Sunday, September 24, 2006


Post is actually for sunday

Had my first music festival celebration today - The Darwin Music Festival at Northcote. Actually, I was filling in for Eva (since she had other matters to attend to) as a crew membe for shooting Greg Walsh (a local old time songwriter-singer). BTW, it's for a documentary assignment. Greg, also a friends of ours, was one of the five finalist for the song-writing competition. So, the girls was just adding materials for their documentary. Anyway, the festival was awesome - shops were all open on sunday, selling heaps and heaps of food, people brought their kids, dogs and lovers but the weather was the give-away (it rained)... Why don't we have something like that in Malaysia??? So ... back to the festival, the competition was fun. Every contestant gave their best performance. Sadly, Greg didn't win but he was complimented for his "1920s" jazz style and unique voice. So ... I shall shut-up and let the pics tell the enjoyable moments at the festival ...

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Greg Walsh and me @ the street

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Grace and me!

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My 4dollar lunch. Am not sure what is it called but it taste very different and quite filling.

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People still having fun despite the weather

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Greg giving his best shot for the competition

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One of the finalist ... His song is really funny - it is called, Short People are Sexy. LOL

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The winners for the competition

Ok ... after a whole lots of fun. Grace treat me to a Korean food (which I have anticipated for a very very long time!). We went to this place called Seoul House between Lonsdale St and Russell St. It was recommended by ALST. Thank you ALST so so so so much. The service was top notch! Polite, friendly and very very helpful. I love that place. PICS PICS PICS!

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The korean version of Okonomiyaki. My most favourite! *yum yum yum

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Me eating Okonomiyaki

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The Korean BBQ setup

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Chili BBQ pork - VERY YUMMY!

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KIMCHI!!!! *nyam nyam nyam

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HotPot Seafood - nothing special.

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The very authentic - Rice Green Tea! Yummy!

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Thank you grace! Hmmm ... I think I am going back that place again quite soon or maybe I should extend my masters program to Korea! Haha, since I love the food so so much. BTW, did I mentioned about their steel bowl and long spoon. LOVE IT! I tell you, I WILL have that Korean set cutleries next time in my home! WILL HAVE'em!!! I am so hungry now thinking of the dinner. Thank gawd I bought a bucket of Kimchi. Ok ... That's enough for today. Going to eat my kimchi now ... hehehe

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A hungry man is an angry man

CL told me that 'a hungry man is an angry man' and that's so true! I am grumpy and pathetic when I am hungry. I don't know about other guys ... but I practically have "PMS" when I am deprived from food. Thus, fasting has never-EVER worked for me! Tried once a few years back when I was working with Padini. Joined my malay colleagues for the fasting period where I only lasted for 6hours ... or is it two? LOL ... with breakfast ~

Food is essential ... every 4-5 hours for me. Sadly, by the amount of food I am eating, I am still skinny. Unfair ... but trust me, I prefer to grow a lil more. I know very well by tomorrow, I would be that hungry and angry man CL is talking about. Main reason? The fridge has no greens, the cupboards are empty with cook-able can food and with that - I am down with ingredients to cook a proper dinner and lunch for today, tomorrow and most likely the day after tomorrow. I can't actually drive out to buy because I ain't got a car and there is NO public transport to the nearest market on a Sunday! Consequences of living in a suburb! The 2nd nearest is closed! Safeway and Coles seem to be the only available options but usually you don't get fresh groceries from there AND I do need to hand in an assignment tomorrow, which I have only completed 20% of it


Advices? Buy tomorrow? I have class till 5pm. Then, everything is closed. Buy on Tuesday? I still have class till 5pm and by then, everything is CLOSED. Eat outside??? Am beginning to think that is the only options. Take-Away? In those plastic containers and the cold weather at night ... I might as well just cook porridge and eat it with soy sauce! Sigh* I think I only got myself to blame - improper planning for groceries shopping. So, there you go ... soon to be hungry and angry boy. If you see a guy in his new Birkenstock sandals, running around burwood with a butcher knive ... that would be me.

I bet in Malaysia, no one have that problem. Cheap food EVERYWHERE and even if all the hawker stores, mamak, food courts and restaurants are all closed, you can always count on your best mate to cook. Hehe ... right Jenny ??? :P

PS ... It's getting hot ~beginning to feel the burning light from the sun. Hitting 26degree soon. Malaysia ! I am so prepared!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's about the sleeping

After 10hours of sleep and a whole lot of mess with ALC314 Advertising unit last night, I wake up feeling just a little better. No headache or what so ever but only a backpain. That reminds me of my bed back in Subang. Sigh* Miss that mattress! Good support and tough, compared to the beds here - soft till the extend you could feel the spring with your back. Now that explains the backpain!

When Alvin talks about being picky with his pillow, I so totally agree with him. I mean, picking a pillow is like picking the partner you hug to sleep at night! The pillow ought to be not too hard nor too soft for me. The pillow got to have that softness where I would just doze off as soon as I put my head on it. And of course, the pillow gotta be "smell-free" regardless of it's material. Some has that kinda feel that it smells ... urgh ....

