Friday, December 30, 2005

2 More Days

Ah .... I am so full. Thanks Will for the wonderful treat at TGI Fridays! Man ... I miss the Brownies already! But I am too full to consume anything at the moment. Even normal H20 makes me feel nausea ...

Went for shopping today at KLCC! Bought like 5 Undis ... Hahaha ... Don't know why am I blogging about this! Anyway - Do you know it is so hard to find "proper" yet "nice" undis nowadays! I can't afford to pay RM80/RM70 for just ONE CK undi; so I have to subject myself to other brands!

I learned that Bods Undis (which I love) only last max 6-8months. Then, you get saggy-loose rubber that doesn't help in "supporting" or "maintaining" position. Trust me! If you go for advance BodyStep moving up and down, you might as well not wear anything under the gym shorts at all!

Back to topic. Shopping for Undis was like HELL! Can you actually believe the color cordination they have? Renoma in particular has this 2 nice Undi Tanga with LimeGreen and ShockingOrange! WHAT THE FCUK? The designers gone crazy is it??? or is it that girls like their boyfriends wearing WEIRD UGLY colors! YUCK*

Then there are the typical 2nd hand looking and "not very tasty" designs. Sigh ... Some brands actually got the guts to have fish-nets undis, see-through undis, materials that makes you itch (YEAH! so can you imagine wearing it???) and some "damm-uncle" design. Gawd*

I know no body else sees it ... but I am SO NOT going to subject myself to wear one of those ugly thing, which I even think an Ogre or Troll will rather wear women panties than those "things" !

I am not complaining but I think guys in Malaysia deserve better looking Undis. Afterall, Xixili, La Senza, Women Secret, Blush, Triumph and whatever the girls are having, are indeed ranking among international standards or at least basic lookable undergarments. While our "guys" underwears are worst than those clothes one can patch up by picking up bits and pieces of clothers from the streets...

Is there any Male Underwear Union or Fashion Underwears Association I can complain to?

Thursday, December 29, 2005

3 More Days

I am still sweating! After the whole evening spend at FF Summit for the launching of new releases - LesMills Classes (Hope I spelled the name correctly :P) - I am still sweating. While was having dinner with the gang, I swore I used the entire pack of tissue. Not those small packets but the box-type you find at mamak. Sigh; Dunno is it a bad sign or a good sign ~

Went for my very 1st and complete BodyJam today. Man - there were so many people! The class was like packed! Everyone is crazee of Jam! Kenny was extremely good with the moves! Even Yeaw and ChooiYin was complimenting his groove and moves! I manage to catch some glimpse of others doing jam. Damm they are good. Shouldn't have joined. Must have look like a rotten log trying to dance.....

I did two classes (Should be 3; but BodyBalance was like packed) in a row! Did BodyStep previously. Hate the track where we have to squad. Jenny and this other guy was like my idol for the day! They did 3 FULL classes. This include the all-hell-break-loose and most-strainful BODYATTACK.

As usual, Jenny, Cyin, Yeaw, Brian, Jeremy and Anthony was there! Klevin and William was there too today. So fun to see a whole bunch of people I know dancing away pretending we are some goddess divas! HAHAHA. Azyei was there too! Leo's voice could be heard like miles away! Farah, Tina and some other people I know but I forgot their names :P *OoOOpss was around. It was very fun working out together!

I wonder would FF in Melbourne be accessible to me ... for at least a few months! Man; I need weights and BodyBalance!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

4 More Days

To a junior I once knew, Keegan, a great friend, a peacemaker, a joyful person and most of all; a beloved son. May you rest in peace

To those people out there who STILL drives recklessly, think of the people who will hate you when you killed your passenger rather than yourself.

To those people who think that their driving skills can outwit everyone else, think again when you killed you friend and you are left on earth to suffer the guilt

To those people who are still not listening, there is a reason why I despise and will continually curse you with all my heart every single day, that one day your life would be more miserable than the word itself.

That would be enough...

Monday, December 26, 2005

Xmas 05

Celebrated this year's christmas with a flu and bad throat. I didnt quite enjoy this year's christmas except for the fact that I went shopping for gifts for friends and helped Kenny decorated his Xmas tree. To be exact - I have not, in my entire life, decorated a Xmas tree. My family is a very conservative-traditional chinese-BUDDIST family. So there isn't any Christmas thinge at my house.

I took the entire half day for Xmas eve to sleep. Then, me and Kenny head to FF Curve for Klevin's body balance. Felt so bad as I FFK him a few times for classes. Sorry dude* Later, we had Xmas eve dinner's at Mark's place. It was such a hassle as both Kenny and I didn't wrap our pressie's yet. So we ended up wrapping the gifts at the Car Park! What and experience! We had a simple dinner, exchange gifts and played around with Styx, Mark's cute and adorable dog! Agh .. I wish I had a JRussell :P

Then, Jenny, ChooiYin, Kenny and I overnighted at Kenny's condo. We played Mahjong till like 5am! Phew ... It was tiring but fun! You should have seen how ChooiYin acted after she had 2 glasses of Bailey's on rock. She was totally whacked out and begin her "raba-raba kungfu" or what we call in chinese "Ji Mo"! Hahahaha

Xmas day arrived but ironically - I helped mum decorate the house for Chinese New Year. Weird! Decorating the house for CNY while the radio blasts off with Xmas song! Well, like I said; Conservative-Traditional Chinese-Buddist Family :-)

Later, had Xmas BBQ ala Japanese dinner @ Midvalley with Kenny and it's so amazing how Midvalley's Decos are still attracting people! I've been to Midvalley at least 4 times this month and the fabulous decos are still like hot cakes. People crowd the center hall just to take pictures of the wonderful setting! Good marketing efford I shall say! I like it anyway; and It's quite hard for me to like anything ...

