleep. Then, you will think what is wrong with you and you start listing the negative stuff about yourself and feel all helpless. After that, you feel emotionally drained, tired and sleep with the thought that you are nothing but a loser. I am not implying that everyone feels that way ... but I do ... mostly - for no reasons (of course there is!) but I am not sure how to spill it out in words.

Sigh* This shucks

Andrewkin grabs his Baileys

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Bai Ling - VIRGIN ???

The music industry is definetely in chaos. First, we have the diva-turned-tribal aborigine wannabe Beyonce. Then we have Paris, our 20thcentury miss-SONOT-Munroe wannabe. Now, we have BAI LING - virgin wannabe!!!!!

I so rike Bai Ling. Se's rike the transattler or something. Se's so ecentric. Se's so kuul. Se's rike the DIVAS! Se's rike my father's nippy or something! Se's everything! (FYI, spelling errors are intentional - think BLONDE) *andrewkin does the Paris Hilton smile.

We should have a new genre rather than categorizing everything into pop. I believe the new genre should be called ... erm ... trash. You figure out what kind of music we can put in there! If Bai Ling gets a contract for an album launch, I am fasting from music.

Saturday, September 2, 2006


Buy-bye winter and welcome Spring. I hardly (almost-never) sweat for the past 6months. The weather has always been comfortable and complimenting. Now, it's all gone! The temperature hardly hits 23degree and I am already sweating ... profusely ... CAN YOU IMAGINE ME BACK IN MALAYSIA ???

I actually hope that Spring would do me good, prepare me for Malaysia. I hate the weather back there. HOT HOT HOT. Even when it rains, it is still HOT! The people there are also HOT-cum-ANGRY-STRESSFUL-PEOPLE and it's not like there are any HAWT hunks around ( look at our Cleo's candidate"sSssss" for gawd sake~!!!!)

Hmmm ... Maybe I should stop complaining. It's awesome, I think I actually said that line a couple of times previously in my blog. I should complain ... afterall, I am Malaysian! CHINESE-MALAYSIAN!

Ok ... the anticipation of going back to a country's weather I hate is definetely doing me alot of harm. Maybe I should think positive ... I get to wear less cloth and bear more skin! (But my skin is filled with hairs, and it is a big NO NO) ... Sandals! I get to wear sandals! MORE reasons to have a collection of sandals!!! (Ok, one point for Malaysia) ... but no more leather-boots or winter shoes (minus one for malaysia) ... Maybe I'll get tan ... Is it still like the "trend-tinge" where people prefer tan boys??? ... Hmmm ... Swimming! Haven't swam for ages! Reasons to get NEW TRUNK ... YahooWEE! ... I can also have a good reason to invest on an expensive and useful sunnies ... Hehe ... Why everything revolves around shopping eh??? ... Nevermind! Nevermind! ... What else? What else? ...



ARGH ... I want LAYERING !#%&!*@%#*&@*@(#(!(!!!**#(@*!@&!%@*!%!!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Merdeka ...

Since that most of my readers are from Malaysia ... Happy Merdeka everyone!

Would love to share my most favourite Merdeka Advert with you guys. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do ...

and also ... this one too :P

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vampire Look

I've just finish watching Underworld Evolution with Grace. I know I am so..ooooo outdated, but hey, better late than never! Anyway, it was not a bad movie. Werewolves battling vampires, tearing each other apart, and bloods spattering everywhere … gore but compared to Van Helsing – UE is way much better! Moreover, werewolves there were mostly nude! Of course, I am talking about the ‘human’ form of it … want their abs! Don’t mind being one if I have their abs!

It’s quite interesting how Eva said Vampire has a kind of look (sleek, sharp, cool and ‘blood-sucky’ type) and Werewolves has another look (macho, rough, huge and “cowboy” look). Of course, we are talking in terms of the human portrayal (minus the CG) in pop media and Hollywood!

Eva told me that I somehow have that Vampire look. NOT THE VAMPIRE LOOK, but close to one. I suppose she meant, I look like some lean bloodsucking creature that has sharp facial features, demonical stares, sleeps upside down (except that I am always upside down anyway) and cannot see the “light” due to multiple various I-bet-you-know-what reasons!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
You can suck muahs blood anytime!

Come to think of it, I totally don’t mind. I think would be the Asian-China-Beng type. HAHAHA. I must be drunk! Not the zombie-vampire, “keong see” but a Western-China-Beng one. You get what I mean right??? To be frank, I don’t mind being a vampire – you get nice-cool outfits, lives in big huge mansion, immortal, hates the sun (now that’s a natural), possess awesome kungfu while looking graceful and sensual drinking off a goblet and most vampires do look rather cool and mysterious and you KICK ASS! Though, biting someone on the neck seems a’lil unglamorous …

Of course, if I am a vampire, it would be a HUGE disgrace to the clan, tribe or whatever you call’em! I would be the one that stands out from them. Asian and Fukgly. Who knows, they might just throw me out in the sun and I bet if a Werewolf sees me – he will turn straight into a stone. Of course, then that will make me Medusa. Now THAT I don’t mind!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Am I ???


Hot-Impression Pro
You're a master at making a sizzling impact without leaving skid marks. "You're able to enter a situation, whether it's a job interview or a first date, and come away with people wanting to know more about you, and that's what makes you so magnetic," says Leil Lowndes, author of How to Be a People Magnet.

Another wow-worthy trait you possess: intuition. "You know how to pick up on other people's cues so your moves are appropriate to the situation," says Debra Rosenzweig, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in New York City. For example, you'll be daring enough to toss out a naughty joke to a new group of girls at a bridal shower or compliment a random stud's iPod picks to warm him up to you, but if you hit dead air during an interview, you won't fall back on the same sexy tactics. Instead, you'll cleverly spark your interviewer's interest by lobbing him a question that gets him talking about himself (most people's fave subject). Bottom line: You know that creating a fab first connection means showing interest in others, then pulling back juuuust enough to get them intrigued.

Hmmmm ....

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Who at fault?

I think most of you guys and girls back in Malaysia read about the MAS, AirAsia and Transport Minister bakering each other on some tiny issues (where our DPM obviously couldn't care less!!!). If you haven't and want details, do a search on StarOnline. I'll do everyone a favor and summarize.

MAS, AirAsia and Transport Minister tries and resolve frequent air delayed issues, but found no solution what-so-ever. DPM finds it childish so this happened ...

PUTRAJAYA: A massive traffic jam downtown resulted in Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy having to call off a scheduled meeting with representatives from the country’s two major airlines Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia.

According to an aide, the minister had been caught in a traffic jam in Kuala Lumpur for around an hour.

“The meeting was fixed for 5pm but has to be postponed to a later date, which has yet to be fixed,” he said when contacted here yesterday.

On Thursday, MAS managing director and CEO Idris Jala had indicated that he wanted to meet with Chan after the minister expressed his unhappiness over the mounting number of passenger complaints about flight delays.