Then we have the mattress! I love my mattress (the one back in Malaysia) and I so totally agree that the higher the price - the better it is. LIKE DUH! Go for a good brand and look for a particular attribute. What do you want from your mattress? Extra support, good padding? Tough cookie? Soft? Something you can hump and pump on? and FYI, size does matter! If you have a partner that loves to sleep over - dump that single and get a queen. If you have a partner that loves to do martial art when he sleeps over - dump the queen, get a king! If you like to feel you partner and hug him closely to sleep, a supersingle would be just nice ...

Another thing important thing about sleeping is the hair! I don't know about you guys, but long hair keeps me awake. I fell the heat behind my head. Am still wondering how girls sleep. BTW, got a new hair cut last friday. Man ... I love the new hair. For 20 dollars at Sui, it is so worth the money. I think this is my hair. You know - THE hair that suits me. hahaha

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Lastly, the decor is very important when you sleep. I can't sleep in a room where everything is disoriented and messy. Of course, I think many who knows my sleeping "style" - disagree with that! hahaha. Anyway - the color white and earthy color makes me feel more comfortable. I think it applies to most people. Give me a raise of hand, people those who can sleeps in bright-shocking red walls?........ Jimmy raises hand.....

Make sure everything is fengshui directed too. No sharp "blades" disturbing your chi when you sleep. No mirror reflection. No computers or mechanism that is on. No legs facing directly at the door. No sleeping head first to the bathroom door. If you ain't sure ... go grab Lilian Too's book or borrow one from Kenny. Hehehehe.

and of course, a glass of water right beside me ...

Friday, September 8, 2006

Untitled Post

Everyone is asleep in the living room. Its past 4am and I got to wake up about 930am. Why am I still not asleep yet? Don't ask me! Have an appointment at 11am and because I need to travel using the public transport, I gotta leave the house early. I am so gonna look like a zombie tomorrow.

Well, not most of us get the things we want anyway. So, just make the best out of it even if you are deeply sad, dissapointed and in many ways - hoping it will get better (but you know it wont).

Problem with staying up late alone is that you always feel lonely, hallucinate, feel hungry and lazy to cook ... and feel more lonely afterthat ... and you can't sleep. Then, you will think what is wrong with you and you start listing the negative stuff about yourself and feel all helpless. After that, you feel emotionally drained, tired and sleep with the thought that you are nothing but a loser. I am not implying that everyone feels that way ... but I do ... mostly - for no reasons (of course there is!) but I am not sure how to spill it out in words.

Sigh* This shucks

Andrewkin grabs his Baileys

Sunday, September 3, 2006

Bai Ling - VIRGIN ???

The music industry is definetely in chaos. First, we have the diva-turned-tribal aborigine wannabe Beyonce. Then we have Paris, our 20thcentury miss-SONOT-Munroe wannabe. Now, we have BAI LING - virgin wannabe!!!!!

I so rike Bai Ling. Se's rike the transattler or something. Se's so ecentric. Se's so kuul. Se's rike the DIVAS! Se's rike my father's nippy or something! Se's everything! (FYI, spelling errors are intentional - think BLONDE) *andrewkin does the Paris Hilton smile.

We should have a new genre rather than categorizing everything into pop. I believe the new genre should be called ... erm ... trash. You figure out what kind of music we can put in there! If Bai Ling gets a contract for an album launch, I am fasting from music.

Saturday, September 2, 2006


Buy-bye winter and welcome Spring. I hardly (almost-never) sweat for the past 6months. The weather has always been comfortable and complimenting. Now, it's all gone! The temperature hardly hits 23degree and I am already sweating ... profusely ... CAN YOU IMAGINE ME BACK IN MALAYSIA ???

I actually hope that Spring would do me good, prepare me for Malaysia. I hate the weather back there. HOT HOT HOT. Even when it rains, it is still HOT! The people there are also HOT-cum-ANGRY-STRESSFUL-PEOPLE and it's not like there are any HAWT hunks around ( look at our Cleo's candidate"sSssss" for gawd sake~!!!!)

Hmmm ... Maybe I should stop complaining. It's awesome, I think I actually said that line a couple of times previously in my blog. I should complain ... afterall, I am Malaysian! CHINESE-MALAYSIAN!

Ok ... the anticipation of going back to a country's weather I hate is definetely doing me alot of harm. Maybe I should think positive ... I get to wear less cloth and bear more skin! (But my skin is filled with hairs, and it is a big NO NO) ... Sandals! I get to wear sandals! MORE reasons to have a collection of sandals!!! (Ok, one point for Malaysia) ... but no more leather-boots or winter shoes (minus one for malaysia) ... Maybe I'll get tan ... Is it still like the "trend-tinge" where people prefer tan boys??? ... Hmmm ... Swimming! Haven't swam for ages! Reasons to get NEW TRUNK ... YahooWEE! ... I can also have a good reason to invest on an expensive and useful sunnies ... Hehe ... Why everything revolves around shopping eh??? ... Nevermind! Nevermind! ... What else? What else? ...



ARGH ... I want LAYERING !#%&!*@%#*&@*@(#(!(!!!**#(@*!@&!%@*!%!!