Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Traffic SUCKS!

After an hour of jam around Capsquare, Jalan Raja Laut to be exact (should rename to Jalan Raja Sesak = the King of Jam road), diverting from one place to another ... I finally manage to release my pee in the most appropriate way at a public toilet and now gladly, having coffee with Caffeine SunBear at Weld Starbucks. It is quite nice to just hang out, eat lightly after the rain and talk away while admiring the patience of drivers who sits in their car ... I am assuming that they are heading home.

Gosh... It's almost 8! One main reason why I refuse to work in the city ... People here has no life! Sorry Caffeine SunBear ...

What do you people do in the jam? Especially one that is long, boring and crawls from bumper to bumper?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Kelly's on the background

It feels weird waking up today. Somehow, something I hope that might happened just will not happen. Either way, it would be a tiring day. Looking at the schedule at work, another event is just a few hours away. With the thought of my messy room and unable to escape it this time around tonight, I will have to so clean my mess before jumping into bed. Not to mention the toss and turn that may happened. Haiks with a loud sigh!

For once in many days, the day looks like night. In usual days around this time, the weather would have been unforgivable with scorching temperatures but as I sit by the lake side, the breeze and moody temperament gave a sign of relief and support. An encouragement seem to brew, to continue with work. It is like ... something special is about to happen? No?

Ok, back to work ...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Singapore in March 2010

This song is playing in my head. Damn, I love her music

I had an awesome time today. I have to admit that I do like Singapore at times, especially going around, exploring and empty chatting with my partner in crime. Although my opinion still stands firmly (kindly see previous post : click here), which Mr. Partner in crime has agree ... we both still have our own tiny happy spaces in Singapore.

For one, I had the best Japanese Ramen and Char-siew Rice! EVER! Originated from Sapporo - packed with Japenese during lunch time, this tiny-cute-cossy lil restaurant is located at North Canal road, just walking distance away from Raffle Place MRT called Baikohken ... Trust me, the food is authentic and very delicious!

$14 - large portion of Syou Yu - butter & corn Ramen

$4.50 - one bowl of the Cha Siew Don ...

After lunch, we went straight to work ... at shopping mall searching for materials for our retails. Shopping mall doesn't really help me save. I did some shopping and got one of my wish lish item slashed. Yeap, a new leather wallet from Picard. A German brand wallet highly recommended by Mr. partner in crime himself. I got quite a good deal with a 20% discount, the wallet is not superbly expensive but looks not too bad.

My Picard wallet, which looks better in real

Either way, one less item to get! Yahoo WEE! Now, let me go slashed the item off the list ...

I met Francis for dinner too. He treated me to a nice dinner at Orchard Central ... It's an expensive restaurant serving shark fin soup as appetizer, then main course was abalone, finishing dessert with bird nest. The dishes may be only around $50 per person and may not be those high quality ones, but I feel so bad that he is treating. He refused my part of the share, naming Edward and Jimmy's courtesy whenever he is in KL ... now I feel triple the worse. But he told me to just relax and enjoy the meal.

I did ... with the promise to get him a great dinner back in KL when he visits. So here I am blogging about it.

Still thinking about my twitter account ... what la to put ?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Twit Twit

Help and Suggest!

I have finally decided to have an account for twitter. I like that name, Twit. But anyway, most of my most commonly used name have been taken; andrewk, andrewkoh, andrewkin ... Andrewkin is some cute looking guy in LA! Sigh* How come I never get that kinda luck in account names

The only account name left is something I don't really like, my work email add : andrewkohkt. Which I find very China man. With the recent happenings at the Hot Air Balloon event, I really do not want to subject myself to any elements of being "too Chinaman" ... bad thing, ya?

Why Twit? Well ... It gives my friend a quick "twit" (does that word even exist???) about me and my where abouts, my feelings, my updates in blog ... whatever la! My bro in crime told me that it's more an european and US thinge. Not very Asian ... FB better for Asian ... HMM ... *eyes glowing* itulah i! Perasan dari negara lain! Haha

Anyone has any idea of what kinda account name I should give my Twit?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010

Running nose. Not a good combination with bad sleeping nights, fatigue and work stress. Yeap, I am blogging with my nose blocked in Singapore. It is one of the rare times that someone around the condo decided not to lock his wifi network, allowing me to hook onto it and blog a lil about the past few days. I really want to elaborate on the Hot Air Balloon my company was at but my condition now demands me to stay in and rest ...