BODOH GILA!!! and definetely the most hillarious news I read so far ... I hope this incident shine some light onto SamyVellu on his brilliant road works. Soon, we will see more of such news - PM calls off Summit due to traffic, DPM calls of national security meeting due to bad traffic, Delayed meeting with visiting minister from countries due to traffic, Late comers for world conference due traffic and Samy Vellu died on his way to hospital due to bad traffic congestion

I love the roads in Malaysia. Can't wait to get back and have a feel for it!!!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Beyonce on EVAogue

This is extracted from EVAogue. Beyonce talks about her latest album with reporter-cum-fashion analyst-cum-mediastudent-cum-cum-cum andrewkin.

Yo girl, long time no see! Congratulation on your latest album, Bday and the phenomenal video clip!

Hey andrew! Thanks so much. It's nice to see you again after that Lets Skin'em Fur Fashion Show at Milan.

So you found anything you like?

Everything! I love the polar bears, the panda bears, the fox bears, bears and bears and more bears and anything with fur on it!

*Phew, guess I am not your type since I have more hair than fur. Anyway, What is the inspiration for your latest album?

My antelope name tribal and my poodle, ecstasy.

Oh, that explains the hair-do and the out of control dance. You must have lost your breath there.

The dance was exhilarating. It was kinda fun to lose control and be crazy in love with this new song.

So did Jay-Z inspire you too for this new album?

Yeah, his my soldier!

But the dance you had with him in the video stirs up alot of comments. How did you guys feel when you did the dance?

It was sensual, sexual and sort of DeJavu

*Thinks of SeanPaul and the Babyboy thinge

Jay-Z was himself in the video clip ...

... Ignoring you?

Oh no! We do that quite often. We ain't want to give our fans an impression that we are the next Whitney Houston-Bobby Brown kinda thinge. No offence to Whitney. She is still the diva and I luv ya!

So let's talk about your new style. As I can see from your new cover and video clip, you have this new hairdo that is totally "inspiring". Did you get that from somewhere too?

Yeah! There is this one time, Jay and I were walking at the park and he said "Girl, that looks like a bee hive, I wonder how would you look like if that thing falls onto your head". So I asked my makeup artist and hair stylist to picture and aesthetically design my new image according to what Jay said. After all, I ain't want people focusing too much on my bootylicious butt.

I am a lil lost, but I got that down. Let's move on and get back into the discussion about the video clip. There were some controversies and fans were not happy. I heard, they even proposed a petition to remake the video. What do you think about that?

I am an independent woman. I make decisions based on my emotions. Even the dance was me just loading it off. The director had no objection to it although the editors were having a tough time, but they pulled through. One of them did end up at the asylum. But I swear it wasn't me!

I am lost again, but hey girl - Your one survivor!

NOW! Say my name! *Laugh


*Jumpin jumpin! WHoa! I felt like I am with Oprah!

HUH?... Are you alright?

Yeah, just a lil dangerously in love with your interview!

!@$*!@$!@#!%!@%#!&(%&$?$^^$@@. OoooooooK! Let's wrap it up. I did a lil impersonation of your album. What do you think of it? *handing over Beyonce a piece of paper;

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Wednesday, August 16, 2006


我很想你 你知道吗
如果可以 就让我再见你
美好微笑 清澈眼睛

我很想你 听见了吗
这是唯一 我无解的困境
那些过去 不肯过去

只能叹息 都不是你

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The boring updates

Firstly, I would love to congratulate Jimmy on his new place! I suppose, now he is officially "jia chu xi"! MUAHAHAHAHA .... Love you bro and dear catwalk; wait for me!

I think I am bored of Melbourne. I can't believe I am saying this! Life have been so busy lately that I actually felt the routine and loneliness. Usual, miss my friends. What else is new eh!?!?!? Thank goodness Eva and Grace is around. I bet if they weren't, I might have taken drugs to keep myself sane.

Last week was hell. Work, school work, shooting, production, editing and life! Keep it short and sweet, it was a tough week but still had a great suprise birthday dinner from the girls. Yeap, I am officially twenty-one since last week. Need to hunt for a key now ... hehehe *and I just know the right place to find one!

Grace also has been driving lately. We were able to borrow her friend's car for a day or two. Thus, we just drove around (usually for work) and groceries. FYI, I am doing a walker job. Spend two days walking around a neighbourhood delivering promotional materials and newspaper. The car comes as a storage mobility! Good cheap exercise but not much a pay. I rather get lower pay rates than confront with pathetic cheapo useless bosses! BTW, I took legal action on my previous boss. A free law service provided by Monash *Cheers to that! Why don't we ever get something like that in Malaysia eh???

Either than that, this belated birthday boy has decided to stay in for the weekend, read and save some cash for shopping soon. Maybe I will post up some pictures from my birthday. I will think about it.

Happy Ghost Festival Month everyone!

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Still Alive

Sorry for not updating my blog. Busy week. Alot to do, very little time and easily get distracted. Just to drop by and let you ya'oll know I am still pretty much alive. Help me out with some research stuff would ya? Love to know your opinions ...

Do you think you are romatic? Is it true that romance courtship only last for the first few months of a relationship? Are they any rare cases where romance still lives on after years? How would you define a romatic relationship???

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Indians 2

Please read the post before this one first ...

They are still yapping away. Just additional information; One of them actually fought with a girl ...wanting sex! It was quite funny and hillarious. I bet all the awful music and drinks got up the guy's head. The host had to actually calm the situation and tell the rest of the crowd to remain cool and calm. They crowd laughs and cheer the guy on. Guy drag the Girl in the house and I have no idea what they will do (Ain't interested in the Nehi Yesi Sex thinge). WHATS WITH INDIAN GUYS violently wanting sex???? Don't get em but I am sure ... the steel bar is beginning to bend ...





Case :
Indian Neighbour playing Loud music in the middle of night

Venue :
Ireland St

Description :
Indian dancing, singing, discoing from 7pm till 330am. Music as loud as Disco and Clubs. Definetely hired speakers and rented disco light ball. Bad awful music. Painful remixes from Bollywood and definetely too much noise for a quiet sub-urb. Too much dancing, stamping, cheering and laughing (not that its a crime, but it might be if I lose my temper)

Report made :
Andrew - 230am, Grace - 302am and 3 other reports

Some awful music remixes:
YMCA, Kuch Kuch Ho Ta E (i dont care how you spell it), La Bamba and a whole lot worse!

DON'T YOU FREAKING FUCKING INDIANS HAVE BRAINS??? Music that loud could kill a dog! Do you have any heart at all??? Stupid freaking MUTHAFUCKA! Your music is so loud that when the police arrived and knocked profusely for 3 times, no one answered and the police guy had to actually CLIMB OVER TO THE BACKYARD and BANG ON THE WALL to get the FREAKING INDIAN FUCKED UP ARSE HOLE to the door. WHAT A FREAKING EMBARASSEMENT. When confronted, they even had the heart to ask the police "CAN WE LOWER DOWN THE MUSIC?" ... HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET! obviously they disallowed it and told them that another complain would land them a fine. I was cynically smiling away. After the police left ... THE NOISE CONTINUED ... without the music but with them CHATTING AND LAUGHING AWAY...