Then head home and slept till now. Just finished watching Tortoro. It's so nice! So sad to say that people no longer produce cartoon as meaningful as that. Thumbs up for producers from Tortoro and Spirited Away.

Friday, December 23, 2005


Today I am going to blog about the ... erm ... *andrewkin scrathing his own head* ... YEAH; Xmas Shopping!

Since Singapore; I am officially burn-out. My expenses had rocket"ed", my wallet is crying and currently my pocket and account is near to empty! It's like during the Depression in Japan back during the WW2~

Anyhow; It's all thanks to no good Christmas. The season to shop shop shop. Don't get me wrong, I didnt spend lavishly but because my monthly pocket money is only RM450 per month (MAX) and that includes the tol, food, supper and what so ever I want to get. So; getting Xmas gifts for most of my close and best friends; were on a tight budget. Those who had receive their gifts; sorry if it's quite "not what you expected" or "cheapy stuff". But of course, It's the thoughts that count right?

And for those who had not; I am so sorry but I really can't get another gift, or else; I will be selling my butt to clear my debts and so fourth. I promise once I start having the spending power, the gift miight come :P ... might that is :P

Seriously; I think Santa should like slip a RM1000 cheque through the bedroom window so that everyone has a lil more money to get gifts for everyone! At least something! (Those who sleeps in a bedroom without window; I am so sorry but you would have to talk to Santa about alternative ways to pass you the cheque) I bet everyone would be happy! But of course, there isn;t Santa is there???

So, Xmas is here and everyone's broke! Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Uniquely Singapore

Was away in Singapore from thursday till monday (today). Believe it or not; I have not venture into Australia since 1997. If you calculate, its almost 8 years since I last went to Singapore. Funny right? To be frank, I had not visited any country since my last Australia trip back in year 1995. Sad but true.

On Thursday, Me and Kenny boarded the train ala KTM called the Senandung Malam. The train departed at 1030pm at KL Central and will only arrive at Singapore; Woodlands, 9 hours later about 745am. It was a fun journey. Kenny and I slept on bunk beds. It's kinda like those movies. Cool. A little cramp and bumpy but I still manage to get almost 6-7 hours of sleep. The rest of the time, I read my book, listen to my mini and I explored the entire train - which is very very very long and creepy! Went to every nook and corner of the train. Man it was scary ... Later, Kenny "tapau" MeeHoon goreng and we ate @ our bed. For your information; their food was very nice! Got standart! Not bad for a fast food-train cafe.

Image hosted by

Arrive in Singapore. Got my 1st chop in the passport. Went through the Custom and met Erwin. Went over to his place to rest and headed straight to shopping. We started at Orchard and walk and walk and walk and walk. Then we went to another shopping venue @ Suntec City and we continued to walk and walk and walk and walk. Man it was tiring!

One thing really inspire me about Singapore is about their transportation technology! It is damm cool! All cabs has this satelite central thinge. They do not use Walkie Talkie! AGH! ~~~ COOL

Image hosted by

Then, we went onto a city tour called Ducktous. It was Erwin's company. It was so much fun! Hahahaa ... We sat on this boat with big truck wheels and then went into Marina Bay for the city tour. It went on both ground and water! The most important thinge in this activity is that i got really NICE PICTURES of the city and historical monuments and tour guide' Leonard was so bloody cute! HAHAHA ... So nice! Thanks Erwin!

Image hosted by

Then we continued to walk and walk and walk and walk. Of course, all this walking exercise took place in shopping malls! It's amazing how much shopping malls they have!

Image hosted by

As we reach night time, we had pasta as dinner and went clubbing. The very next day, we followed William and Klevin and travelled around the same places me and Kenny had went. Well, it was all-mostly that is- about shopping in Singapore! So the damage begins at 12pm ... You should have seen the guys! Their shopping bags were like a trolley full! If anyone snatches the bags away; it would at least sum up to a RM2000! The damage of course ended about 12am. Yes - We were shopping for 12 hours! Non-stop!

Image hosted by

Sad thou, the Christmans Deco was nothing to shout about. Kenny agrees. Erwin told me that Singapore Tourism Board has allocated the the budget on something else - on promotional effort and a street party. Sadly, I didn't notice both - but the bad Decos. It is not as bad - It's just too plain and the Christmas Spirit wasn't really burning!

Image hosted by

Lastly, my trip was Ok... Indimated by the exchange rate. Everytime I wanted to get something; I thought to myself - I can't afford it. I only got a pair of red Havaianas sandals and 2 crumper thirtsy pouch for my camera and mini. I KNOW I KNOW! I am a crumpler whore rite ~~~~ :P ...

PS - Erwin got a really cute fluffy bunny @ his house! So cute. Miss him so much ... I named the bunny - Louis V! Hahaha ... Erwin calls him Louis only.

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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Movie Month

It's movie month!!! There is so much movie to watch! I am setting on my eyes on Narnia, Aeon Flux, Pontianak HSM, Perhaps Love, A Chinese Tall Story and 3rd generationnd ! Not to mention the coming; Underworld Evolution, Memoirs of Geisha and Cheaper by a Dozen 2!

Of course, I had watch Narnia last night with the gang. Not bad a movie. Love the scene where all the animals battle ala LOTR style! Am not really satisfy with the ending; as I think it should have been done better. Like the Witch bitch slap Aslan(The Lion) and Aslan cat claw her. Then the roll over the cliff together or something! Overall, there are SO MANY characters and most of them are under-developed; like Susan and that Centaur Captain. Sigh* Susan; whats the point of having so many arrows when you only use 2! What is the director thinking? Minimizing violent? Perhaps ... But overall, I like Beaver, Edmund, The Witch riding through the field being pulled by 2 polar bears (Thats style), the cheetah cat-fighting with white siberian tigers and the Griffin that flew and bombarded Minotaurs with rocks! Overall, Narnia was better than HPotter & TGOF.