Well, the past 4 days have been quite hectic and the word I would use to summarise it would be; tiresome. Traveling back and forth to Putrajaya isn't a solution if you are staying 28km away from it. Although there is no jam there, I would still highly recommend you to move in if you are either working in Putra or Cyber.

Back to the event, here are some of the pictures I took while stealing a few minutes away from work.

Yeap, I was stationed there to lead my team for a branding/event photography sale booth. Learned a few things or two about running a mini scale event, but the most crucial thing I've gathered is that Chinese customers are a pain in the ass. Three words to neatly describe them; unreasonable, demanding and filled-with-complains. I wonder, do I sound like that at times? I hope not or I will shoot myself in the leg!

That said, customers are not always right ... right? I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Iza for such a great support and believing in our company

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Balloon then Singapore

Its been a tough week,
This would be the second event I closed in my current company after working there for 4 months. Although I have my bad times, missed opportunities and unachievable milestone ... I had some really good time running events again.

The rush hours, the last minute things, the buys and don'ts, the brain damage over stress, heat and cost-expenditure figures. I actually traveled back and forth, Subang-Puchong-Putrajaya-Puchong-Subang-Kelana-Subang-Putrajaya-Puchong and back to Kelana today. My mileage clocked in at 90 and deng, all in event-management man! I am not even running the show, but just one part of it! Apparently and surprisingly, I am enjoying it! Not that I want a job from that field of work, but doing it as a sideline profile in my job is ok ...

Anyway, let me promote the event abit ... afterall, I do have a corporate tent set up there selling my company's merchandises. Do visit the photography booth and BUY SOMETHING! Haha... By the way, it is not from me ... it is from my company. Just so you guys know ...

Name? Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010.I was surprise that many people, friends and relative know about it! Most of them went for the first one too. This would be the second anyway and damn, I heard the photography is fun! Guess I am going to miss that for another year. BURGH! The event runs from tomorrow till Sunday. Daily 8am-9pm. Food, performance, rides, photography contest, bazaar is available within walking distant from one area to another. For more information, you can click at this link

Hmm... I am so beated. My legs ache and my shoulder is screaming for a massage. My eyes are half closed but yet my brain is still analyzing the operation flow for tomorrow's event, the agenda, todo list ... it is like never ending!

I wish someone would understand how tired it gets ... Now it make sense why I am not in events! Going to head to bed soon ... and hopefully a great nite rest

It will be a tough week ahead too ... Singapore, setting up a new photo opportunity at Segway Hub attraction in Sentosa! Yahoo wee... I like my portfolio now

Monday, March 15, 2010


Ariel finally got her Iphone. Yeap, a combination gift from me, Angela and parents for her great achievement last year in her UPSR. It's amazing how kids grow these days, she knows the Iphone better than me and guess what, she's 13 and have one of the coolest gadget around. Even I don't have it yet! The great thing is that she is very careful with it and actually spent a great deal of time understanding the lil diamond.

Seeing her and Angela playing around with it ... I took the chance of exploring the application from James' Iphone. Amazingly, I do like it! Haha

One of the best thing ever created is the camera I would say! Look how cute I look! haha

*puke puke*

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sale? SO SOON?!?!?!?

Had lunch at KLCC today. A few minutes before lunch time, I spent 15 minutes window shopping at one of my all-time favourite anchor, ISETAN.

They are having a great sale. I am so dead today /// Go! Those who are Isetan members benefit some great deals. Just a brief of what I saw

Emporio Armani watches are on 25% discount
G2000 shirts are on 50% discount
CK shirts ranges from 20-40% discount
Raoul attires are on 40% discount
Padini and Seed, the usuals - 20% on normal merchandises and 50% on products

With 100RM purchase, you get about 2 hours free parking from KLCC. Which is a huge savings as well because their parking are known to have killer rates!!!

I am so ready to shop later tonight after work. Buahaha!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Traits of being a boss

It is inevitable that bosses provide unnecessary stress and pressure to generate productivity.

Is is also inevitable that bosses tend to repeat their orders, simultaneously asserting command and his idea, while not fully executing the project thus leading to overload of work or piling up of unfinished work.

It is also inevitable that bosses are visionary, unpredictable and at times unrealistic causing unnecessary waste of resources in time and manpower.

At times, bosses who are unprofessional inevitably causes demoralisation, demotivation and damages to the entire work systems. I am lucky the last trait is non existing in my work place.

In that case, it becomes inevitable that work is stressful.