WHAT'S WITH INDIANS? I am not implying all of em ... BUT THIS BUNCH REALLY PLANT THEIR BRAINS ON THEIR TEMPLE! BRAINLESS HEARTLESS FREAKS. ANOTHER LOUD NOISE, I will personally land a huge rock right THROUGH THEIR WINDOW ... That will keep the noise down ... I will be sure of it

Report written by:

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I love chocolates. When Sasha said she hated it. I declared her; not human. It's a lovely sunday afternoon, except that it rained and I couldn't find my Oxford shirt! ERGH@!/#@1p@##$%21!!! Of course, things got much better when the girls and I end up at Max Benners Chocolatarie, also known as Chocolate by the Bald men. Except there weren't any balds there but I do recall a VERY cute guy, around the corner. Come to think of it, there are alot of cute guys who goes there, frequently!

Anyway, I need to show you the pics! I can'e help it!!! Afterall, it is chocolates and I am very sure, it will do no harm. Let me introduce the sinful drinks and deserts ...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Italian Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Truffle

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Max Benners Special Milk Chocolate - do it yourself - drink (comes w 3 different chocs too)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Chocolate Brownies - could be better! SHOULD BE MORE CHOCOLATIE!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Chocolate Babka - what a funny name :P

One thing I find amusing about the place is that the sittings are quite near to each other, so there is very little privacy between the tables. Whatever your neighbour is talking about, you are able to hear bits and pieces. It's quite cosy but of course, try not to be nosy all the time or at least keep it discreet if you are dropping ears on others! HAHAHA ... Also, the place is always packed! ALWAYS ... They are doing so much better than Starbucks. BTW, Starbucks is not a big thing here because they serve lousy drinks. I quote that from the Melbanians ...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Grace loving herself for melting the chocs

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Eva and me (Do I look like I put on weight???)

Come to think of it, I am beginning to love the place. With just about 8dollars, you get good food and a wonderful drink (although they could try and make the drink warmer ... since it is winter!). I am beginning to like the city ... alot

Saturday, July 22, 2006

First Club Ya'oll

I finally had a true taste of clubbing last night! (Crown didn't count, although I got myself drunk and actually approach, complementing and literally scaring a girl). That's long gone history! Before I start on the club ... let me tell you more about pre-event before clubbing! Yes ... FOOD!

Yesterday, I went out with Brian & Weng and we had a wonderful, very-da-delicious dinner at this Vietnamese Restaurant on Vic St, Richmond. Can't recall the name. My advice, always always-ALWAYS order their spring rolls (not the fried ones!) ... IT WAS SO FREAKING DELICIOUS! Yummy* We had Coleslaw Chicken Salad, BBQ Pork w Shitake Mushroom and Beancurd, and the ULTIMATE dish - LAMB STEW ala Bak Kut Teh Style. I'll skip the pics as it was so mouth-watering that I am starting to feel hungry just by thinking of it! Moreover, I bet you guys are sick of me posting pictures of food!

Clubbing was awesome ya'oll. The music was right! The crowd was happening! The drink was good! The company was fun! Of course, there was one tiny bit of problem. I can't dance. I totally lost the touch. After almost 7 months of no-dancing-at-all, my body moves like a a huge "kayu-balak". Thank goodness the crowd was all so hype (I think on drugs as Brian said it was a normal thing to do here in Melb) that no one notice my "Balak Bounce". There was an exception for the guy who is next to me. I pity him ... I bet he vomited half way through the dance watching me trying to shake it, groove it or whatever you call it! Can't wait to get back to Malaysia and kidnap Jimmy to cast some magic spells on me.

Half way through the dance, there was also a drag queen show. When she came out, I was shocked - not because she was a tranny, but she had a body size of a rugby player. Tall, Build and ... Gorgeously-GIRLY! Then, I became rude, I gawk when the Cher-lookalike started dancing! SHE WAS SO FREAKING GOOD! Her waist practically turns 360 degrees! Her arse, her hip and her botty bounce was as good as Shakira's! AMAZING - for a Rugby player ... It was definetely an awesome show! After that, the crowd had to bear with my log dancing ...

After 2 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, 2 Jack Daniel coke and a I-dont-know-whose-beer that spilled on my jacket, I decided to call it for the day. It was about 130am when Brian and I left the bar-cum-louge-cum-internetcafe-cum-club. Sat the NightRider Bus back home and chated with the most-friendliest bus driver. Did I mentioned he was cute??? HAHAHA

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

UPM Racist

Believe or not, racism still exist in our country! I find it so interesting how the younger generation still has the mentality of a nazi thinking. Ok, I am over dramatizing it. Anyway, just watch the clip.

I can't tell much of it but after some research, the fight was between 2 society (the uni society, malay domineering and the student society, chinese domineering). Am not quite sure what they are fighting about but there seem to be no media coverage on it. After a phone call, not even insiders or the media knows about it. So, its a closed case. But thanks to some media students, future potential journalism students and a beautiful recorder - we have ourself; proof that University students are uncivilized and barbaric too! I present you; the UMPers

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Media Intro

A media introduction of me. Something different from the usual posting. Let's get to know me ...

Movies during my childhood that I will never forget.
Sound of Music
Mrs Doubtfire
The Never Ending Story
Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls

Cartoons that I still enjoy watching till today
Little Mermaid
Beauty & The Beast
Lady & the Tramp

Animations that I watched over & over again
Shrek 2
The Incredibles
Ice Age

Movies I simply love
Cold Mountain
Moulin Rouge
Brokeback Mountain

Sunset Boulevard
Rear Window
Citizen Kane
Taxi Driver

Political Movies that I most certainly would like to watch
The Color Purple
Far From Heaven
Gods & Monsters
The Shawshank Redemption
Schindler's List

TV series I watched to sacrifice my SPM's revisions
That 70's Show
3rd Rock from the Sun
Ally Mcbeal
Spin City

TV shows I still catch once a while, if I have the time
Gilmore Girls
Desperate Housewives
Sex & The City
SpongeBob SquarePants
Dark Angel

TV series that I watched and fell asleep
Law & Order
The Practice
The West Wing
ER (season 2 above)

Reality Shows that I actually like
America's Next Top Model
The Apprentice
Amazing Race
The Mole

Reality Shows that I hate
Simple Life
Who wants to marry a Millionaire
For Love & Money
Average Joe
The Bachelor
... and the list goes on ~~~

Important Movies that had a huge influence on me
Forrest Gump
Green Mile
Big Fish
Bicentennial Man
The Hours

I think I am done. This could actually be a tag. Anyone wants to be tag???

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Melb w Kenny Part 2

Let me summarize the entire trip...