Dying to watch Aeon Flux! Heard bad reviews about it. Anyone watched it yet and has any comments?

Perhaps Love is next! How can I resist girls sexy-dancing with beautiful legs, art direction and fantastic cinematography!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

My Gym Gang

I think alot today. Actually, not the whole day. I met up with the gang after they gym, as I was too tired to workout and I needed to rest my right arm. It is getting better. Thanks for those who asked about it.

Anyway, we went for dinner. A gang of us. Me, Kenny, Jenny, ChooiYin, Brian, Anthony, Jeremy, Justin and Claire. As all of us sat at the table munching away, I thought deeply that I will certainly miss this bunch of guys alot. I looked at everyone properly, just to treasure that moment with them.

Will miss Kenny's joke and his wild actions, Will miss Ta Ge around being bitched and his talks, Will miss the Brian's outrageous "laugh-out-loud" laugh and his cuteness, Will miss Jeremy's tongue teaser, Will miss Chooi Yin's positive support and chat, Will miss Jenny's company, tender, loving and care, Will miss Justin's wacky funny conversation, Will miss Claire's politeness and warm smile ... and as I ponder further, my thoughts went to the entire gang. Smiling to myself, I had so many flashback of everyone;

Genting trip, Leo's Bday, Juwita's Bday, NikeTribe Challenge, Anthony's bday, LQ outing, our Frangi visit and the times we bump into each other in gym, chat, laugh and went for dinner together-gether!

Still remember the 1st time I met Leo, Juwita and Azyei. They were so much fun! We dyed our hair together, laughed together and I watched each of them achieved something special in their own lifes, Leo moved into her own home, Azyei won NikeTribe Jam and Juwita getting a new baby again! Will miss Leo's wacky jokes and pose, Juwita's subtle divaness and Azyei warm-loving hugs and bitchyness. Then, of course will miss Jimmy who I havent seen for a long time. Sigh*

Also not to forget; Janet, Chee Ling, Yeaw & Selina ; who had been more than friends. Not to mentioned; Alvin who has been a happy-fruit and cheerful guy among us who had shared so much with me!!! Thank you for not giving up on our friendship

*sob sob*

I will miss you guys when I m at OZ! Thank you so much for everything you had shared, top to bottom! I thank god for every single great things you guys had brought into my life - joy, pain, laughters, special moments and not to forget the bitching session. Thank you so much! HUGS*

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sad songs

I am listening to sad songs again...and i am sad. It is not like i want to feel that way, but i am just so attached to sad songs...especially those mandarin-chinese ones that i really like alot. Damm it...

Akin Saying;
Promise to live with smiles

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Dell / Citibank ???

Many people called to see whether i was ok. Firstly, i am not angry or mad @ anyone. Just a lil worked out by dell and citibank.

You see ... 2 weeks ago, i order a 700m laptop hoping to get it before school starts. I am using a credit card account belonging to my mum's close friend - something to do with the non-interest rate payment. So, things become quite shitty. Decline of card, bad acocunt for 2nd time and etc. I was quite angry and i called dell - being the usual me, drama and pist and complain"full" - they somehow or rather got a piece of me. Worst, citibank also got a piece of scolding and "constructive comment"! Thus, begin the turmoil of I-am-a-very-angry-customer and dilemma of whose-problem-and-fault-should-that-be?

I was basically pushed around, have to dial the general phone no. like ten times while go thru that -press one for this-press 2 for that- press 3 for this- and converse with certain operators that are not user friendly, act like bitches, rude and not to mention their voice sounds like a drowning frog. Not user friendly? I was calm when talking. Bitching with me? Mistake. Rude? They wish their mama didnt born em. Me mentioning their voice sound like a frog? PRICELESS!

Problems soon got gunnysacked. The Dell processor was no longer available and i would have to pay a top-up of rm400 extra for a better processor! Of course, with a lil help and advice from Kenny as well as Dell being so attentive and professional and me being so pushy; I manage to convince Dell to charge me at a cheaper rate - the same rate minus tat rm400! HAHAHA

As for now, i have to wait again. Hopefully things goes well this time. Overall, Dell's operator (which all 3 that i dealt with was boys) was more attentive, friendly and patient with me compare to citibank's STUPID GIRLS (about 4-5 of them) who are so emotional when they "frog"; like as if citibank CAN NEVER or SHOULD NEVER have people commenting on their services! Of course, anymore they push - i am so gonna yell over the phone and it would be recorded. Moreover, they don't even say bye! Tsk* Is it me? or is it bcos they are girls? or is it just plain spm-grads operators? or is it Citibank?

Anyhow - Citibank is on my bad repu list. M gonna bad-mouth them

Overall - I still dont get a good feeling for the big day that is coming. I mean ... look! War with Dell and Citibank. Gun firing with mum. Bad repu from Mum's credit-card owner friend. AGH!

Either than that - why am i blogging in the morning??? I wake up quite early these days. Must be the habitual routine thanks to maxis. LOL

Akin Saying:
Be Bitchy at certain times to get things done!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Typical Msians

Wanna know one of the main key learnings I will never forget during my semester break? Let me tell you...typical malaysians who are living in a "socalled" developing country but act like stupid lost uncivilized barbarians from centuries ago.

Usual trip in LRT always leave me with a feeling of why government only allocates so little train schedule during peak hours. People cramp till the point the LRT's door can't even close! Can't blame the people, everyone's rushing. But, train comes every like 2-4 min during peaks. So why are everyone rushing??? Dont get'em. I will never cramp myself into the train - will not risk losing my couture.