I am starting to believe that whatever you learn in MBA only applies when you can pull the strings without your boss providing unnecessary stress and pressure. Wait, that means you can only either;

1. Be the boss yourself

2. Work in a corporate environment with a seasoned yet flexible work system

Hmm ...

*pulls hair*

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aaron turns down the car's radio volume and started order his subordinate to redecorate the jungle theme area and ask the contractor to contact him. Aaron is a ruthless, arrogant and professional landscape curator. An incoming call could be heard and he switched his attention to the call on hold. It was his mum, with hesitation he apologies for his last-minute cancelation and continue to listen

Yellow! You got to change the trees, the bushes are worse than those next to the roads ... Look, even a kid with lego can come up with something MORE CREATIVE than it. The project is worth a million, the least we could do is delivery a quarter of its value... Get the contractor, I will rewrite the attraction ... The pigs won't even notice the bit of change ... Got an incoming call, call me later

Mum... Yeah ... Yeah ... I am sorry, I got a last minute ... yea, I know it is your appointment with the doctor but I've told sis to ... WHAT? SHE CANCELED ON YOU TOO? That spoiled brad ...

Aaron (nodding with agreement)
No, I ... sigh*

He got down from the car, locked the door and the phone rang again. Aaron looked at the caller id, smiled and answer with excitement

How is my baby doing? Sure ... Go ahead ... Hey look ... I did not do it on purpose and No I do not prioritize my work over family and you. Selfish? I've got a job to do and it is not a darn easy job to curate and create an attraction for visitors... NO! I am not doing it for fame ... My job is to visualise and tell a story, make it comes alive ... Can't you just freaking ...

A car appeared from no where and knocked Aaron down. Aaron faces the sky, semi-unconscious but still able to listen to a background sound of a lady, apologising frantically

Lady (fadding sound effect)
I am so sorry, you just dash out and I was not looking ... can you hear me? hello! Shite ... no no ... Hello, Kecemasan! ...

Aaron closed his eyes entirely.

A tap running sound could be heard. Aaron is in a bathtub, fully submerge in the water and flashes of visuals could be seen; point of view of the water surface, jigsaw puzzles, him holding his gf hand, him working, studying and a picture of his family back to the pov of the water. His mind wandered with narration

Aaron (narration)
Think, think think ... how do you create that atmosphere. How do you turn a fantasy to reality

Suddenly, he could hear a baby crying, dashes out of the bath tub and went into the bedroom to find nothing. He sat on the bed, worried about his condition and quickly swallowed the red pill laying on the side of the bed. He is on medication for his anxiety attack. It is getting serious. Siren of the ambulance could be heard, he approaches the window, looked out and


Scene switches to him and his wife arguing.

Accident was to married you! What was I even thinking!


How dare you!

Sarah slapped Aaron hard on the face and turned to leave but Aaron quickly grabbed her, hugging her from the back and beg her not to leave.

Sarah (struggle and tearing)
Let me go!

No ... No ... I am sorry, don't leave me ...

Sarah (crying)
I can't do this anymore ...

Aaron (started to cry)
I just lost mum, almost lost myself ... I really ... I really cannot lose you ... not you ... please ... I need you, please ... I love you.

Sarah (crying and begin to show sign of relief)
You are hurting me ...

Sarah dropped to the floor crying, Aaron chin resting on Sarah's shoulder with tears flowing down ...

Aaron (fadely)
Sorry baby ... sorry ...

Aaron (narration)
And yet she left the next morning. Only to come back in ...

Party scene. There were empty booze. Everyone was having a great time. The music is spinning, crackers were scattered and everyone was losing control in the home party. Music blazing through the space, Aaron's vision begins to blur (flashes of visuals; drugs, booze, girls, seeking and a horny moan could be heard), Aaron smiles. In between the lights, crowd grooving to the music and dance floor, he sees Sarah with another man. He rubbed his eyes, blinked and the visual was gone. He smiles and try to get Sarah out of his head. The girl dancing in front of Aaron begins a tease strip. Aaron feels a surge of heat and scenes cut to wild sex in the bedroom. But the girl isn't the same girl. The bedroom scene has multiple people in the bed and outside. Aaron is the center of attention.

What are you all doing?

Girls just smile and held him down. A silhouette lady, resembling Sarah signal a guest into the room. A guy approached, smiling and Aaron seem shocked. He resisted the holdown but as soon as he caress his body, running his sensual touch down Aaron's torso - things took a different turn. Aaron's mouth gag prevented him from speaking but through his body language and the girls side action, Aaron seem to look more relaxed and adventurous now. It was a homosexual act of rape.