Day One ( 06.07.06 - Thurs )

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Kenny arrives after not seeing him for almost 5 months! As usual, he made his classy entrance at Tullamarin Airport and I gave him a suprise! Had lunch in a Japanese Cafe @ Flinders Ln. We ordered Okonomiyaki, Katsu Don and Unagi Don. After the mid-lunch, we headed home with a tram. Kenny was shocked that Burwood was so far from the City Centre. When we board off at the PLC Stop (Presbetarian Ladies College - although I prefer to call it P*nis, L*nJiao, C*ck). We did nothing much for the day as Kenny had a long day at Sydney previously so he took an 3 hour nap while I prepared him dinner. Dinner was sweet and sour noodle. We catch up and head to bed quite early.

Day Two ( 07.07.06 - Fri )

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Groceries Day. We made payment for Philip Island Trip at Greenhouse Backpackers. Then, we went groceries at Queen Victoria Market. Bought Australian Shrimps, Scallops, Lamb, Greens, Onions, Potatoes and a whole lot of Vegetables. For lunch, we cramped into the ever so busy Mekong - Vietnam Noodles are awesome! Kenny loved it. We stopped at Camberwell while on our way home and headed to Box Hill for Asian Groceries. It was quite tiring and boring - the "normal days" of being a student; traveling all over the place for groceries with public transport. Was back home for dinner - I cooked Assam Fish and Eva cooked Oyster Chicken.

Day Three ( 08.07.06 - Sat )

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The day begins by us waking up in the afternoon, travelling to South Yarra and dining at Pacific House. Kenny mistaken it for some Aussie Restaurant but ended up being a Hong Kie Restaurant that serves the freshest seafood. Veri veri veri mouth watering dishes! I love em. But it was lunch time and we didn't manage to order the dishes we wanted (only available during dinner). For the first time we had Singaporean Noodle friend with Curry powder. Weird but nevertheless not bad tasting. Then, we walked from one end of Chapel St to the end! I repeat - TILL THE END. It was a long long walk. We walked into some boutique, a pet store, a bookstore, a cakeshop that serves the most wonderful chocolate desserts (we bought 4) and ate them along the street. Then, we headed home - had a quick dinner (Salsa Pasta) and went to Manchester with Eva and Izmir for Swing Jazz. Had a Baileys and Cosmo! After Man. Lane, we headed to Lygon St for late supper - Italian pizza.

Day Four ( 09.07.06 - Sun )

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Philip Island! Here we come ~~~ Boarded the GoWest Bus at Market St and took a 2 hours drive to the Curdies Wineyard. Wintertime = no nice views at grape field. Strong winds thou. Cold and Chilly. I love it. Kenny thinks I am crazy! Next stop; Maru Farm! I love that place. Get to play with a Wombat, took picture with a Koala Bear and pamper the Kangaroos and their Joeys which are so adorable, feed the ducks, 2 Llama, a notti lamb which bite my hand and saw some dingos. Pat a cute pony. Also, we witness the hungry tasmanian devil roaming in their exhibit - waiting for someone to put their hand across, so they could jump and bite. Saw a small Freshwater Croc and bought a really expensive picture taken with the koala. Then, we took a nice drive along the farm side and headed into Philip Island. Went to the Woomalai Beach, enjoyed the sea breeze and watched the roaring surfing waves hit the sands. After that, we experienced the strongest wind ever at Seal Rock (I think that's the name) and saw some cute penguins under the walkway! The main event was of course sitting in the cold waiting for the cute 30cm tall penguin parade. Really an experience worth paying for! Was hoping one would hop into my crumpler and let me take him home! Hahaha. Anyway, had Sofia when we were back in city. Kenny love that restaurtant!

Day Five ( 10.07.06 - Mon )

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

We met Brian for Lunch at Acland St, St Kilda. We got lost but manage to find a way through. Amazing how a guy who stays in Aussie for 3 years could board on 2 wrong trams in his neighbourhood. Hahaha... Funny guy! We had all time breakfast ala lunch. It was yummy*!!!. Then, Eva meet us for light dessert. She was partially blinded as the strong dry wind blew her contacts off her eyes! It was hillarious. All four of us sat in this Greek Dessert shop. While everyone indulge the most sinful and fattening dessert down their tummy - I dream of only one very greedy thing. To have more desserts! Then, we met with Wing and had wonderful lounge chat time at Westin enjoying Australian wine. Simon called - asked me to work tomorrow; literally beg me to it. I agreed. Had no choice. Kenny didn't mind but I felt REALLY bad. Cooked Meehoon Goreng when we were back home.

Day Six ( 11.07.06 - Tue )

Grace came back. Her boopies shrink thou. That aside, I went to work - LAST DAY! Was late for an hour but I don't quite care. Eva and Kenny accompanied me. Made sandwich for lunch. Eva and Kenny went to the city to top-up some groceries. They got lost too. Don't blame em'. Eva is there afterall. Hahaha. After closing at 530pm, we went to crown casino. I don't get the gambling. We tried thou. Only spend 1 dollar on a slot machine and lost it. I bet some staff from crown pressed the button on "dumb-ass playing; let's cheat him since he won't even know" button. We gave up after 30min being in the casino and went photo taking. After a whole lots of bright white camera flashes, we head home to cook. Dinner was paprik and tomyam.

Day 7 ( 12.07.06 - Wed)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Today's Kenny ah boi birthday! We went and window-shop around Camberwell and Melb Central. Then we walked around the city. Visited theVictoria Library, the Royal Arcade, Myers. About 6pm, most shops are closed and the city became quite quiet. Still can't believe the 5pm closing policy. Not that I disagree but I think it's quite sad not being able to shop in the middle of the night. We had AN early dinner at Quarters. WONDERFUL food I tell you! - Loved the Turkish Dip and the Fish&Chip. Their Ice Chocolate also veri d nice ya'ol! Head home to cook dinner for the birthday boy. Dinner was a 5 course meal;

  1. Greens with Lemon, Olive oil and Black Pepper
  2. Butter Dinner rolls
  3. Brocoli-Carrot with Melted Cheese
  4. Lemon Honey Oregano Lamb
  5. Mustard & Herb Lamb with Mint Sauce
After the scrumptious meal, Kenny open his present. Can't believe he actually thought I bought a 4dollar wine (which was a decoy) for his birthday! I'll leave the details to him. We slept very early. I was about to fall sick. Can feel my nose and body becoming weak.

Day 8 ( 13.07.06 - YESTERDAY)
Woke up about 7am and send Kenny off to Southern Cross Station. Don't wanna talk about it. I hate departures. Miss him alot. Really wish he never had to go. Had such a good time. Didn't know whether he enjoyed Melbourne but I did. I bet he did. I shall not be such a conspiracy freak ... Also, sending him off reminded me of Jenny, My bros, Leo and CYin sending me off at the airport. I miss ya'ol! Now I miss my family too ... sigh* BTW, I fell sick ...

PS - More tangible pics available w Kenny.