Another thinge about this train riding thing is that, everytime i get a sit from KJ or i leave from KLCC, i will always wonder - what happen to old, disable, pregnant or sick people? Do they have to stand cramping or they just ask politely for a sit - or would ppl actually offer those special priviliged people a sit? So far, so good - no one has ever been unkind to those group of people until last friday when i was returning from KLCC and the train stop at Pasar Seni, a very old in his late 60s uncle came in. He was carrying some stuff and he seem shaky. I push myself back towards the crowd so he could comfortably stand directly near to the bar to balance himself. I was balancing using my 2 feets only. Train approaches KL Central and as I turn back, i saw someone leaving from a seat. I thought, good - uncle shall have a sit. THEN, some stupid inconsiderate-young i bet still a fucking virgin pussy- sat there. I looked and stared at her. She just ignore me and well, pretend to not see me. I was quite mad... but i did not say anything. Then as we approach the next station - Bangsar, someone left the seat beside that girl, and ANOTHER STUPID FAT ARSE LADY sit there, looked at me with that "that uncle can stand ma!" and pretend to be sleeping! What got me to my madness was that they both knew the uncle was weak and just because he was still standing holding to a metal pole doesnt mean he deserve to be standing!

That i couldn't stand! Just as i was about to begin my bitching-slaughtering session - Kenny called me and I purposely speak loudly emphasizing on "inconsiderate malaysian, sitting down letting old people stand and PRETEND TO BE SLEEPING". Both open their eyes showing guilt and shock but BOTH close their eyes again. I decided to snap a picture of them (which everyone else noticed i did) and post them online. If you see this 2 ladies in the train next time - to give them a punch or slap on the face! They deserve it so much!

Image hosted by

I dunno la ... is it me or malaysians especially women are like tat! I am not saying all women but I hardly see men does things like tat! Prentend to be SLEEPING? HELLO AT 530PM? stupid isit?

Akin Saying;
Ignore those who are ignorant.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Chill-Out Saturday

Back home finally, sitting down, relaxing after a whole day of running around - wait, more like visiting fish stores around puchong and subang. Woke up at the other side of the world today. Don't really felt like talking and i headed straight to the PC and played Yahoo Pool. Yeah = early morning. Slept bout like 3am last nite and woke up about 9am. Guess i am used to the 6-7hour of sleeping. Anything is fine, as long as i get good complexion! Headed to have dimsum and end up in condo looking at my fishys again. Oh. My shrimp died a week ago - bizzarre reasons but yah, bottom line - his dead and so is my 3 chromis! DONT ASK! I DONT WAN TO EXPLAIN!

Anyhow, i owe this set of pictures - all the bday party thinge; only put 3 pics as the pics are not entirely clear and beautiful. Calling to get a new Cam! Hahahaha.

Image hosted by

and not to forget! Kenny's

Image hosted by

Anyhow ... today Kenny's bday celebration with his friends got cancelled due to unexpected reasons. He was not happy but i mean - i would too. Sigh* Now you know why i hate this party thinge sometimes! But we still manage to end up in Green Lotus - AGAIN! and ate the similiar green curry AGAIN! hahaha But this time i got the membership card done. Next time, i would be entitled to 20% discount! yahoo~

We went for desert in shook! TAT PLACE is like packed despite the small portion, expensive price, delicious yummy finger lickin good food and incredibly thick heavy menu! :p. The toilet is a must visit at Starhill and its so freaking amazing how many kinds of restaurant they can cramp and have in 1 floor. Credits to designer and architecture masterminds behind this wonderful fresh and fantastic concept.

Overall, to me that is - it is a well achieved day. Yummy dinner, great ambience and Wonderful companions!

Akin's Saying;
To believe, is to affirm that believe

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Diva EmanyNYAH bday galore

Its been past 6 hours since i sat a Green Lotus cafe, calling our princess diva of the group, eva for her bday dinner. The dinner was great - to me that is. It was a dinner feel with laughter, joyful jokeful actions, star wars spoof inpersonation and not to mention, chatting to catch up!

The food was nice and delicious, as predicted and the ambience - read lynn's blog! hahaha - she describes it well enough before we got there. And sitting on the floor for eating? Simply different compare to wannabe japanese restaurant. Overall, i think everyone is happy, leaving eva an expensive (all ok la) experience, half tummy filled with air due to long lasting laughters and joke and also i would say properly digested food (kenny is zzz snoring away, i m blogging comfortably & no one called to complain yet!) hahahhahaha

Despite being stuck at traffic for some time cos it was raining so heavy! Me and Kenny manage to bumper bumper crawl to the cafe. Later i picked up the rest of the gang from Lot10 with a broken umbrella (things couldnt get worst!) ... until ... my CK Jeans were wet! AGH .... WHAT THE HELL MAN! and when everyone was finally sitted at the "arabian curtain" room, we decided to put tat damm raining thinge at the past and started yapping away. Lynn's asset seems to look bigger! mayb it was my eyes but well everyone look gorgeous; kenny wearing my mickey t shirt, damaris wore this "rave" silver black dress, lynn n her romanian skirt, ellia - simply and stunning, medd the husband / refer to as "yang" to ellia, me and my blogger look a like shirt :P ... and then eva arrived in her spanish-british-india dress with her ZARA boots! AGH! tat white dress look so AWESOME MAN!