Guy Rapist (smiling as he watched Aaron's enjoyment)
The beauty of drugs, alcohol and babes.

The guy extended his intentions and flipped Aaron around. With his stomach attached to the bed, Aaron felt something forcefully entered his back, doggy style. He yelled and struggled to remain conscious between the pain and agony. He dropped his head and a sweat fell through his cheek. The pumping continues

Blogging, waiting and thinking ... in gym

So weird to have myself sit at the internet section and wait for a friend for gym. Hmm... I wonder when will Lynn arrive. This would be the first time I am gyming with a girl and also a close friend at heart. Well, she postponed our gym time due to work schedule... SEE! PRODUCTION LINE - MAIN REASON I DON'T WANNA GO INTO THAT FIELD OF WORK - and later we are going to market, cook dinner and spent some time catching up, most likely gossiping and perhaps watch a movie with Eva @ Condo.

Eva herself postponed our meet up at 5 to 7 too ... I wonder is this happening so often this weekend. Friends postponing intended meeting time ...

I just hope Lynn get here quickly cos I am bored. Perhaps I can start writing my script ... hmm ... yea, I guess I will just do that for now

Friday, March 5, 2010


I am tired, close to shutting down. The humid weather isn't helping anyway. Just came back from a quick drinking session with K. I do not know what is wrong with me, but I am so lazy and dumb-strucked. My mind seem to wandered off to another land and at most time, I really do not know what I am doing. Why is my attention span so short?

Sigh, I am not even sure if it's work stress, family pressure or even peer's expectations. Once I begin to search for the reason of my mood swing and emptiness, I have a high tendency to just believe that it is caused by everything. The details scrapped from this post because I am so tired of whining about them ...

I think I am going to head to bed. K will not be around this weekend since he is traveling down to Spore. I guess I will just take the time to unwind and get a real break from life.

SHITE ... I forgot about my Kimchi ... Gotta go down and take ...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Corrine's back

After 2 years of isolation and healing from her husband sudden death, Corrine's finally back! I hope you are better girl ... You've got my support and you will always have your records spinning in my computer, my ipod, my car and my player. Love you! You are a very talented artist ...

She wrote all her own songs. If you have not heard her previous album,GO GET ONE! It's worth every penny!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hate day?

Why is the weather so hot? Why aren't the clouds and tress doing their job? Then why all the sudden heavy rain before night? Why? WHY? WHY!!!!

I hate the Malaysia weather. I hate how hot it gets and how it steams up the car. I hate everything about the sun, how it glows and strike its piercing ray onto our skin, burning it, making it sweat and sticky. I hate how some people still maintain cool and look good under the soon while I drenched in my own sweat ...

I hate getting stuck in a traffic crawl, I definitely hate stupid drivers and selfish ones too. I hate that sometimes I get irritated by them and hate myself for sometimes being like them.

I also hate how my company is always paying our salary late. Yeah yea, I should be thankful that they are still paying but I hate how I react everytime the pay roll delayed. I hate when my KPIs at work that are always pending and I also hate the fact that I am consuming carbs during lunch period and hate that if i don't i will grow hungry before clocking out. I also hate the lady who comes order drink today ... I hate her look, her attitude and hate the way she return change when I pay for my drink

I hate the kids running around roads. I hate the education system who failed to teach them the awareness and danger of running around roads, and highway. I hate that their parents failed miserably to instill that in their mind. I also hate the fact that I have to emergency break when some of them think it is a football field around roads... I hate the law who forbids running down pedestrians... I also hate that I am so logical and conscious on moral at times

I hate my tummy jutting out like a lil hill. I hate my small arms and with those reasons, I headed to gym today. I hate strangers who cruise me with that "cheap" smile and stare. I hate when people tend to lift heavier weights and have the same body size that I do. I hate the reflection shown from the gym mirrors. I hate gym buddies who aren't really buddies. I hate that no matter how much I exercise, people still say I look thin. I hate the fact that I really look ugly when I pay handsomely for PT and gym membership

I hate it when certain guys get great hair do and I don't and I hate it when mine just wouldn't look good. I hate my unclean, uneven and messy stubble. I hate it when my legs failed me in gym. I hate the god damn management team who refuses to act on my PT leftovers. I hate it when I am so calculative over small matters

I hate my car... I hate it so much but I still cleaned and polished it before the day ends. I also do no know why I hate so much today ... Time to unwind