Melb w Kenny Part I

Cookie Muncher is back! Sorry about the dissapereance of 10 days! Rest assured, I did not lock myself up in a cookie vault. I've been spending the last 7 days with Kenny, exploring melbourne. I just send him off - woke up fairly early about 7am. After 2 hours of train travel to the city and back, I am home, cleaning up my room and decided to log online and reply some mails (amazingly, my inbox only show 6 spam mails and 0 from any sort of friends).

Back to the dissapereance, I will blog about it later ... Need to resize some pictures, get some rest and arrange my thoughts before I start a LONG post on it! Till tonight ... Take care and stay tune :P

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Just my personal touch on Malaysia

Is it possible to have time for yourself in Kuala Lumpur? Eva told me that she would work in the day and part-time sing in night. I TOTALLY disagree. In KL, everything is so hectic and out of order. Firstly, you start by waking up early to crawl your way to work. Then, if you are in the working-class category or a mere employee, you are practically subjected to working your arses till at least 530pm everyday and most of time even later - as required by unethical-and-unprofessional-nowadays-bosses who doesnt know the papers by brain and the true meaning of life by heart. After a whole day of work, enduring the all time everywhere-famous traffic jam would practically kill you. How could anyone think of doing anything else than just bum and relax???

Let's not even dwell into cleaning the house routines, meeting friends once a while, attending the gym, being a responsible child by spending more time with family or even a responsible parent by spending more time with your children and not to mentioned - slow down a lil and look at the good small things around you (I bet Malaysia has quite little to offer). The question here is - are there enough time for yourself ??? or do everything is routine based ???

My best buddy James told me once that; "You can slow down, if you want - but then everyone will just zoom pass. Malaysia is like that. We compete to survive. Natural ma! Look at how the government is causing more stress than a better living"

James is right. Our education system stresses good results rather than quality of knowledge and humanity. Our roads suggest that it is an economic commodity rather than a freedom of land where we can just use it. Our society has turn from Bo-Chap to Judgemental. Our social context is competition not education. Our definition of democracy is agreeing, supporting and following the majority even if they are wrong. Our government is working towards the national interest rather than for the people's interest. Our friends becomes people who are just around us to use us when we are needed, rather than sharing passion and lending a shoulder to cry on. Our lifestyles changed from one definition to another with no boundaries - non which I could understand.

Come to think of it ... it's not all that bad. We are save from natural disaster except that we might just destroy ourselves with the current "malaysian" attitude. We are developing with first class facilities but also at the same time further dwelling into our third class mentality. We are open minded and clever to accept that bad things can be part of our culture as well. We do have authentic cultures, beliefs and values which we are destroying slowly and softly through time. We do learn that government listens to us when we rebel more.

and of course

We defend our country when some pathetic bloggers states the obvious and highlights the negative part of our country. Yup! We do that!

*andrewkin continues munching his freshly baked cookies, listening to jazz and wonder what lies ahead for him in Malaysia

Monday, July 3, 2006

Jazz, Soul & I am quitting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aint he cute! He is so hawt~! Presenting Chris Botti, trumpet blower - I mean, trumpet player that make jazz the hawtest thing alive! I want his look! I want his talent! I want to be a performer of somesort! I want to be trumpet player too ... but I prefer playing the trombone, the extension is really kewl ... hehehe

After Friday's soul night out ... I got home, bum the weekend and decided to quit my job. My Boss treats me like dirt. He sarcastically insult me, constantly reminding me that a guy needs to learn to work fast with woods, told me my pay was lower than my other colleagues, order me like some slave and mock my previous working experiences saying that my previous working experiences are not usefull for his sales demands. I can't believe I actually stayed for 3 weeks. I gave him the benefit of doubt that he might be nice and ethical until some friends told me that he might be cheating me cos there weren't a contract or any paper that I signed (He said it was done informally and such - AND I ACTUALLY BELIEVE HIM - after all I did get paid). Then, he decrease my pay every week by giving stupid and unacceptable reasons like; my sales are not up to standard and only top notch sales person gets that much a pay. Then, why did you told me my pay was that? Moreover, I only work 2-3 days a week and my clients usually pay their furniture the next few days which I was not scheduled to work. Mind I remind you, I am not even part time - I am TEMPORARY CASUAL worker! In addition, who was the one who kept sending me to the workshop to do carpentry work??? How to serve customers like that???

I skipped some details which I told a few friends. No point repeating some old depressing stories! Cant believe I actually let him sarcastically mock me! ERG! Amazing! So I quit. I got so mentally challenged that I think I might actually commit suicide not because of stress from study but from work instead!

Like my dad said "Why do you need to work? Just go get some more relaxing job like selling apples in the market or something! I can still afford you" . I guess I was blinded by the pay and really wanted to help loosen the burdens from my parents. There goes the cash ... along with every insult, mockery, stress, pain and negative stuff ...

I should start writing my script ... hehe ... my 2nd script :P

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Dullest Post

According to Google, dull means; "lack of liveliness or animation". So, dullest means "lacking the most in liveliness and animation" la ??? and I am suppose to write something on that a ???

Let me think ...

I think the only dull thing to write is about my work but I swore and promised I would not start about the part-time job ... BUT ... since I got tag by Xavier to write about the dullest post ... I couldn't think of any topic. BTW, I don't have a carpenter's brain. You should see how 'slow' I sand/paint a furniture and how I sustain bruises, scratch marks and multiple laceration wounds all over myself during work! But I realize when you are stuck to a boss like that for so long in a workshop ; you become the dullest person ever live!

Back to the dullest thinge. Currently; work is dull. Boss is dull. No money for shopping is dull, No sex is dull, having little friends around is also dull ! Thus, life becomes dullest! I think... Omigod! I think my post has evolve from dull to dullest to stupid, to bimbo, to irrelevant, to I don't know what I am writing right now!!! Well ... I think that is what happen if you have to write something dullest.

So ... that is my dullested post ever! Is there a word as dullested ??? *Andrewkin does the bimbo pose putting his fingers on his lips*

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The weak Heterosexual

Today I did something no gay guy would do! I speak football with my boss. I not only speak football, I told him I played defence back in school and it's not a lie!. The only reason why I did that was to shut him up. Is it me? or most heterosexuals , especially those with powers - babbles? I know; I am slow and not as skillful as a carpenter - LIKE DUH! but you don't have to keep repeating and constantly reminding me that a "man" should learn how to quickly do up a cupboard - or rather in the furniture jargon; a four drawer light teak entertainment unit. Eva calls it; the TV table. There you go!

I bet if we were wrestling with clothes and scissors - He would bow and kneel to me, praising me like WONDER WOMAN or something! Afterall, I grew with fashion and shopping ... not some dead teak, wooden "TV table". Well, that is obviously not the case. Anyway - I made a point. From now onwards, there shall not be any more complains about work. Since I made my mind and has decided to work there, I just had to live with it. Afterall, giving up is not me. I shall come up with more football stuff (protege"ing" from Eva!) and learn to shut him up. It works... all it takes its a little fact about any football stuff and they totally forgot their main point of conversations ...

