Monday, June 12, 2006

The list

Life is beginning to suck ... big time! Without a car, getting physically stucked in a boring, not very happening suburb with a tight monthly budget for expenses and not to mentioned the exam dated right in the middle of my semester break ... Melbourne is beginning to look very dull, boring, emotionally blanked and really really pissing off ... Thank goodness Eva is more ... erm ... "adaptable" to the situation, which I am very sure is not going to last very soon ...

Bad things that happened;
  1. Missed the Philip Island Trip
  2. Missed the Winery Yard Trip
  3. Can't afford the Snow-Skiing Trip
  4. Not approved by Mum for Scuba-diving Trip
  5. Half-cooked revision for Exam, thanks to the holiday mood
  6. Running low on cash for clubbing and jazz gigs
  7. Can't attend the gym - expensive
  8. Didn't manage to get the job I wanted
  9. Missed the Comedy Festival
  10. Grace went back to Malaysia - less noise
  11. I don't have a dog to play with
  12. I can't seem to finish my book
Yeap ... And the list is not finished yet ... It seem like a long one. A dreadful and pain in the arse to list. Ergh ... I wish my friends were all here. At least, we can meet for coffee. Go to the movies. Eat out. Gym or something. I miss everyone. I miss Kenny's company, I miss my brothers gossiping, I miss my sisters asking me out for lunch, I miss Jenny's laughter, I miss Chooi Yin's noise, I miss Brian, Hafiz, Alvin, Leo, Azyei and most importantly, I missed Ju's wonderful moment and baby visiting session! ERG ... THIS SHUCKS!

As for now, I am going pull my arse over the kitchen to cook. Add that to the list;

No 13. I look thinner than ever because of the infrequent meal hours.

Am not quite sure it apply or is related, but what to do? I am not in a good mood to eat ... what more to cook! Can I punch someone now? Anyone sending me a punching bag for my birthday? Oh Oh ...

No14. I'll be lonely this year's birthday ... :_(


  1. ah u poor thing! hangin there drew, u know all this will end soon and for the better! miss u too back here, especially in usj1..kenny! i summon you to do something!

  2. Yes Kenny!!! You better do somethin' (Ala Britney Spears). They cry of pain is to painful for me to bare anymore.

    We miss you too Andrew. Be strong ok. But honestly, it's not that bad over there right?

  3. awww...


    don't worry. perth can sometimes be worst of. it's just how you enjoy it. didn't get the job you's ok. get another. doesn't really matter now does it?


    you're just lonely. kenny's coming soon right? you should be alright then.

    mwah! miss ya!

  4. Be a tough guy laar, don't miss here miss there OKAY!Don't behave like a gay man!!! lolololol, Swallow your tears (cum?) don't let other know your sorrows!


  5. alvin - lets just hope it all ends well as said

    hafiz - sometimes it is the worse, other times; its not as bad

    lynn - come to melbourne le! Pay us a visit ...

    shine - you jealous la i didnt miss you, but i rather not miss someone who behave like a straight when he is not :P