Saturday, April 26, 2008

Addiction for April08

I have an addict. Two to be exact ...

One is depression - due to many unrelated reasons which act like chain reactions.

The second one is this:

YES! Dark Chocolate M&M's ... which melts anywhere. Eat it while you can!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The opposite polar attraction

I feel happier at work. That is not something good ... cos it means that my other part of life is a sad case.

This particular month has been quite an unproductive. Either than slacking in my work (my actual day job), I didn't do anything much to improve my lifestyle and hobby. I remember a few days before Penang (early this month) I swore and made some promises to get some part time job, earn extra income and get some images up to online library for sale.

Till this very day, my part time income is still zero. No extra job/task out there and none of my images are edited / suitable for sale ... no need to mention uploads then. Empty promises - something I don't like

As I begin to give up, I put on a very sad Korean CD, listen to it and think ...

Life is so unfair. Some people are born with the gold spoon and chopstick. Some people are luckier then the rest and some are not. I feel the pressure, although my spoon and chopsticks are wood and I should be grateful to have one, I felt that they only serve their purpose and nothing more valuable than just items.

The stress falls in today. A few more days, would be end of the month. I have not save a single penny for this year. Every month, my savings are close to zero and the amount depreciates.

With all the frictions and tensions within my family, with all the insincerity spent hours with particular friends along with time and the ungodly-manipulation (simple terms - i felt used) weekend to come, I am trying my best to feel better ... think for the better ...

but life is still a bitter bug, and what is worse - my other half can never make me feel better. Credit given where it is due = he tries at least. Life is really a bitter bug ...

Sunday, April 13, 2008


After such a long time (close to 6 months, plus) I finally sat down and had mahjong. It is definitely one of the longest break from that mind-challenging game. What to do, BigBanana and I can't seem to get Mother Queen, Amina and CoolJ to play. They don't want to learn - what to do?!

Since Sleeping Beauty, LPC, LGC and me have different working hours, it is close to impossible to gather and have a great mahjong session.

So it's always between K and his bunch of friends.

Of course, this time around - it was at the usual place. Sel's (who is about to give birth soon!) and Jen was of course there. I wasn't feeling well with all the air cond blowing directly at my "not so ong" spot ...

But of course, I wasn't to keen on meeting them up anyway. K pretended nothing ever happened to us. But of course, something did and our friends certainly remember it. Well, I shouldn't be so sensitive anyway ... I just left the situation as it is. I admit, I was quiet and reserve. I guess it's not such a bad thing either ...

Like the usual saying "less talking, less conflict"

That aside, Mah Jong was ok la ... lost a lil money, perhaps about RM3 and nothing biggie happened. Boring way to have spent Saturday night but what the heck ... at least it was not cash consuming.

I am so looking forward for next week's Mah Jooing with Sleeping Beauty and gang@!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

After the whole RM thing

April 9th. Not some horror movie but just another ordinary work day.

Our company is going to launch a product and it seems that nothing was done in regards to branding, having a great strategic planning as well as development plan for it ... wasted child, just like any other I would say!

I am beginning to feel monotonous at work. Doing the same ol thing over and over again. I finally understand why certain people prefer to become bosses or switch job as soon as they get the opportunity to. Roaming freely without having to work with stupid people in life helps you to move on for bigger things. Ok, fine ... I hate my job and I am beginning to slack at work

Slack is normal. But for me ... its not ...

After closing a deal or two for the day, my passion dies. I am realizing the fact that I am truly, never going to be ... a sales man, sales person, people who sells stuff. I belong to the branding, marketing and "glamour" side of corporate industry.

So ... why am I staying?

Truly, there is still that little room for improvement and also the great friends I made there. Either than that two reasons - nothing is worth the take or consideration of developing a career there. I don't belong there ...

I truly believe so ...

Sigh ... I wonder when is my break-through going to come. Any takers or job vacancy in regards to my preference ... kindly drop me a note!

Resume ready ...

ps - even part time jobs are welcome! haha