No wonder heterosexuals are so weak ... in the mind sense that is ...

Saturday, June 24, 2006


I don't get some people. These are the few people I don't really fancy and particularly like ... but they are around me ... always seems to be around me ...

  1. People who expect alot and place their high-stressful expectations on you, WANTING you to achieve it ... aka the boss
  2. People who talk bad about people here, there and everywhere and not shy to do it ... aka the pathetic attention seekers
  3. People who don't make the effort to do something ... aka the bummers
  4. People who obviously knows the obvious but believes that denial or ignorant can overshadow the obvious ... aka the liar
  5. People who ask a million questions and answer themselves ... aka the irritating freaks
  6. People who fight back after a lost ... aka the sore loser
I wish I have a shotgun ... shot'em all down ... Save the world, give myself a rest from mentally being disturbed ...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Things Change

I've just browse through some pictures taken at least 3 years ago in my room. I should say, those pictures shall remained sealed and forgotten in my picture folders! My goodness; My fashion is all over the place, I look so tan till I am very sure why people those days assumed that I was malay, my body size were much thinner, my hair was the 80s type - where you comb to one side ones!, my room's wall were fill with pop posters ... 0_o ...

AND I can't even pull a smile! It was all over the place ... Believe it or not, I took a mirror and practice to smile! It was horrible. I couldn't get whether I was truely happy, smiling, laughing, grinning, forcing a smile or just pulling up my cheek to form a smile? Thank goodness - I am out of that phrase!

Come to think of it, I really grew alot. I dare to say that my fashion is not all over the place, I still look tan but not till the extend where I was mistaken as a malay, my body is fitter than previously, censored the hair style, my room's wall look like a wall now - no poster! and at least my smile, looks like 'one' now ...

I wonder what will happen in a few years time ??? Would I look different ... Hmmmm

PS - I did carpentry work in the furniture shop, staining chairs, painting cupboards, sanding furnitures and etc ... quite manly job. Never thought of the day I would do something like that ... The dust, the hammering, the boots, the carpenter ala mechanic look ... hmmmm ... Things ARE changing huh ???

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Job ...

I got myself a part time job. I went for a 5 hour training today (which is also their business hours! - can you believe it???) and cleaned some furnitures, redecorate a living room setup, carried tables, TV consoles, chairs, looked at pictures and catalogues, memorize timber names, colour codes, prices, measurements and of course, attended to numerous customers. First day at work and I officially sold a 318dollar side table - Yahoo wee! It was fairly an easy job. Not much hassle. After the training, Simon (the boss) told me I could officially start work tomorrow.

There was only one problem, I am not quite sure I likey the job.

The pay was good. For a fair 18dollar an hour rate and located not at a very busy/peak area - this furniture shop I will be working at is only 10min cycle away and allows a fair schedule of 3-4 days of not-very-difficult work. But of course, the art of "conversation" in selling was important for the boss. He expect high sales tactics and communication skills. "You gotta keep em in the stall!" and that pretty much freak me out! I ain't no want to be that arse-hole salesperson that follows you around like some hungry desperate hyenas! He is very demanding and his wife is a bitch but his dog is so adorable ...

This might sound ironic for a degree student, but I prefer a brainless job. I wanted this previous job of unloading courrier boxes from a truck for only 26dollar an hour! That was an awesome offer. I get to work my muscles, afford protein drinks and not deal with any customers but only 'dead' boxes! Bad news is; I got rejected 3 times for the job and I can't help but to think that it was my; 176cm + 65kg = Lean Skinny guy, that failed my oppurtunity to get the "muscle-required" job ...

Sigh* I suppose I got to get over it and move on to this furniture job that require a fair brain power and not much muscle-building exercise. Nothing beats a friendly and stress-free environment but this furniture shop has high demands and require a certain degree of brain operations. Come to think of it not many of us have freedom to choose the job we like ...

Conclusion, I am going to work. Will drag myself to work because of the pay ... BUT ... Me still no likey the job

Thursday, June 15, 2006


YES! My exam is tomorrow! After 2 weeks of revision, it is finally over! I do have another exam next week, but that's pretty much easier than the one that is tomorrow! I did enough revision, went through past year's questions, manage to answer a few question, which also means I am not literally dead and read through all the extra lecture notes. I just hope I don't get a black out tomorrow in the exam hall. I always get that. First the pre-exam butterflying in stomach, then the exam black out and the worse, post-exam grudges ... Got to go back to work! Like Shine said; when the going gets tough, the tough gets going ...

Wish me best of luck!

Monday, June 12, 2006

The list

Life is beginning to suck ... big time! Without a car, getting physically stucked in a boring, not very happening suburb with a tight monthly budget for expenses and not to mentioned the exam dated right in the middle of my semester break ... Melbourne is beginning to look very dull, boring, emotionally blanked and really really pissing off ... Thank goodness Eva is more ... erm ... "adaptable" to the situation, which I am very sure is not going to last very soon ...

Bad things that happened;
  1. Missed the Philip Island Trip
  2. Missed the Winery Yard Trip
  3. Can't afford the Snow-Skiing Trip
  4. Not approved by Mum for Scuba-diving Trip
  5. Half-cooked revision for Exam, thanks to the holiday mood
  6. Running low on cash for clubbing and jazz gigs
  7. Can't attend the gym - expensive
  8. Didn't manage to get the job I wanted
  9. Missed the Comedy Festival
  10. Grace went back to Malaysia - less noise
  11. I don't have a dog to play with
  12. I can't seem to finish my book
Yeap ... And the list is not finished yet ... It seem like a long one. A dreadful and pain in the arse to list. Ergh ... I wish my friends were all here. At least, we can meet for coffee. Go to the movies. Eat out. Gym or something. I miss everyone. I miss Kenny's company, I miss my brothers gossiping, I miss my sisters asking me out for lunch, I miss Jenny's laughter, I miss Chooi Yin's noise, I miss Brian, Hafiz, Alvin, Leo, Azyei and most importantly, I missed Ju's wonderful moment and baby visiting session! ERG ... THIS SHUCKS!

As for now, I am going pull my arse over the kitchen to cook. Add that to the list;

No 13. I look thinner than ever because of the infrequent meal hours.

Am not quite sure it apply or is related, but what to do? I am not in a good mood to eat ... what more to cook! Can I punch someone now? Anyone sending me a punching bag for my birthday? Oh Oh ...

No14. I'll be lonely this year's birthday ... :_(

Friday, June 9, 2006

Lygon Street

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Grace is going back to Malaysia tomorrow. Will miss her being away. Pray that she will have a healthy and safe trip back to KL as well as her hometown. Personal wishes aside, we (she, Eva and I) actually went out to celebrate her "going away for 1 month" *andrewkin grins with evil and also the end of the semester @ Lygon Street at Carlton.