Of course, Eva was angry and a lil disturbed - it rain on her dress and zara boots and her i heard hair-do specially for the dinner event! I mean, my fault - cafe no parking, so everyone has to park at Lot10 and walk over. Everyone look alil like sad she was not in d mood (after all she is the star) and ALOT hungry as we were all waiting. Well, as usual, after a few jokes and jump arounds, we r back. Cheerful and as crazy as ever! LOL

Anyhow, we bought eva a chocolate fudge cake, a cancer pendant(to replace her lost-in-the-house-and-i-can't-find-it-coral-necklace) and a mug she LOVED so so so much! It was well paid off to see her smile and laugh and happy at the end of the day!

Mayb i should just not be so paranoid of bday afteralls ... huh?

Extras; i gotten this pendant! ahahaha...a newly add to my accessories collection!
Image hosted by

Akin's saying
Be brave enough to reach for you goals. If not, settle for what contents you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Birth Days

Agh ... Me blogging again. Today is Kenny's bday! HEHEHE

This just reminded me how bdays are like during my dark days - when i was in secondary school. Everything was and alook fake to me. Birthday for me was never the big party, the friends gathered to play monopoly/pictionary and sing D song or even the outing and suprise with gift. No doubt and i wont deny that i would love to have those listed, i never had em simply because of one reason - i think my friends think its not quite worth celebrating my bday (you see i wasnt the guy that anyone would like to know or like during that youth period).

3 most memorable birthday tat i could remember was like;

X-girlfriend celebrated with me at the park. candles and home-cook food! simple, down to earth and romantic

Then there was the Xmen premier outing. Thanks Kiru and YinMay for the celebration and for my Xmen figurines! I love em!


Last year when i got like a HUGE gift from Kenny! and another HUGE one from mum! and that breaks the record when my college friends got me gift. Overall, not that bad!

As for now, i HATE BDAY PARTIES (reason; find out from me personally) but i dun mind attending one that is close to a friend. So far, Kenny's bday has been quite memorable and not to mentioned i love managing friend's bday - Eva's coming up! hahahaha

Well, thats for now and I AINT NO WANT A BDAY PARTY! PLS... rather not have one

Akin Saying;
Live is short, live it to the fullest!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Its July!

Me blogging again, after almost 3 weeks away from my pink green white public diary, i still have nothing interesting to add on my library or storage here.

A quick round-up of what i have been up to lately, shall i?

As usual, waking up early, joining almost million of people jamming their way to get to work, seeing people packed them like sardines in train and of course enjoying the dynamic corporate working work.

I shall put on hold and summarize my key learnings of my personal-self-interest internship at the end when my so-called part time job expires end of this month.

Anyhow, i have been experiencing a lot more than usual during this past month. I tell you one thing, working and studying is VERY different. what you learn in school, it is only like 10% of working life. In school, is all bout generating good ideas, writing copies of assignment and then - pass it up! In working, the list is much longer with idea generation, execution process, approvals, evaluation, meetings, juggling with time management, multitasking and etc. You just got to try, and summarize it yourself. hard to explain thou.

Another thinge that i am up to is actually improvising myself. Most of those close friends would already know that i can't sit still and i have to "DO SOMETHING BENEFICIAL" to in a way upgrade myself. So far, i m reading - not stories / novels but self-improvement books on DUmmies and yah - what have you :P

In the mist of working like almost 9 hours a day, spending another extra 3 hours for travelling to and back from work, i am also juggling to spend time in gym and with my friends. That leaves me with this formula;

24hours - 9(work) - 4(travel) - 7(zzz) = 4 hours

Another item for thought that i did not tell you guys is of course - my shopping habit. hahaha. well, i tone down more or less. lunch n travel expenses in KLCC is not a funny thinge ya know.

This coming month n next - a lot ppl birthday. Again money!

Hmmm... sometimes, working work sucks! I want my time back! AGHHHHH
Anyhow, that aside - i miss my friends and i certainly miss school!
Looking forward to travel to someplace n just chill
Hope to get back soon ~

Akin's saying
Looking on the bright side, life is just plain dark!

Monday, June 20, 2005

LRT Passenger

Weird things happen when you board a public train like the LRT.

Let me tell you some weird happening today, last week and last last week i experience when i ride the train to work and back home.

CASE 1 : Cloth-Bitch
She stands at the door, facing her full boops to passengers who wants to board the train. She doesnt care, doesnt move and holds her position as if she is somesort of warrior princess waiting to be arrow down by warlocks. Not pretty, arrogant, ignorant and short. Bangsar station, 1 guy asked to be excused cos behing the cloth-bitch, was like 2 person standing space - and he wanted to get into it. Understandable...we need to cramp a lil so everyone gets to work. The women in her "power-working-shirt" would not budge and so the bangsar guy slip his way through. Halfway, the cloth-bitch said - LOOK! SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! YOU SPOIL MY SHIRT! I did a lil peep, her shirt was crumpled. Hmmm... i would have bitched slap her stupid smelly old saggy tight-cos-its an all dick rejected unit-unethical pussy if i were the guy.

Case 2 : Unzip Crotch
My eyes looked away, when this nicely dress working man walked into the train with an unzip pants. He stood infront of me and i can see that the girl siting in front of him felt so uneasy until she had to look at me smiling as if she is giving me signals "i wish he was handsome! but no.. he had to be an uncle!"

Case 3 : Talking Caucasians
This is not weird but a caucasian (from California) talked to me today when i board the train home. He had wonderful eyes, nice complexion, a so-so look but he talked damm alot! Correction, he was preaching. He told me about his friends, his church, his work, his chinese language-speaking capabilities and the longest was when he started telling me stories about christanity; Who found the church and etc. Glad he went down at Masjid Jamek! Wow, less than 5 minutes, i practically learns a person's history and imagine, i didnt talk at all! Now that is somwthing new. Scary but weird. I don't mind people making friendly chat but going up a stranger and asking about his religion and talks about it??? I hope that is not direct marketing!!!!

