Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bimbos @ Chocolate Muffins

When 3 bimbo had never bake muffin their whole life and decided they should try making it just to try ... it's anticipating story to see what turns out at the end. After hours of researching and hours of reading, we've decided to get the instant muffin and try baking with it. If you go wrong with instant muffin ... you will go wrong with anything ...

Methods to bake Chocolate Chip Muffin


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Get a 5dollar instant 12-muffin from any supermarket. Tips; look for the word 'Instant', a step to step behind the box and make sure it's 'chocolate chip muffin'. Don't make a mistake ya! (if you think of the trouble going all the way to get the muffin, it is not so instant afterall)

Then, empty the entire packet of chocolate alike powder into a mixing bowl ... and read the instructions behind!


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Instructions says; put in an egg and 250ml water ... So ... put those in! Tips; Try putting the egg and water a little by little. Mix while adding. Then, stir the mixture until it turns into what Grace called "chocolate plasticien"


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Grease the muffin pan with a little butter and flour so it won;t stick - which is also from the instructions! ... I feel so dumb


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Preheat the oven for about 5-6minutes on fan-force for 160C. Of course, this temperature vary according to the muffin instructions that is behind the box ... I am beginning to feel dumb"er" ...

Then, put the muffin "plasticien" into the muffin tray. Add chocolate chip if you are a big fan of it. We did... and then look at the instructions again for more guidance (-_-"')


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After a 25min bake ... TADA! ... a small miserable muffin ... erm ... 6 actually ...


Of course, being the diva Eva is ... she would not put that "dry-ugly" thing into her mouth... so, we've decided to melt some chocolate and pour the hot sauce onto the muffin, sprinkle a lil cinnamon sugar ... and wah lah ~~~

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Taste not bad la ... but still ... no more 2nd time for me ...

Saturday, April 22, 2006


It's amazing how friendly this country is. I went groceries shopping again (you see, I eat alot!) and the girls are at production for their TV shooting assignment - something like that. So, being all alone at home, waking up to practically nothing to munch, I've decided to just cycle down to Ashwood and light-shop. Along the way, I manage to smile and say hello to 2 complete strangers. One was just crossing a street (I was heading the other direction) and the other were just sweeping leaves in his front yard (autumm effect).

No doubt, almost everyone you bump into in the supermarket will return a smile, when you flash a friedly-hello smile at them, but to have almost everyone you bump into smiling first, that was first time for me regardless of their gender, age and nationality differences. It wasn't any cynical smile or flirtatious grin. It was more on a "how ya doing" smile. Friendly and sincere. I feel so warm and comfortable walking around retrieving a sense of acceptance. After all, it's not like people smile at you back in Malaysia. They most probably will think you are crazy when you do it...

Back home, a jogger smiled at me and it made my day. Only able to sleep an hour or two before sunrise, kinda made my productivity and concentration went from hero to zero. I practically wake up late and do nothing but eat and sleep. No mood for assignment nor anything else. There goes the assignments - stocking up! So, having people make my day, I think today will be a great day to start off ...

Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter @ St Kilda Beach

Yesterday, Grace, Eva and I went to St Kilda Beach to honour and praise Easter and Autumm with a big picnic basket along with a Chocolate Bunny Easter Wabbit. It was a lil crazy as the temperature was about 12degree - cold and the wind didn't help a bit. But, we had to do it. It was something the girls has been anticipating for a long time - picnicking beside the beach.

As usual, pictures;

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Eva & Grace at the market - Approaching the beach

Image hosting by Photobucket
People we met - a cute baby - CONE HEADS!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Looking for a space for picnic - Seagulls occupying some of the beach

Image hosting by Photobucket
Me and the beach

Image hosting by Photobucket
Me - Group pictures!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Smile everyone!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Seagulls gaining on our picnic area - They are surely hungry!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Easter Bunny! - Bitting Easter Bunny's ear off

Image hosting by Photobucket
Sunset @ St Kilda Beach

Image hosting by Photobucket
Beautiful ya?

Image hosting by Photobucket
Best Sunset so far for me this year ...

By the time we finish our picnic and saw the beautiful sunset, we could no longer feel our hands. It was frozen as hell. Thank goodness Eva made hot chocolate in our thermos (which we bought just a day ago) and it really helps ...

It was fun ... celebrating Easter and embracing the autumm ... hehehe

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good Friday Dinner

I love cycling. That's mainly because the weather here allows it. I cycled down Warrigal Rd today to Camberwell Ashwood in search for wine goblets. They didn't have it, so I bought the picnic packs type - plastic; useable and durable and cheap! We bought wine and I don't drink them with mugs or cups which is only available here. The girls were planning a Good Fri dinner because Grace would be going for service on Friday and already has plans to catch Ice Age II with her church friend tomorrow night. So, we end up having the dinner on a Thursday night instead.

I shall skip the details of us cooking ... but I felt so bad ... I kinda burn Grace's and my lamb in the oven. I forgot to switch the temperature down after 15 minutes of grilling. So it went on with for another 20 minutes, practically coloring everything black. AGH! I am such a bad cook ...

The results; was something that look like that -

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Mine was better than Grace's as I have added tomatoes on top of mine instead compared to Grace's piece which just has nothing but BBQ sauce. I am so sorry dearie! I shall treat you @ Sofia next time ya! Then, we had a meal accompanied by wine ... It was ok ... Everyone was red ... We had some nice, relaxing time listening to Diana Krall singing away and the meal wasn't that bad afterall. Somehow or rather, everyone was busy ... so it was a quiet ending for the night

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After publishing this post, I would be soaking myself in a warm bathtub of water while listening to jazz and sipping the rose wine I bought. ... Am going to really enjoy the meaning of relaxation tonight. Well, what is the meaning of celebrating Good Friday and Easter without Easter eggs right>? So ... I spend a lil more money and got each of my housemate a gift.

