Monday, June 20, 2005

LRT Passenger

Weird things happen when you board a public train like the LRT.

Let me tell you some weird happening today, last week and last last week i experience when i ride the train to work and back home.

CASE 1 : Cloth-Bitch
She stands at the door, facing her full boops to passengers who wants to board the train. She doesnt care, doesnt move and holds her position as if she is somesort of warrior princess waiting to be arrow down by warlocks. Not pretty, arrogant, ignorant and short. Bangsar station, 1 guy asked to be excused cos behing the cloth-bitch, was like 2 person standing space - and he wanted to get into it. Understandable...we need to cramp a lil so everyone gets to work. The women in her "power-working-shirt" would not budge and so the bangsar guy slip his way through. Halfway, the cloth-bitch said - LOOK! SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! YOU SPOIL MY SHIRT! I did a lil peep, her shirt was crumpled. Hmmm... i would have bitched slap her stupid smelly old saggy tight-cos-its an all dick rejected unit-unethical pussy if i were the guy.

Case 2 : Unzip Crotch
My eyes looked away, when this nicely dress working man walked into the train with an unzip pants. He stood infront of me and i can see that the girl siting in front of him felt so uneasy until she had to look at me smiling as if she is giving me signals "i wish he was handsome! but no.. he had to be an uncle!"

Case 3 : Talking Caucasians
This is not weird but a caucasian (from California) talked to me today when i board the train home. He had wonderful eyes, nice complexion, a so-so look but he talked damm alot! Correction, he was preaching. He told me about his friends, his church, his work, his chinese language-speaking capabilities and the longest was when he started telling me stories about christanity; Who found the church and etc. Glad he went down at Masjid Jamek! Wow, less than 5 minutes, i practically learns a person's history and imagine, i didnt talk at all! Now that is somwthing new. Scary but weird. I don't mind people making friendly chat but going up a stranger and asking about his religion and talks about it??? I hope that is not direct marketing!!!!

Case 4: Butt-Looking
Last week, there was this 2 Indian guy sitting down admiring, staring, analysing and doing hypothesis formula in their heads (I swear they look like that!!!!!) when a young teenage Indian girl stood butt facing them - that is because she wanted to chat with her friend. Not because she was just feeling horny! The two guys stared like no body-business even when there is another passenger looking strangely at them. Hmmmm ... Rape stares - how disgusting!

Case 5 : Victim - ME!
Today, an auntie stared at me the whole journey from KLCC all the way to Kelana Jaya. No she is not down-syndrome or just being nice! Instead, she was a normal working woman. She was staring... I was so concious that i thought something could be on my face. She stares! Conclusion is that

Case 6: Atomic bomb
None other than people farting their gas out. I think it is ok. Natural but for the love of humanity please do no release a gas if you know that you will send the entire tram's passenger looking like zombies and might cause some passengers throwing their laptop at the glass just to gasp for new air & DUH! hello - the train is public!!! Now i know why sometimes, people rather stand at the station than goes into a tram filled with toxified air. The word here is - AIR! For those petai eaters, drive to work!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

2weeks passed

Could you believe it. It was just last week that i had my 1st event running. Today, i went to Ellia's event. It was so massive! She had a part in designing and managing a small part of the TVB8 concert. For those who you all do not know, it is the BIG THINGE on the Bukit Bintang road and yes, it blocks the entire road! The crowd was ... huge. Well, mostly targeted at chinese people cos the concert performances were Fish Leong, Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Energy, Hins and other Hongkie mix Taiwanie artist.

Although i did pass out less than 10 balloons and a small stack of "Hotlink-hand-waiver", i got kinda mad about the organization of the event. So i went off the event and decided to just not care about anything else. First thing first, Amy (the leader for Ellia) went on-field herself delivering balloons and the "Hotlink-hand-waiver" thinge, to me...that is so unprofessional. You are a head event manager for the love of maxis! Order people to do it! There are at least 30 sales personals that only hold file, coupons and bags standing around waiting to vulture on walkerby. I just cant stand her...not only she always hand in late-last-minute work to her working committee, she doesnt seem to acknowledge the presense of Interns - by just letting us stand there like a monumental item - which is on the same board as her!!! Sandra, another subsidiary head-sales from outsider of Maxis actually asked who the hell are we??? I dont mean to be rude or want to be boastful but, we are partly the event organizer. And all Amy did was like wink reluctantly not even smiling and say, yeah they are with maxis. If I were under her, i would have not pity and feel bad (like Ellia did) and went home. A waste of time, energy and i do not do things when i am not appreciated. If killing is not a crime, we would have a dead body today!