Case 4: Butt-Looking
Last week, there was this 2 Indian guy sitting down admiring, staring, analysing and doing hypothesis formula in their heads (I swear they look like that!!!!!) when a young teenage Indian girl stood butt facing them - that is because she wanted to chat with her friend. Not because she was just feeling horny! The two guys stared like no body-business even when there is another passenger looking strangely at them. Hmmmm ... Rape stares - how disgusting!

Case 5 : Victim - ME!
Today, an auntie stared at me the whole journey from KLCC all the way to Kelana Jaya. No she is not down-syndrome or just being nice! Instead, she was a normal working woman. She was staring... I was so concious that i thought something could be on my face. She stares! Conclusion is that

Case 6: Atomic bomb
None other than people farting their gas out. I think it is ok. Natural but for the love of humanity please do no release a gas if you know that you will send the entire tram's passenger looking like zombies and might cause some passengers throwing their laptop at the glass just to gasp for new air & DUH! hello - the train is public!!! Now i know why sometimes, people rather stand at the station than goes into a tram filled with toxified air. The word here is - AIR! For those petai eaters, drive to work!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

2weeks passed

Could you believe it. It was just last week that i had my 1st event running. Today, i went to Ellia's event. It was so massive! She had a part in designing and managing a small part of the TVB8 concert. For those who you all do not know, it is the BIG THINGE on the Bukit Bintang road and yes, it blocks the entire road! The crowd was ... huge. Well, mostly targeted at chinese people cos the concert performances were Fish Leong, Alan Tam, Hacken Lee, Energy, Hins and other Hongkie mix Taiwanie artist.

Although i did pass out less than 10 balloons and a small stack of "Hotlink-hand-waiver", i got kinda mad about the organization of the event. So i went off the event and decided to just not care about anything else. First thing first, Amy (the leader for Ellia) went on-field herself delivering balloons and the "Hotlink-hand-waiver" thinge, to me...that is so unprofessional. You are a head event manager for the love of maxis! Order people to do it! There are at least 30 sales personals that only hold file, coupons and bags standing around waiting to vulture on walkerby. I just cant stand her...not only she always hand in late-last-minute work to her working committee, she doesnt seem to acknowledge the presense of Interns - by just letting us stand there like a monumental item - which is on the same board as her!!! Sandra, another subsidiary head-sales from outsider of Maxis actually asked who the hell are we??? I dont mean to be rude or want to be boastful but, we are partly the event organizer. And all Amy did was like wink reluctantly not even smiling and say, yeah they are with maxis. If I were under her, i would have not pity and feel bad (like Ellia did) and went home. A waste of time, energy and i do not do things when i am not appreciated. If killing is not a crime, we would have a dead body today!

Of course i was stun by her act. How could a leader act so childish and unprofessional. I know Interns are often labeled as being bullied or slave or cheap labour but to me, if you want to be respected as a leader, act like a jolly-good darn one. This idiot act as if we are just people who come and bother her. Matter got worst when she actually said "I dunno what to give you all do la" and ended up, Ellia was giving out balloons. THIS TOTALLY CONTRADICT the main purpose of us being there. I dont give a damm, but on monday, Loo Fun (General Manager) will have to sit down with me about her "people" and the way the had handle issues and i will SO SO SO make her listen and act upon.
Conclusion, working politics happen everywhere. Is either you be a part of it or you can choose to let it sit on you till the day you grow white hair and retire. My standing point, attack and conquer.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

933 @ Werk

Yesterday i was late for work. Left house about 730am and only being able to reach maxis tower about 10am. Darn! Thats like driving to Seremban! Today, i arrived about 905am. I considered that acceptable i suppose. Even so, i realize i have no work waiting for me. Checked my mail a few times and realise Ale didnt mail me anything and when i went and "test" Vickie (just to say good morning and tell her about the delivered invoice to her table) i sense an aura of another PMS mode - her eyes and her body language combining with her verbal que definetely alerted me to stay away from her - at least for today! I am just curious, how can someone like her, holding position as a marketing executive can act so unprofessional at work especially when she speaks. Just because she is busy, this doesnt give her the right or excuse to just simply frame her words and atomic bomb people - me i am refering to. Female ego i suppsoe which i define as cannot be bothered, cannot show that she is stress and definetely cannot lose - not to a guy! She would have been so respected by me but too bad because of the way she handles personal communication, i have to give her an E for both effort and results. No wonder no one sits around her!

Darn... I still don't see Eva and Ellia at work. Am i alone today??? Not good but well, at least i am sitting between Bridget and Kak Laily who are really nice and quiet people. YEAH! Anyhow, i am just gonna like look for work... hopefully i get some

Monday, June 13, 2005

Hotlink Tour Conclusion

Today the Hotlink on Tour Carnival at Sunway Pyramid ended ... I shall skip the run through but here's a few things that I will always remember;

Always to bring extra clothes and H20 when you are working in an event
Never ask KL crowd to applause cos they will never do it anyway
Never to have events at Sunway Pyramid cos the crowd there is so boring and passive
Never wear white and get your face painted with those colour thinges...
Be "muka tebal" when dealing with crowds - especially massive crowds
Bring ear plugs if there are HARD ROCK ARTIST performing! (You surely can still hear em)
Be patient when STUPID people, talent, customer, DJ pisses you off
Always smile and be yourself to get support from all kinds
The fantastic people i worked with - Eva, Ellia, Ean, Petrio, Ale, Vickie, Pru, Jay, Azman, Jay's friend, Karen, Justin, Hassan, Sandra, All the talents, performing artist and not to forget Shaz and her gang!
Lastly, the friends and contacts i have made!
And now i am back home, relaxing getting ready to bed with this done...
Image hosted by

