Thursday, November 2, 2006

The member issue

One of the things I will miss is NJ and GL's interesting conversations. One of them happened last night; when we were chatting about how men are proud of their member. It was quite interesting because I remember when my bunch of boy friends and I were young (primary school), we talked about how to get a hard-on. Yeah, I know ... but we were young! Moreover, when you enter puberty, interesting things happen (ie; asking friends questions!). We shared thoughts about our member and mostly, it directs to ways to get it up. Most of them imagine the group Spice Girls when they try to get a hard-on. Funny how pop music could be more than just music. and that leads to yesterday's conversation;

GL : Boys a! Nothing else to do with their member a? So dumb!
NJ : Serious! You cannot insult their member
GL : Yah meh?
NJ : When they are young, they are fasinated by it
AK : Which is quite true!
NJ : and when they are old, they are proud of it!
GL : Got meh?
AK : I am not proud of my member!
NJ : Your case differently la!
AK : o_O
GL : So cannot insult their member la?
NJ : Of course cannot! If you do - they go limp one!
AK : That I have to agree!
NJ : I had sex once, and I say la, Harder! Faster! Stronger!
GL : A huh?
NJ : and he got ... erm ... it's like big banana to ... tofu!
NJ : I was shock! He was angry but I still want my sex!
AK : I so do not need to know that
NJ : and he was out of the mood
GL : This is so funny
NJ : Then he ask me why I say such things, I had to lie!
AK : What did you tell him?
NJ : I said those things because Hollywood movies say it.

Moral of the story; never insult a guy's member in anyway during sex


  1. Fuih~
    Thanks I'll keep that in mind

  2. deng deng deng deng!!! 18 sx banner alert!