Of course i was stun by her act. How could a leader act so childish and unprofessional. I know Interns are often labeled as being bullied or slave or cheap labour but to me, if you want to be respected as a leader, act like a jolly-good darn one. This idiot act as if we are just people who come and bother her. Matter got worst when she actually said "I dunno what to give you all do la" and ended up, Ellia was giving out balloons. THIS TOTALLY CONTRADICT the main purpose of us being there. I dont give a damm, but on monday, Loo Fun (General Manager) will have to sit down with me about her "people" and the way the had handle issues and i will SO SO SO make her listen and act upon.
Conclusion, working politics happen everywhere. Is either you be a part of it or you can choose to let it sit on you till the day you grow white hair and retire. My standing point, attack and conquer.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

933 @ Werk

Yesterday i was late for work. Left house about 730am and only being able to reach maxis tower about 10am. Darn! Thats like driving to Seremban! Today, i arrived about 905am. I considered that acceptable i suppose. Even so, i realize i have no work waiting for me. Checked my mail a few times and realise Ale didnt mail me anything and when i went and "test" Vickie (just to say good morning and tell her about the delivered invoice to her table) i sense an aura of another PMS mode - her eyes and her body language combining with her verbal que definetely alerted me to stay away from her - at least for today! I am just curious, how can someone like her, holding position as a marketing executive can act so unprofessional at work especially when she speaks. Just because she is busy, this doesnt give her the right or excuse to just simply frame her words and atomic bomb people - me i am refering to. Female ego i suppsoe which i define as cannot be bothered, cannot show that she is stress and definetely cannot lose - not to a guy! She would have been so respected by me but too bad because of the way she handles personal communication, i have to give her an E for both effort and results. No wonder no one sits around her!

Darn... I still don't see Eva and Ellia at work. Am i alone today??? Not good but well, at least i am sitting between Bridget and Kak Laily who are really nice and quiet people. YEAH! Anyhow, i am just gonna like look for work... hopefully i get some

Monday, June 13, 2005

Hotlink Tour Conclusion

Today the Hotlink on Tour Carnival at Sunway Pyramid ended ... I shall skip the run through but here's a few things that I will always remember;

Always to bring extra clothes and H20 when you are working in an event
Never ask KL crowd to applause cos they will never do it anyway
Never to have events at Sunway Pyramid cos the crowd there is so boring and passive
Never wear white and get your face painted with those colour thinges...
Be "muka tebal" when dealing with crowds - especially massive crowds
Bring ear plugs if there are HARD ROCK ARTIST performing! (You surely can still hear em)
Be patient when STUPID people, talent, customer, DJ pisses you off
Always smile and be yourself to get support from all kinds
The fantastic people i worked with - Eva, Ellia, Ean, Petrio, Ale, Vickie, Pru, Jay, Azman, Jay's friend, Karen, Justin, Hassan, Sandra, All the talents, performing artist and not to forget Shaz and her gang!
Lastly, the friends and contacts i have made!
And now i am back home, relaxing getting ready to bed with this done...
Image hosted by

Friday, June 10, 2005

Hotlink on Tour

My day started out pyramid, launching my 1st ever event! It was almost 10am when i arrive, 1 hour before the day officially begin and amazingly many things were not as ready. Karen from Synique(event organizer for Hotlink) was like arguing settling terms with this blue-kebaya chinese lady from Sunway. I over heard them talking and let me tell you something, man she was bitchy! Of course I maintain and tried not to ruin my name, thus I just ignore the old queens and went to my booth after meeting with my camera crew members, as before I step into my placing (which all my AV equipment were under the sun! how stupid and how i have pre-warn all respective people but none listen or would hear) the whole backdrop fell straight in front of me!!!!! If i was 5 seconds earlier i might have:

1 - experience a few days on wheel chair and ended up with a broken backdrop
2 - saved the backdrop but gain minor injuries

After that, Eva gave me that look and said "This is by far the worst event i have been to or work with!". I could not agree better! How can a backdrop of "Hotlink Talent Search" fall onto the ground and not to mention it sitting under no shade!!!! WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD WANNA LIKE WORK THERE or EVEN LIKE AUDITION THERE?????