Friday, June 10, 2005

Hotlink on Tour

My day started out pyramid, launching my 1st ever event! It was almost 10am when i arrive, 1 hour before the day officially begin and amazingly many things were not as ready. Karen from Synique(event organizer for Hotlink) was like arguing settling terms with this blue-kebaya chinese lady from Sunway. I over heard them talking and let me tell you something, man she was bitchy! Of course I maintain and tried not to ruin my name, thus I just ignore the old queens and went to my booth after meeting with my camera crew members, as before I step into my placing (which all my AV equipment were under the sun! how stupid and how i have pre-warn all respective people but none listen or would hear) the whole backdrop fell straight in front of me!!!!! If i was 5 seconds earlier i might have:

1 - experience a few days on wheel chair and ended up with a broken backdrop
2 - saved the backdrop but gain minor injuries

After that, Eva gave me that look and said "This is by far the worst event i have been to or work with!". I could not agree better! How can a backdrop of "Hotlink Talent Search" fall onto the ground and not to mention it sitting under no shade!!!! WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD WANNA LIKE WORK THERE or EVEN LIKE AUDITION THERE?????

After some time of running around, calling people, getting help and what you can think of to like save an event last minute, the whole entire Hotlink on Toud event started out just perfectly at lunch time! Mind you, the whole proposed setting was relocated due to - Pyramid Bitch, Almost Pancaked Andrew, HOT-linked Sahara Dealer Booth, Relocation of entire set and Organization of MESSED UP COMMITTEE!

Overall, my part of the event was to like audition people for talent search in result to find a campuszone ambassador, future talent for commercials and also Hotlink Brand Ambassador!!! That is like by far the most said sentence in my entire 20 year old life!!!! Malaysian crowd are abit coward, unsupportive, scared, hell-know-nothing about anything and simply ignorant! I mean the whole 12 hours there, i only at least saw about 5% of the crowd that are really supportive and at least stood to laugh and smile along. The other 95% simply run when you call them, then they run faster as you call them, and they speed away when you approach them. Not to mention - not clapping, boo-ing and even just like not care when other people perform! OH COME ON SHIT; if you have the guts - do it man, other people at least make their move to try and they need support for the love of all -_-"" you know what i wanted to say!!!

Anyhow, the day ended quite well. Me and Eva had like so much major fun being judges - funny, always fighting, bitchy, bimbo and overall, 30people audition - 29 said we were good and 1 said we were average judges! How kewl is that? HAHAHAHA

I would just like to thank Kenny, Grace, SY, Bianca, Vynn and my friends who have visited me. You guys made my day! Thanks so much

Well, got to sleep, tomorrow will have to continue day 2. Hope we get better response!

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

@ Maxis

I am blogging from Maxis! Since i arrived quite early today, i decided to just keep my blog updated.

Yesterday, something kinda happen - which i will so skip the story as it is over and was not important for me to remember nor care. If you are still interested in knowing - give me a buzz and i will tell you. HINT: Maxis politics and why are their flyer or advertisements sometimes just suck!

HAHA ...

Anyhow, i was packed like condensed milk today in the train!!! I realise you will need balance, yoga, stamina, breathing power and anything to futher enhance your skills from tumbling over or falling head-toes causing a major domino in the LRT train which i m not in fancy to see while i am still in there! you need to strech like elastic girl aka mrs incredible when everyone at the station just pushes and insist to come in. its like -HELLO NO PLACE! but you just gotta maneuver abit knowing that everyone does that.

I can't say that people at the respective stations are bad - i know how they feel. I mean, they need to get to work anyway and personally, i do think them pushing into the train is an excuse i can accept.

Not to worry, i dont do tat as i board the train earlier on which is always enough. In contrast, LRT management should like increase the tram ... i mean after all, 3 tram per ride???? HELLO????

Anyhow i shall show you later tonight a picture i took in the train, standing at the peak where i would just fall off and the door will slice me into 2 but of course that would never happen ... afterall, i am a gym member!

Monday, June 6, 2005

Young Intern

That is what they people at Maxis Level15 marketing department call us (Eva, Ellia & me). I went to work with a blank and tired mind until I was assigned to deliver, lead and monitor a subsidiary event for Hotlink. The event is called; Campuszone carnival Sunway Pyramid which will be held at the main entrance of pyramid for 3 days, starting from friday to sunday. There would be heli flight, introduction to technologies or gadgets, dealers selling reloads, Reshmonu doing promo, Jason Lo will be there too, Hitz FM cruisers and other radios' station also would be involve but I was to lead this even called the Hotlink Talent Search (something like Malaysian Idol - skip the singing) kinda thinge which would be made into commercial advertisements!!!!! YES! Participants would be model for the ad and I am the judge to actually pick a winner to be Hotlink-brand ambassador!!!! How kewl is that???

Anyway, my work was hectic till I had to work till 9pm. Calling designers, agency, getting approval from my boss then approval from another leader for the event was one of the main point I stayed so long at the circular office. I was not the only one thou! MANY MANY MANY others stayed till like 9pm or even later and work officially finishes at 5.30pm?!?!?!? Crazee people! They would sit in front of the PC for hours! Not go for lunch or dinner! Not make a single noise! which kinda drives Eva crazy!

One thing I love was the place I sat! So kewl! It was so big and large! Of course that minus the PC, telephone and other stationary materials which people have and I dont! Everyone in the department has their own style of decorating their workplace! I am so gonna do that tomoro although i know i will only be working for short term but well, working environment promotes more than just individual presentation, it also allows you to actually sit there and work for darn long working hours! Everyone has something nostalgic and loving to put on their table! SO jeaolous ... I wish I have too but after going through my stuff, I realize I lack in those lovely dudley things! So far, only Ale (my boss) gave me a Nokia mug which is damm cool to put on my table. How sweet of her! Love ya! Hugs ... Amazingly, my worktable which was empty look like this (see below) after less than 10 minutes after I started work ...

