Sunday, July 23, 2006


I love chocolates. When Sasha said she hated it. I declared her; not human. It's a lovely sunday afternoon, except that it rained and I couldn't find my Oxford shirt! ERGH@!/#@1p@##$%21!!! Of course, things got much better when the girls and I end up at Max Benners Chocolatarie, also known as Chocolate by the Bald men. Except there weren't any balds there but I do recall a VERY cute guy, around the corner. Come to think of it, there are alot of cute guys who goes there, frequently!

Anyway, I need to show you the pics! I can'e help it!!! Afterall, it is chocolates and I am very sure, it will do no harm. Let me introduce the sinful drinks and deserts ...

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Italian Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Truffle

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Max Benners Special Milk Chocolate - do it yourself - drink (comes w 3 different chocs too)

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Chocolate Brownies - could be better! SHOULD BE MORE CHOCOLATIE!

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Chocolate Babka - what a funny name :P

One thing I find amusing about the place is that the sittings are quite near to each other, so there is very little privacy between the tables. Whatever your neighbour is talking about, you are able to hear bits and pieces. It's quite cosy but of course, try not to be nosy all the time or at least keep it discreet if you are dropping ears on others! HAHAHA ... Also, the place is always packed! ALWAYS ... They are doing so much better than Starbucks. BTW, Starbucks is not a big thing here because they serve lousy drinks. I quote that from the Melbanians ...

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Grace loving herself for melting the chocs

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Eva and me (Do I look like I put on weight???)

Come to think of it, I am beginning to love the place. With just about 8dollars, you get good food and a wonderful drink (although they could try and make the drink warmer ... since it is winter!). I am beginning to like the city ... alot


  1. hehe good for you... hmm.. then perhaps you can consider to import some of these chocolates for me oredi.. :>

  2. Hehe... The suckao is unique and delicious!

    (That's the one with milk over tealight burner, with chocolate pellets to melt...)

  3. So much CHOCOLATES!!


    Of Eva, Grace and you.


  4. wa.....chocolatesss...

    look nice....~~~~


  5. sigh..things have certainly changed a lot since my time in Melbourne..but then again, this was years ago.. :-)

    and yes, she will eventually win your heart... :-)

    hope you don't mind me dropping in for a read..have a great week!

  6. Andrew baby,can i have ur contacts pls?! Love,Melbourne Sweetheart.

  7. CHOCOLATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    do i need to say more? bring some back as well please, and thank you in advance.

  8. andrew, u must be tired when u were blogging. Its Max Brenner lah and Melburnians. hehe.. sorry for being picky.

    other readers, max brenner's really good, for those in Msia, either go to Aust to try it with andrew or come to sg. i like the one in sydney though...

  9. Yums!

    I have got this on my itenary the next time I visit Melbourne hehe.

  10. If I remembered correctly there's a Max Brenner at Manly Beach Pier/Jetty/Terminal.

    Yeah. What a name for a beach yea? :P

  11. brian - you want? comeover le ... my treat! haha ...

    yw2k - am not too sure about the manly beach one ... but not bad for a beach name, MAN"LY" beach ... haha

    dee - come join us! you know you are always always welcome

    vynn-may - sorry ... not for you one ... nyek nyek nyek ... but ok la, i belanja u next time when i come back! we go Chocz k

    simple pleasures - of course, drop by more often :) your always welcome

    anonymous - and you are?

    xavier - i bet notrohwoods got choco factory le! no need mine :P hahaha

    pl - ops ... haha i mispelled the name. yeap its brenner. But the melbanians ... been spelling like that since i dunno when. LOL, doesnt matter does it???

    Ken - sure thinge! YOUR TREAT! Muahaha

  12. i like their souffle and waffles the most. we used to have weekly ritual to the bald man until we got sick of the menu.

    it's me

  13. choc!!!! I RIKE!!!!!

  14. Damn... Chocolates?
    Aww... sounds like choco-heaven for me. Why don't they have this kind of place in M'sia? At least KL...

    T.T I want...