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Girls are ready to go

Lygon is practically a street for foods. The place is quite scary, not because it is filled with gorgeous people hanging out and wonderful food but rather with the number of cafes and restaurant. Simple terms = TOUGH COMPETITION. The cafes and restaurants are like vultures, in the human form of course. They will stand by the street and grab you when you walk pass. Some of them will try and stop you in front of their shop by literally body-blocking the traffic. AMAZING I SAY! These waiters ala salesperson will promote their cafe, differentiating theirs from the others, telling you the best dishes and price they offered and etc etc etc. I left Eva to deal with them. Hahaha ... She is better in rejecting people :P

Then we meet this friendly lady whom mama cook for the restaurant. She offered free garlic bread and 1st free drink. ANY DRINK! We sat ourselves firmly and enjoyed the Secret Stone Sauvignon Blanc which is ultimately the sweetest most refreshing wine I have ever tasted. Will keep an eye on that 48dollar bottle next time I visit the liquor shop. After the heavy Cabonara Fettuccini, I went for a walk to explore the street while the girls end up enjoying their desserts in this chocolate truffle shop. Fattening it is, very delicious they are!

Then, I bump into three Indonesian girls which gave me the friendliest smiles ever. I smiled back - obviously. As I was about to enter the Chocolate Shop where Eva and Grace was half-tipsy consuming their desserts, some girls (Malay from Malaysian - recognized their accent) with tudung gave me the same "friendliest" smile. As I sat down and chated with the girls about it, Eva laughed and said "What to do, you malay market look ma!" Grace agreed adding that there were more malay (regardless Indonesian or Malaysian) girls crossing look on me in trams and streets, previously which I did not notice...

'_' ????

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So, Malay girls like tibetan monk lookalike with glasses in office wear huh? What a fetish! LOL

Monday, June 5, 2006

My Marine Story

I am so sad. I miss my fishes alot. I felt so bad. The tank which was supposed to be in my own home was moved to Kenny's condo due to some unwanted circumstances - family rules. I really thought, I can pull through by showing my deep enthusiast for the hobby. Everyone was very supportive, mum, dad, sisters, Kenny, cousins, Dan, Gary and everyone ... but at the end, my tank had to move. It's either that, or I forgo the hobby - which I can't.

I admit, I spend very little time with it since it moved. Saying that, I never neglect it. I still try my best to be a good owner, or at least an average one. I am willingly to spend alot, save like hell and hopefully provide a better environment for my fishes and also any ife forms in the tank. It's weird, but somehow - I felt that the tank is no longer nearby. It's not like Kenny's condo is far away or it is not accessible. I do have the freedom to attend the tank and go the condo anytime, but I couldn't bear the feeling travelling all the way. It's not reluctancy ... but more like - I just hope the tank is there when I wake up, is there when I want to look at it after dinner, is just there ...

I know we can't get everything we want. Kenny is right, work the best out of it ... I should have not gotten into the hobby ... at least not that soon ... now I regret not because I have it, but because I do not have that capacity and power to own it ... what's the point of having the knowledge, interest, passion and the support for it, but somehow it is so near yet so far inside your heart ???

Erg ... What a thing to think about after the semester end. I am not going to sulk ... Will work things out ... I just hope the plan works ... I pray hard everyday that by, the time I get back - I would have the courage to face my tank again ...

PS - Thankyou Kenny for taking care of them

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tibetan Monk

I feel like somesort of Tibetan Monk ... maybe Nepal monk ... I dunno ... But I officially had an awful haircut in Melbourne. For the price of $15, I can't complain much ... I look myself in the mirror and had thoughts of actually hanging myself to death. How could I do such a bad thing to my hair! Who would have thought, Andrewkin FINALLY have bad hair cuts! Never recalling having bad ones back in Malaysia ...

Those were the good times in Malaysia. Never had to worry about getting a bad hair cut or hair style. Er Ge is always there to make me look fabulous! Noel's skills were fantastic. My regular barber only charge a RM12 for a clean cut. By the way, I did mention clean cut (safest hair cut in the WORLD i pressume!!!) to the hair"cutter" today. Wouldn't call her a barber or stylist. Is it me or her??? Now, I look like some Juvenile Kid ... even worse, prison escapee ...

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Urg ... Maybe I should have just spend more on the haircut, $30 is not that bad an idea ... but ... $30 x 2.7 = RM 81 ... A HAIRCUT THAT COST THAT MUCH???? ...

*andrewkin starts crying ...

Friday, May 26, 2006

Be prepared!

Be prepared on August! BE PREPARED!

WHY? Cos ... while Britney is busy divorcing again, screwing up her parenting skills and singing motherhood songs, Christina is going to challenge the Jazz, Blue and Soul legends ... Check it out man!

extract fron

Christina Aguilera Goes Back To Basics, New Album Due August 15th
Paying tribute to the music that inspired her, pop icon Christina Aguilera will release her third studio album, Back To Basics, August 15th on RCA Records. A modern take on vintage jazz, soul and blues from the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s, the album is wildly inventive with a throwback style creating a sound that’s gritty and raw. Back To Basics reunites her with producer Linda Perry as well as creating new collaborations with producers such as DJ Premier.

The sexy first single, “Ain’t No Other Man,” produced by DJ Premier and Charles Roane, is set for release on June 12th. It will be world-premiered on the MTV Movie Awards on June 8th.

“This is a concept album that follows a bold, set vision,” stated Aguilera. “The touchstones are Billie Holiday, Otis Redding, Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald.... what I used to call my ‘fun music’ when I was a little girl.”

Back To Basics utilizes an orchestra, choir, string quartet and jazz horns, as well as techniques that offer a vintage sound and sensibility. “I Got Trouble” incorporates a scratchy blues feel, while “Candy Man” recalls the tight harmonies of all-girl groups from the ‘30s and ‘40s “Save Me From Myself” is an emotionally naked, raw-sounding song dedicated to her husband. “Thank You,” dedicated to her fans, features DJ Premier splicing bits of “Genie In A Bottle” with fan voicemail messages. Also sure to appeal to Aguilera fans is the risqué song “Nasty Naughty Boy” (which has a ‘20s burlesque feel) and the club track “Still Dirrty,” assuring her fans that she’s “still got the nasty in me, …still got that dirty degree…still got that freak in me.”

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AGH!!! I LOVE HER! She's unstop-able....nyek nyek nyek!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

What day is today ???

Talkin' to myself and feelin' old
Sometimes I'd like to quit

Nothin seems to fit

Hangin around

Nothin to do but frown

Rainy days and mondays always get me down

What I've got they used to call the blue
Nothin's really wrong
Feeling like I don't belong
Walkin around
Some kind of lonely clown
Rainy days and mondays always get me down


It's not even raining ... and it's not even a monday. But why do I feel so down? Been playing that song over and over again. It felt so right! Right time! Right place! Sigh* I think it's the stress, unproductive week and the missing fun-activity with friends. Burwood is really boring ya know! Nothing around ... Nothing! Now, I am sitting in a pile of research papers, bulks of thick books, scattered papers and in a messy room rushing 3 major assignments all due next week along with a short exam. Can things get any worse???

