Sunday, September 17, 2006

A hungry man is an angry man

CL told me that 'a hungry man is an angry man' and that's so true! I am grumpy and pathetic when I am hungry. I don't know about other guys ... but I practically have "PMS" when I am deprived from food. Thus, fasting has never-EVER worked for me! Tried once a few years back when I was working with Padini. Joined my malay colleagues for the fasting period where I only lasted for 6hours ... or is it two? LOL ... with breakfast ~

Food is essential ... every 4-5 hours for me. Sadly, by the amount of food I am eating, I am still skinny. Unfair ... but trust me, I prefer to grow a lil more. I know very well by tomorrow, I would be that hungry and angry man CL is talking about. Main reason? The fridge has no greens, the cupboards are empty with cook-able can food and with that - I am down with ingredients to cook a proper dinner and lunch for today, tomorrow and most likely the day after tomorrow. I can't actually drive out to buy because I ain't got a car and there is NO public transport to the nearest market on a Sunday! Consequences of living in a suburb! The 2nd nearest is closed! Safeway and Coles seem to be the only available options but usually you don't get fresh groceries from there AND I do need to hand in an assignment tomorrow, which I have only completed 20% of it


Advices? Buy tomorrow? I have class till 5pm. Then, everything is closed. Buy on Tuesday? I still have class till 5pm and by then, everything is CLOSED. Eat outside??? Am beginning to think that is the only options. Take-Away? In those plastic containers and the cold weather at night ... I might as well just cook porridge and eat it with soy sauce! Sigh* I think I only got myself to blame - improper planning for groceries shopping. So, there you go ... soon to be hungry and angry boy. If you see a guy in his new Birkenstock sandals, running around burwood with a butcher knive ... that would be me.

I bet in Malaysia, no one have that problem. Cheap food EVERYWHERE and even if all the hawker stores, mamak, food courts and restaurants are all closed, you can always count on your best mate to cook. Hehe ... right Jenny ??? :P

PS ... It's getting hot ~beginning to feel the burning light from the sun. Hitting 26degree soon. Malaysia ! I am so prepared!!!


  1. dun starve yourself!!
    pinjam from ur housemate first lor.


  2. actually i am just a minute drive from burwood east? :)

    where would u go groceries shopping btw? boxhill?

  3. Don't listen to Alvin, all your housemates are women and I don't think you will ever "eat" them right, unless... OH MY GOD!!! *pengsan*

  4. hahaha, for a moment there i thought i was reading my own post!

    hehe, that's why darling, need to be prepared all the time! my room in Notroh is like a mini market, full of all the essentials, got carbo, got protein, got fiber and the fridge is never short of dairy and vegetables.

    i just took photo of all and was about to post kedai mini mart Rainbow de Notroh when the blogspot photo uploading is ready, later u see la!

    always, always ALWAYS have some safcol softpack tuna/salmon in hand ma.... and instant oats too, then at least boleh tahan seketika


  5. Indeed unfair!!! How come I'm the only one in my flat who eats as much as everyone, but the only one growing horizontally! Agh!
    And it does suck for coles, and everything else, to close at 5. I always have micro dinners in the freezer in case I hit the assignment weeks :P

  6. Hehe for once, I'm glad I'm studying in Penang. The heaven of glorious food~
    24/7 available... the only problem is money and body mass but I don't have the problem with the latter muahaha~

    Uh-oh oops...I think I'm provoking the angry hungry guy further
    *runs into her room and bolts the door tight*

  7. I get cranky when i am hungry and will be ready to snap at everything including people. ;p

  8. KNow exactly what you mean. When I was in Clayton doing my electives, I almost went insane cooped up at home with nothing to eat except chips. Made me miss Malaysia so much.