After some time of running around, calling people, getting help and what you can think of to like save an event last minute, the whole entire Hotlink on Toud event started out just perfectly at lunch time! Mind you, the whole proposed setting was relocated due to - Pyramid Bitch, Almost Pancaked Andrew, HOT-linked Sahara Dealer Booth, Relocation of entire set and Organization of MESSED UP COMMITTEE!

Overall, my part of the event was to like audition people for talent search in result to find a campuszone ambassador, future talent for commercials and also Hotlink Brand Ambassador!!! That is like by far the most said sentence in my entire 20 year old life!!!! Malaysian crowd are abit coward, unsupportive, scared, hell-know-nothing about anything and simply ignorant! I mean the whole 12 hours there, i only at least saw about 5% of the crowd that are really supportive and at least stood to laugh and smile along. The other 95% simply run when you call them, then they run faster as you call them, and they speed away when you approach them. Not to mention - not clapping, boo-ing and even just like not care when other people perform! OH COME ON SHIT; if you have the guts - do it man, other people at least make their move to try and they need support for the love of all -_-"" you know what i wanted to say!!!

Anyhow, the day ended quite well. Me and Eva had like so much major fun being judges - funny, always fighting, bitchy, bimbo and overall, 30people audition - 29 said we were good and 1 said we were average judges! How kewl is that? HAHAHAHA

I would just like to thank Kenny, Grace, SY, Bianca, Vynn and my friends who have visited me. You guys made my day! Thanks so much

Well, got to sleep, tomorrow will have to continue day 2. Hope we get better response!

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

@ Maxis

I am blogging from Maxis! Since i arrived quite early today, i decided to just keep my blog updated.

Yesterday, something kinda happen - which i will so skip the story as it is over and was not important for me to remember nor care. If you are still interested in knowing - give me a buzz and i will tell you. HINT: Maxis politics and why are their flyer or advertisements sometimes just suck!

HAHA ...

Anyhow, i was packed like condensed milk today in the train!!! I realise you will need balance, yoga, stamina, breathing power and anything to futher enhance your skills from tumbling over or falling head-toes causing a major domino in the LRT train which i m not in fancy to see while i am still in there! you need to strech like elastic girl aka mrs incredible when everyone at the station just pushes and insist to come in. its like -HELLO NO PLACE! but you just gotta maneuver abit knowing that everyone does that.

I can't say that people at the respective stations are bad - i know how they feel. I mean, they need to get to work anyway and personally, i do think them pushing into the train is an excuse i can accept.

Not to worry, i dont do tat as i board the train earlier on which is always enough. In contrast, LRT management should like increase the tram ... i mean after all, 3 tram per ride???? HELLO????

Anyhow i shall show you later tonight a picture i took in the train, standing at the peak where i would just fall off and the door will slice me into 2 but of course that would never happen ... afterall, i am a gym member!

Monday, June 6, 2005

Young Intern

That is what they people at Maxis Level15 marketing department call us (Eva, Ellia & me). I went to work with a blank and tired mind until I was assigned to deliver, lead and monitor a subsidiary event for Hotlink. The event is called; Campuszone carnival Sunway Pyramid which will be held at the main entrance of pyramid for 3 days, starting from friday to sunday. There would be heli flight, introduction to technologies or gadgets, dealers selling reloads, Reshmonu doing promo, Jason Lo will be there too, Hitz FM cruisers and other radios' station also would be involve but I was to lead this even called the Hotlink Talent Search (something like Malaysian Idol - skip the singing) kinda thinge which would be made into commercial advertisements!!!!! YES! Participants would be model for the ad and I am the judge to actually pick a winner to be Hotlink-brand ambassador!!!! How kewl is that???

