Monday, June 5, 2006

My Marine Story

I am so sad. I miss my fishes alot. I felt so bad. The tank which was supposed to be in my own home was moved to Kenny's condo due to some unwanted circumstances - family rules. I really thought, I can pull through by showing my deep enthusiast for the hobby. Everyone was very supportive, mum, dad, sisters, Kenny, cousins, Dan, Gary and everyone ... but at the end, my tank had to move. It's either that, or I forgo the hobby - which I can't.

I admit, I spend very little time with it since it moved. Saying that, I never neglect it. I still try my best to be a good owner, or at least an average one. I am willingly to spend alot, save like hell and hopefully provide a better environment for my fishes and also any ife forms in the tank. It's weird, but somehow - I felt that the tank is no longer nearby. It's not like Kenny's condo is far away or it is not accessible. I do have the freedom to attend the tank and go the condo anytime, but I couldn't bear the feeling travelling all the way. It's not reluctancy ... but more like - I just hope the tank is there when I wake up, is there when I want to look at it after dinner, is just there ...

I know we can't get everything we want. Kenny is right, work the best out of it ... I should have not gotten into the hobby ... at least not that soon ... now I regret not because I have it, but because I do not have that capacity and power to own it ... what's the point of having the knowledge, interest, passion and the support for it, but somehow it is so near yet so far inside your heart ???

Erg ... What a thing to think about after the semester end. I am not going to sulk ... Will work things out ... I just hope the plan works ... I pray hard everyday that by, the time I get back - I would have the courage to face my tank again ...

PS - Thankyou Kenny for taking care of them


  1. i dont get it, if everyone is so supportive, why u need to move tht tank????? ur in malaysia now or aust? the tank in malaysia or aust??? confused...

  2. xavier; the tank is in malaysia, i am in australia ... the tank had to be moved cos mum dislike it, something to do with feng shui if the tank is in my house, me and my mum will fall sick often (i ended up in the hospital 3 times and mum once - a major one somemore) sounds weird eh?

  3. oh gosh.... kesian the fish la then, have to move here move there... but if u are in australia, and the tank is still in Malaysia (though not UR house), still doesnt make much difference eh? i suppose the difference is felt when u were/are in malaysia lor hor...

    dont sad la, things will be fine geh, later when u come back and buy ur OWN BIG house, then can have a POOL of fish la..

  4. a pool of marine fish? *andrewkin's eye bersinar sinar* that's my dream ~~~

  5. sometime things would be ended in this way, u don't want it, not necessary u don't need it and when u need it, not necessary u want it...

    don't worry, be happy. just do the best u can as a fish owner.

    btw, how's ur hairs' growing process? :p


  6. kewell - yeah, i suppose i need to do that. hairs been well ... growing ... thank gawd