Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vampire Look

I've just finish watching Underworld Evolution with Grace. I know I am so..ooooo outdated, but hey, better late than never! Anyway, it was not a bad movie. Werewolves battling vampires, tearing each other apart, and bloods spattering everywhere … gore but compared to Van Helsing – UE is way much better! Moreover, werewolves there were mostly nude! Of course, I am talking about the ‘human’ form of it … want their abs! Don’t mind being one if I have their abs!

It’s quite interesting how Eva said Vampire has a kind of look (sleek, sharp, cool and ‘blood-sucky’ type) and Werewolves has another look (macho, rough, huge and “cowboy” look). Of course, we are talking in terms of the human portrayal (minus the CG) in pop media and Hollywood!

Eva told me that I somehow have that Vampire look. NOT THE VAMPIRE LOOK, but close to one. I suppose she meant, I look like some lean bloodsucking creature that has sharp facial features, demonical stares, sleeps upside down (except that I am always upside down anyway) and cannot see the “light” due to multiple various I-bet-you-know-what reasons!

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You can suck muahs blood anytime!

Come to think of it, I totally don’t mind. I think would be the Asian-China-Beng type. HAHAHA. I must be drunk! Not the zombie-vampire, “keong see” but a Western-China-Beng one. You get what I mean right??? To be frank, I don’t mind being a vampire – you get nice-cool outfits, lives in big huge mansion, immortal, hates the sun (now that’s a natural), possess awesome kungfu while looking graceful and sensual drinking off a goblet and most vampires do look rather cool and mysterious and you KICK ASS! Though, biting someone on the neck seems a’lil unglamorous …

Of course, if I am a vampire, it would be a HUGE disgrace to the clan, tribe or whatever you call’em! I would be the one that stands out from them. Asian and Fukgly. Who knows, they might just throw me out in the sun and I bet if a Werewolf sees me – he will turn straight into a stone. Of course, then that will make me Medusa. Now THAT I don’t mind!


  1. Hey Andrew I didn't know you linked me! Since when? Thanks and oh, I'll link you too! Take care and by the way, you can't be either one. Vampire's too snobbish for you and werewolf's too macho for you too. Haha... Better be a human. After all, that's the type girls don't mind come hitting on you!

  2. hey, tt, u change the design ha? i kind of like your profile pic ler.
    nyaik aa aa~


  3. I think I'm already a werewolf. Although don't have the body, but already have the hair. LOL! Aauuuuuuu~~~~

  4. haha, from ur pics, u do have a lil "vampire look"