There goes the weekend ... again!

I need a break. Anyone coming to Melbourne? Bring a rainbow for me ya ... desperately need one!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Ugly Body

Goffman, some sociologist freak said that your body represents your identity and it can govern the way you feel and work. So, if I apply Goffman to my body, the formula works;

Unproportionate body + low confident = andrewkin

I hate my body. It's too thin. I have broad shoulders and thin arms. The only muscle attached to it at the moment looks like some miserable sweet potato. I took off my shirt today and I saw horrible ribs underneath (or is it beside) my small, untoned and flesh-LESS chest. Can you believe it? The ribs are visible to the point where you can count them! What happened to the ideology that you get fat in Australia? I definetely eat more than I used to in Malaysia and made a point to consume more meat than usual ... but I still look like Jake Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas.


I do exercise. I try lifting 6kg of milks everyday hoping that the arm won't shrink. I push up everyday! I sit up frequently. Not high-intensity ones, but some is better than none right? I am obviously wrong! Everything just fall flat! Things couldn't get worse until I saw my flat, square, "cometed" butt. I thought butt are suppose to be round??? I think mine was previously fine but since when it got squared? or maybe I was born with a square butt??? *andrewkin looking worried. Was it the Body Balance I do twice a week? No right? If toning and restructuring your posture means getting a square ugly butt, I am officially taking Body Balance off my exercise routine! Will try on lunges and squats. If the lunges and squats doesn't help - I am signing up for gym again. Gotta waste money, if you wanna look good ...

Shucks ... I think I should just rename my blog to andrewkin-ramblings-with-complains

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dear VV Part II @ Chapels

It's so hillarious! I know I am not suppose to keep grudges, but I really need to just burst out, explode, open the pandora's box, express, share ... just anything! I assume most of you had read the previous post on my group member, double V. Erg! I tell you! We met up yesterday at Chapel St (where we did our project observation on shopping males) and she was 1 hour 45 minutes late! Where the hell she came from? Perth???? I was obviously furious. Sasha (the other group member) had to leave. I understand why Sasha couldn't stay! The meeting was only for an hour! God dammit. Blacks! (Am not being racist but almost every single Africans i worked with end up giving me shits). Anyone wants to prove me wrong?

Not only she was late! She came with only her handbags. What??? We were suppose to discuss GIRL! try doing notes and pen! Guess what??? I end up giving a solo presentation to her about what I've done as if she is the lecturer. She was amazed. What ticked me off was the part she said "Andrew dear, I think you are overdoing it". What was that suppose to mean? You are the mortified pussy not moving your arse to get work done! *PIST I tell you! Pist!


She even accidentally blurted out "I went shopping yesterday ... and she stopped". Then, trying to find a lame excuse to escape the embarassment, she said " I went out and take pictures for our assignments". She expected me to not give her a death look after her "valid" reason for shopping. Yes ... I didnt give her a death look, but I gave her a disgusted stare. During the entire almost-5min-stare, she presented me her work. Her invinsible, only verbal, with no reference to what so ever authors or unit readings presentation. I thought - and you got the guts to say I overdid my work?

I was mad. I was pissed. I really felt like punching her in the face, push her down on the floor and just do bodystep on her.

Why is killing and murder a sin?

Enough of her. I did have a great day yesterday. She was the only spoiler. Let me brief you what I did. I don't think you guys want to read a novel entry anyway. So ... Here goes

  1. I bought a new crumpler "glamour" bag (yes! that is what their tag says!!! - which is actually a sling bag) and digital camera pouch (future digital camera pouch :P - It was on sale!!! *andrewkin smiles innocently) . The western lawn and The sporty guy pouch. So in total, I have 6 crumplers! hehehe

  2. Me and Eva bump into a gay guy couple holding hands. They look so cute until a stranger walk up to them and started lecturing them about gays with god and gays with humanity and it goes on and on and on, literally embarassing the gay couples in the public. Obviously, none of the public really cared what she said ... Most of them look at her in disgust ( Why is killing a sin again? )

  3. I got a wonderful 1 hour of leg massage from Eva! Damm she was good. Who ever that married that bitch get to enjoys free massages. She's so darn good! Awesome bitch!

That would be about it. Now, if you excuse me - I have to go "overdo" my assignments

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dear VV

Some people are just plain fucked-up lazy mortified pussy and have no idea how to work as a group with a sense of responsibility and a little commitment. Don't they get it; that a group project requires group work. It's not your individual assignment where you can screw up and not care about it! God-dammit - we share the same bloody marks! Don't you ever feel guilt and remorse for ending up causing low grades for your other team members who definetely does more work than you!!! Get a grip - you work, you had other things to do, you have 3 assignments due on the same week, you had no time for it and you have a thousand and one reasons! Darling - WE ALL DO! ... Well, I bet you had time letting your boyfriend screw your pathetic pussy most of the time which you could have used to call your group mates, discuss and get some work done!

Another point - time management girl! How could a smart girl like you end up having your brains placed on your knee? I hope god pity on you and start sending impulse signals to your misplaced brain and remind you that the unit requirements are difficult, the presentation is 6 days away, you are backed schedule for 2 weeks with no work done and the lecturer is warning you about the consequences! You took my reminder and planning as bullshit so don't go crying and complaning why the lecturer did not give us an extension. SAVE YOUR explanations and start squeezing your brains. Skip work like I care. Stay up all night to finish up your late work. Stop getting fucked and maybe get some work done. Don't make me send you another SMS that will certainly hurt your feelings again. I have no guilt in doing it twice. Call me evil. Call me violent. Call me anything you wish. You deserve some motivation anyway!

What's with stupid group members. Am so freaking unlucky this semester.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Grapes anyone?

I am not a fan of grapes. Find them troublesome. But today, I've changed my mind. I started eating grapes - those seedless green ones and those big big red ones. So far, I tasted almost every single grapes available in Australia. What to do, I am living with 2 girls who cannot resist grapes and love having almost every single grape species stocked up in the fridge. Believe or not, there are at least 3 types of grapes in the fridge at one time - green, red and dark purple. What is with girls and grapes anyway???

Updates - my life have been upside down lately. Been trying to get a grip of myself most of the time. I am mostly lost in my own world, looking into a space, suffering from insomnia and not to mentioned - covering my emptiness and blank mind with a cheerful smile. Ain't want my housemates to worry about me! But have been better after I hand in an assignment, spend some quality time chatting with Kenny, being with the ever-happy Eva and Grace and of course the most important - talking to mum on mother's day. It was an uplift.

By the way, what's with me and affirmation from people around me? It's like I am so insecure and unstable ... sigh

That aside, we've finally bake our own chocolate chip cookies. It was delicious. Definetely better than the muffins. Alot of hardwork - but it was well paid off. Also, I bake myself a huge cookie! See See!

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