Monday, December 4, 2006

SSA - Skinny Sickness Anonymous

Hi. I am Frustrated A. I have a problem. I am thin and skinny and I cannot put on weight. I do go to the gym and workout. Maybe I am doing the wrong routines but I am very sure I tried building muscles. My arms are small and it looks awful. Think of snowman with tree branches as arms. Not that it is a huge problem but my friends say I should put on weight. I do eat alot and maintain a healthy diet but my weight stays at 65kg. I am not entirely underweight but I think increasing my body mass is somewhat better. Any suggestions either than eating more? Cos I can't afford to drink Eno everytime I try to double my meal!


  1. Dear Frustrated A,
    I have the same problem but worse!! We need to stay strong and fight this!!

    Skinny-Assed B

  2. Frustrated A,

    Don't complain too much. I WAS 65kg and then I started to loose weight again, for God knows what reason. Now I'm only a 58kg ok. I understand what you are going through. I too wanna reach the ultimate 70kg but seems imposibble, most of the times.

    Everyone tells us to EAT MORE, like lah we don't eat. Very annoying, don't you agree?

    Hurry up and come back. We'll try to do something together. Together we shall make it happen, deal?

    ~~if we hold on together~~

    Skinny-but-getting-fat-around-the-waist H.

  3. OY oy. I wish i could stay skinny like that can?

  4. oh god, can i please have some of the genes both u and hafiz possess???

    i am the type that even if i just sit there i will grow meat/fat.... :s