Monday, October 2, 2006

The 10 Hour Room


I've been so busy this past few weeks, I didnt even realized it was October already. I suppose that is the effect when you get stuck in the editing suite for 10hours a day. Ok, I am over-dramatizing but spending the entire weekend in room P2.21 wasn't exactly the weekend I anticipated. Moreover, I spend last weekend shooting for Medha (my art"sie" short film for ACT206 unit) and the previous weekend finishing a major essay for ASC287 and the previous weekend, another assignment. There, a month without proper weekend! Who said that studying life were more fun than working life?

Thank goodness, 大姐 hooked me up on a tulip trip with her friends. Hehe, I can't wait to see the crazy wacko girls. Miss them! By that I meant, CL and 小Wei. Two crazeeeee woman! If you guys think I am hyper ... wait till you see us three in axion! We are like the herioc trio, the charlie angels, the DOA girls! But I wonder what the hell am I going to do during the tulip trip. No doubt we would be looking at tulips!!! Like *DUH! But is that all we are going to do for the entire Sunday ????? I ain't want to just look at tulips!

I could pack a picnic-lunch basket ... but that's not even during the trip. It's like before the darn thing. Of course, I can always hope there are cute hunks and gorgeous babes (ala Gisele type) at the tulip field! At least then, I can work on my eye's six pack, which have been suffering because of the non-stop 10hour daily editing since last week! Sigh* what staring at the computer screen can do to your eyes!

What else to do during the trip leh???



I could get some tulips and put it in the house! I mean, our house is like so dead (thanks to our landlord who keeps on killing the greens, weeds and whatever not around the yard) - and since we borrowed a vase for Medha's production, we kinda got flowers sitting around the living room since last week! Yeap ... tulips for the living room ...

What a gay thing to do!

But what the heck



  1. Hmmm I don't understand why would a guy be so clueless on what to do on a tulip trip. C'mon observe the beautiful flowers, mesmerise, think poetry and get dreamy at such scene. Maybe we girls have the knack in appreciating flowers without err... worrying what else to do. Haha... enjoy yourself anyway and do hope the hotties (not the flowers) are there too LOL

  2. Don't lah complain so much. Definately student life is much much better than working life.
    Tulips? Hmmmm... maybe you can roll roll in the tulip field like hindustan drama.

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