Anyway, my work was hectic till I had to work till 9pm. Calling designers, agency, getting approval from my boss then approval from another leader for the event was one of the main point I stayed so long at the circular office. I was not the only one thou! MANY MANY MANY others stayed till like 9pm or even later and work officially finishes at 5.30pm?!?!?!? Crazee people! They would sit in front of the PC for hours! Not go for lunch or dinner! Not make a single noise! which kinda drives Eva crazy!

One thing I love was the place I sat! So kewl! It was so big and large! Of course that minus the PC, telephone and other stationary materials which people have and I dont! Everyone in the department has their own style of decorating their workplace! I am so gonna do that tomoro although i know i will only be working for short term but well, working environment promotes more than just individual presentation, it also allows you to actually sit there and work for darn long working hours! Everyone has something nostalgic and loving to put on their table! SO jeaolous ... I wish I have too but after going through my stuff, I realize I lack in those lovely dudley things! So far, only Ale (my boss) gave me a Nokia mug which is damm cool to put on my table. How sweet of her! Love ya! Hugs ... Amazingly, my worktable which was empty look like this (see below) after less than 10 minutes after I started work ...

Image hosted by
My "heaven"

compared to Eva's which was like this;

Image hosted by
Ellia at Eva's place

Although tired, the experience and reputation was well worth it!

Intern Awake

I am gonna start my intern work in Maxis later about 9am and YES! i am still awake. I tried sleeping since 2 but i was so restless and somewhat excited about work that i could not just sleep. I slept a while and woke up thanks to some mosquitoes biting me. Since then, i could not close my eyes. I seriously dont think its the mosquito but instead it is just me.

I rather not think what is going to happen later but i am sure i will get a headache (which i am gonna counter it with panadol) feeling nauseatic, sleepy & i dunno what could be worse thanks to me not sleeping. If i am zombified - that is so not cool. But i seriously cant sleep. AGH!!!! Why do this have to happen to me!

Anyway - i am gonna research on Maxis since i can't sleep...rather than wasting time trying to rest. Sigh* I shall blog again on updates of me = zombie intern in maxis tower!

Friday, June 3, 2005

Getting There ...

I am so happy this few days, i suppose it is mainly because the semester is ending (yes! NO MORE Danker!) and not to mention that i got an internship with Maxis.

Today, i finally handed in my last assignment - GC111 signature. You would not believe how much i spend on it! All the papers, carboards, print outs, cutting, slicing, pasting and signing took almost 6-7 hours to finish. Of course, i divided it to 2 days! My front cover turn out quite nice and with the help of a copier-printer, work was much easier. Before handing in the assignment, Grace, SY and Vynn (also aka known as Ta jie, Er jie and San jie) went into this like dark mode. All also black black. So scary but i feel more insecure and heart broken seeing them like that. Grace finally confronted us with her problem, sharing her thoughts and feelings about her best friend. It was a very good talk, under the rain, crying, sharing of hidden-heart-feelings which open most of our eyes and after that, amazingly the rain stop and we were all laughing and being "us" again. It was our 1st time in a 2 years friendship where we shared something deep and important among ourselves. It was fun experience and i certainly will treasure this moment!

Also, i went and consult some college people about travelling abroad for studies. At present moment, i am quite keen on Deakin Uni, Queensland Uni of Tech, La Trobe Uni and Curtin placing last selection. Gonna talk to mum about it, hopefully everything goes according to plan and hopefully too that all my friends - Grace, Vynn, SY, James & Lynn (hopefully Eva gets over QUT :"P) get to stay under one roof! It would be so much fun.

After that we did some light shopping in Tesco again. Oh Yah! I am cooking, that is... and to wrap things up, the total cost of the entire dinner (1 vege dish which contains long beans, snake beans, green capsicum and lady fingers, 1 basil chicken dish, 1 prawn egg omelette, 2 bottle of drinks, 1 bucket of ice-cream and fried nuggets) cost about RM36 which feed 7 people! That is like so cheap and a wow factor. I cooked, the soong sisters helped and the dinner was great! What thrills!

Then, we played monopoly along with Hipopo - a nice cuddly creature! hahaha which in PINK too! So i featuring it!

Image hosted by
Hipopo - Vynn's pillow

At the end, it was a progressive and well enjoyable day while i enter the input for today before heading to bed!