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I bought the small ones for the girls while the PINK one is mine! hehehe

Happy Easter Everyone!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

6am & HUGE banana

It was about 2am last night after chatting with Kenny and Alvin over the phone, that I finally decided to just relax a lil and have a good night rest. It was a stressful day trying to puzzle the pieces for my ASC233 - Migration essay. The relaxation somehow lead me to sleep at 6am. Ironic isnt it? I was really mentally tired and physically drained but I can't sleep. I drank hot milo and read a lil but still I couldn't sleep ... I really think I have insomnia ...

Later, I woke up about 9am and handed in my sociology assignment @ Uni, met the girls back home, grab my bag and rumpy (that's our shopping trolley 0_o) and headed to Victoria Market. Amazingly, all three of us ran out of veges. Eva exhanged a shirt that she bought a few days ago and we had vietnam food for lunch @ Mekong. The food was not bad and quite nice. There was a cute thai gay guy (shoking pink sandals and the *gay gaze* confirmed his sexuality) that sat in front of our table. He kept looking and smile. Eva looked at him, whispered to me "He's cruising you". I returned a smile but kept looking down on my dish. Don't wanna give him the wrong idea right ?!?! I couldnt help but think what he sees in me... Maybe there is spinach stuck between my teeth ...

After lunch, I went to the bank, withdraw some cash and Grace visited an arcade to buy a bible. Eva and me ended up at this really cool british postal store where you get to buy old, antique stamps. It was really cool! I fancy the ones with Hitler (cost abour $300!!!!) and some others which I cannot afford. OBVIOUSLY! But I manage to get myself a collection of China Zodiac Collection that I always wanted in Malaysia but they sold it for about RM18 ... I bought it for $2 ... LOL

Image hosting by Photobucket
BEAUTIFUL ain't it???

We went back to Camberwell, stock up a lil at Safeway, headed home and I had a HUGE banana I bought in Vic Mart (WHY AUSTRALIA'S BANANA SO LONG ONE>?????) and took a nap about 7. Woke up about 9 ... made dinner, ate and resume my assignment writing. Half way through break time - I decided to blog. hehe

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Mind the ugly look due to lack of sleep ... concentrate on the banana

So nothing much already la ...

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Lazy Bumpers

This post is dedicated to me ... and my team members.

I have only 2 full-days of classes. It's cool huh? But I have 4 thick readers to read and that would need a day. Each reader at least has 2 article and each article is about 20pages minimum. So ... the formula is;

4 x 2 x 20 = 160pages of readings .... minimum

The readings are of course typical articles about what this scholar says, what this scholar go against, why are the content - the debate of the society, when and why it happened, who are the people affected by that kind of ideology, saying, quotes, discourse, subject and yada yada yada. Mostly boring stuff ...

So back to me being lazy. At first, I thought it was cool having 4 days off ... but I WAS SO WRONG! The workload started to pour in ... assignment due every other week and I have 2 major test to prepare for (out of those freaking thick readers) and 2 minor test (which is not as bad ... but still!). Overall, my 4 days off should be productive but I have no idea what's gotten into me ... I always end up doing nothing much for the day. All I do is eat, talk, play and sleep. I should be shot dead ... compared to the rush and intensity I was getting back in Limkokwing, this is nothing ... but why I am turning into a lazy pig ???

Moving onto my group members. ARE AUSTRALIANS JUST PLAIN LAZY AND SLUGGISH? They don't seem to care about our project ... I mean, it's not like we have much time! I voluntered to see the lecturer everyweek for updates and be their middle person emailing everyone about what's going on ... what do I get? Nothing! I SMS the team leader updating the situation we are having ... her reply? NOTHING! Am I being over-paranoia and demanding or they just want to bully me and decided that we should flung this unit together?@$?!#%*!@$ Now someone should shoot them dead ... I miss SeeMun, Cheryl, Lynn and Soongs as my members!

Just realize I am such a hypocrite. Anyway - I am so freaking stressed out, thinking that I am freaking unproductive and lazy... I shall devour my bear bears to make myself feel better....

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Saturday, April 1, 2006

Baby Boi for Ju

Congratulation Kak Ju! I am so happy for her. Juwita had safely delivered her baby boy at 12.something - according to Kenny le. Hehehe ... can't wait to see her pictures! I hope she post it up somewhere or at least let someone send me the cute lil boy picture! I AM SO EXCITED. I dunno why ... but it's not like it's my baby - but it's just exciting! AHHH ... I wish I was in KL but even if I am ... I am very sure Leo, Jenny and Kak Ju will not let me near the baby. hehehe. You know how noisy, clumsy, playful and "influential" I am ... hahahaha ... Wouldnt want the baby to get the wrong teachings from me ... nyek nyek nyek

Anyway ... I am so happy for Juwita. Still remember the times she allow me to feel the baby kicking before I left for Australia! Agh .... so nice so nice! It's so amazing"! Awesome !!! ... and now the baby boy is already out to exprience the world! So nice so nice! Too bad I missed the hospital visiting session! Sigh ... Hope Kak Ju is fine, healthy and happy :-)

On the positive side, by the time I go back next year, Ju's baby boy will be close to 1 years old ... YEAH! Can attend his birthday partie ... Another reason to go shopping! Shall get him the baby adidas shoe! Then, I bet Jimmy will get him a Hermes leather bag to bring to school !!! Hmmpth! So nice so nice! I can't wait to go back now ... hehehe ...

I want a baby boy too!