Sunday, February 28, 2010

Double U studio opening

Was at Jimmy's grand opening today. The brand was well received by everyone and it was quite fun to have catch up with friends, close ones and hi-bye ones too!

To be honest I do not feel like writing much since my mood is quite down, probably due to some friendship issue and erm feeling left out. I wish there was a way I could write this down but it hurts everytime I want or try to write something regarding it... Sigh, am I so hard to understand? I feel like sharing it out but also wish to hold back some of the hidden feelings. I just realize too that last month on the same 28th, I posted something similar ... Mayb it is meant to be that I would not like the number 28 ... Ok... I think too much ...

Anyway, let's keep to the main point of this post ... The launch of Double U @ Kepong.

The creative director behind double U ... Jimmy Wong, my bro himself. For more inquiries, kindly visit their website

We were there to celebrate Gorden's Birthday too ... not sure if it was a celebration or just plain cut-cake event ... hmmm

Quick wrap-up for FEB 2010

Wow! This month really flies. I cannot believe how fast February had past, not that I am complaining or so. This month really burn me out ... financially of course. I believe Trix would definitely be saying her infamous words that I earn more than her ... but well, commitment kills. They really do ... For me, it was the lethal combination of Chinese New Year, Birthday bashes, CNY dinner treats and also Valentine that "overkill" me, sending me to the farplane of eternal debts. Ok, it is not that bad ... I spiced it up a lil ... but well, I believe it is the same goes for most people, especially the Chinese.

Enough complaining, here are a few memorable events to add onto this month:

i ) CNY REUNION DINNER WITH THE JIMMY GANG - Themed after TVB series : Beyond the Realm of Conscience 宮心計

The whole gang that was there

The concubine war pose ... lol ...

Friends I would keep for life

My twin brother! Of course in the act of the moment

Lou Sang a!

The bunch of guys

Me and the ladies!

Of course it was also to celebrate Nick's Birthday!

ii) Trix's Bday

We - also known as the Random five (R5) went to this stupid restaurant and erm, I absolutely hate the service, the drinks and the food too. Not worth the money. Something Garden Cafe at Curve. Sigh... Bad idea but we had a blast! As usual, seeing this bunch of friends is really hassle free and all about GOSSIP! We have an additional member as well whom is also so-called my hometown friend - Bettina Soo! *Pose pose*

Yeap ... It was the sucky food look

Anyway, we are a bunch of what others will called gossip freaks, talkers chatters, aunties ... whatever not. Haha. It is always fun with them because we will always try our best to gather and have unlimited fun. Chill and chat, Laugh and take pictures. The fun part of it is always seeing everyone laugh and "stick together" because honestly, we are all very different people with contrast personalities and preferences ... but we still manage our friendship well ...

Happy Birthday girl!

iii) Alice's Bday

This happened in late Jan but blame the girls for giving me the picture late! But of course they would then blame me for not having FBook. Haha

Yeap it is us ... 5R

Tengoklah Trixie Vogue Glam Camera Whore pose tu!

Dunno why, but I love the spontaneity in this pic

Come to think of it ... I've been nearly out on most of my nights and weekends. Hmm, perhaps I should get some quality "me" time soon ... hehe

PS - Updated the side bar too ... Check'em out!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time to change ... differently

I've been cleaning my room. It is always messy and I am so tempted to just *again* change the interiors. Having a room around the size of 7 feet by 10 feet ... it is really like living in a Japan capsule house. My advantage is of course having it as a room rather than a house but I am having difficulties in getting everything inside drawers, behind curtains, under table and bed. Yeap, I am good in safekeeping my stuff and hiding them somewhere in the room.

When I was doing the routine of hanging my clothes, cleaning my table and drawers, I realize that I wanted to do something different this time around. Instead of trying to be practical, for once, I will try to add aesthetic value onto my interior. A different touch and application, but with one similar motive ... to get a more "breathable" and "liveable" room...

Thus, the challenge begins ... time to put on my thinking cap and "tok tok" the calculator

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Calling

I think most of you guys would have predicted my silence in blog is due to ... erm ... excuses. Haha. Well, I have been pretty lazy and you would not believe how many drafts are sitting, waiting to be published. I shall post them up by tonight ... I promise ... So if you are reading this post, kindly continue to read the other posting as below ... :P

Today's post is actually about my "calling". Yeap, I have been summoned by the higher power, my motivation and the reason why I would be facing the TV for hours and ignored calls, meals and even refrained myself from going out ... The last time I was "called" was perhaps 4 years back ... and this time ... it is coming back with full force... I can already feel it ... see it yourself!

YES ... I AM A FINAL FANTASY FAN ... LIKE DUHuh! How sick and cool rite?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Er Ge birthday 2010

I've known Jimmy for almost 5 years, and every year our brotherhood bond grew stronger. I am so happy to have been able to come by and celebrate his important day with him. Although I was coughing and sick, I manage to climb out of bed with some heavy dosage of medication and still meet with the gang at Tamarind Hill for dinner...

The weird thing was how short-lived the event was. As soon as dinner ends, all of us were restless. The clock only shows 11pm and we are all about to leave and adjourned the gathering. Quite weird cos our outing (especially on someone's birthday) we usually will extend our happy hours till late ... But many of us were tired, due to work and prep for CNY ...

Er Ge being the ever positive and understanding person, let us all go with a big huge hug ...

Happy Birthday Bro! May this year be better for you cos you deserve every bit of it!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Soong Pre-reunion CNY dinner

It's been quite some time since all four of us hang out. We were once called by our Uni peers as the Soong family ... the infamous 3 Soong sisters and of course, me - the lost brother. The three girls are my closest Uni friends and one of the first few that ever treated me like a brother.

We had a pre-ala-so-called-CNY-dinner and had a blast yapping away. The Korean food we was very affordable but unfortunately poor Vynn, also closely known as San Jie, 三姐 。。。had to endure food she didn't fancy. Hmm ... my bad for recommending it ...

But would like to say thank you to 大姐 和 三姐 for the wonderful xmas gift. I love the bottle and also the necklace ... 谢谢哦!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ariel Birthday 2010

Yeap... my lil sister turned ... erm ... 13 this year. Isn't that quick? I still remember when she was still a baby, lying down on her baby bed, looking and moving her curious fingers ... I was about 13 then. Even Kenny remember that when he first visited my house, she was just a kindy girl running around the house like how little kids should do

One full chinese cycle ... 12 zodiac animals ran through and now ... I am 25 and the little girl that was once a baby champion now had full grown into a girl scoring full As for exam, grooving to the latest Korean pop industry and well ... pretty much a lady.

Happy Birthday!

Yeap ... this is how she and I looked like back in 2003, 7 years ago ... still can sit on my lap!

compared to now ...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pink at Grammy's

What a WOW performance by Pink at the Grammy's 2010 Award Ceremony.

I wonder, where can I actually learn to do that? Hmm ... I am not Pink, but I definitely want to try to be her. Anyone has any idea where in Malaysia I can actually learn that stunt? or art? or dance?