Image hosted by
My "heaven"

compared to Eva's which was like this;

Image hosted by
Ellia at Eva's place

Although tired, the experience and reputation was well worth it!

Intern Awake

I am gonna start my intern work in Maxis later about 9am and YES! i am still awake. I tried sleeping since 2 but i was so restless and somewhat excited about work that i could not just sleep. I slept a while and woke up thanks to some mosquitoes biting me. Since then, i could not close my eyes. I seriously dont think its the mosquito but instead it is just me.

I rather not think what is going to happen later but i am sure i will get a headache (which i am gonna counter it with panadol) feeling nauseatic, sleepy & i dunno what could be worse thanks to me not sleeping. If i am zombified - that is so not cool. But i seriously cant sleep. AGH!!!! Why do this have to happen to me!

Anyway - i am gonna research on Maxis since i can't sleep...rather than wasting time trying to rest. Sigh* I shall blog again on updates of me = zombie intern in maxis tower!

Friday, June 3, 2005

Getting There ...

I am so happy this few days, i suppose it is mainly because the semester is ending (yes! NO MORE Danker!) and not to mention that i got an internship with Maxis.

Today, i finally handed in my last assignment - GC111 signature. You would not believe how much i spend on it! All the papers, carboards, print outs, cutting, slicing, pasting and signing took almost 6-7 hours to finish. Of course, i divided it to 2 days! My front cover turn out quite nice and with the help of a copier-printer, work was much easier. Before handing in the assignment, Grace, SY and Vynn (also aka known as Ta jie, Er jie and San jie) went into this like dark mode. All also black black. So scary but i feel more insecure and heart broken seeing them like that. Grace finally confronted us with her problem, sharing her thoughts and feelings about her best friend. It was a very good talk, under the rain, crying, sharing of hidden-heart-feelings which open most of our eyes and after that, amazingly the rain stop and we were all laughing and being "us" again. It was our 1st time in a 2 years friendship where we shared something deep and important among ourselves. It was fun experience and i certainly will treasure this moment!

Also, i went and consult some college people about travelling abroad for studies. At present moment, i am quite keen on Deakin Uni, Queensland Uni of Tech, La Trobe Uni and Curtin placing last selection. Gonna talk to mum about it, hopefully everything goes according to plan and hopefully too that all my friends - Grace, Vynn, SY, James & Lynn (hopefully Eva gets over QUT :"P) get to stay under one roof! It would be so much fun.

After that we did some light shopping in Tesco again. Oh Yah! I am cooking, that is... and to wrap things up, the total cost of the entire dinner (1 vege dish which contains long beans, snake beans, green capsicum and lady fingers, 1 basil chicken dish, 1 prawn egg omelette, 2 bottle of drinks, 1 bucket of ice-cream and fried nuggets) cost about RM36 which feed 7 people! That is like so cheap and a wow factor. I cooked, the soong sisters helped and the dinner was great! What thrills!

Then, we played monopoly along with Hipopo - a nice cuddly creature! hahaha which in PINK too! So i featuring it!

Image hosted by
Hipopo - Vynn's pillow

At the end, it was a progressive and well enjoyable day while i enter the input for today before heading to bed!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Recovery Sunday

Its Sunday! and i am still sick, for those who are still wondering ... Anyway, i lost my medication but i am still surviving the battle of talking with ulser mushrooming in my mouth and also constant headache - which i now know where Panadol get their advertisement finance from!

As i listen to my illegal downloaded torrent ablum - Joss Stone which certainly has "choked me", i am still pondering my packed, well-planned and wonderful day! I begin by getting my fishes some stuff (like rocks, sands, algae, seasalt). Yah! Basically fundamentals to run an ocean in your living room. and another YES ... i m still in my 3 fish tank, 1 shrimp, lately 2 dead snails and not to mention - i am 10 months down the hobby but it is a slow, patience-required and damm alot of hefty maintanence that requires both cash and skills! After that send my films to be develop in P. Seni which is SOSOSOSOSO cheap - and there is no jam in KL ! ON A SUNDAY!!!!

Enough of the talking, i have (or should i say Kenny and I) have proudly and successfully installed out Jebo-protein skimmer. It sure took a long time cos we bought that thing like ages ago which we had difficulty in installing due to various reasons i will not go into and it cost about rm50 being abandon for some months! For those who are scrathing their head, this mechanism is a machine that works like Indah Water ... Get it? If you still dont get it, the next time you make a flush on your toilet bowl, ask him or her the question! Yah this is the mechanism :

Image hosted by
INDAH WATER - installed and working for marine fishes

Went to Megamall for sushi dinner! Thank you Kenny! Love the treat - my katsu don set and something okonomi yaki (japanese pizza) which is so yum yum yum! Then, ended up watching apprentice which i learned that (never ever try to film stupid advertisements!) and finish up my DVinci file for GC111 - which is still not done yet at this present moment. As i blog, i ponder among waking up at 6.30am to fetch my bro to the airport - SHIT!

Overall, enjoyable sunday with your best mate, great food, fun hobby, fantastic music, learned something from Donald Trump and finished my routine and work. What could be better?

*A Tiffany & Co. or Cartier ring would be additional fun!* hahahaha

Friday, May 27, 2005

Tru Confessions

I watched this Disney production movie today while i was sick.

Gawd...i give this movie a rating of 10 out of 10! It was by far the most touching moments and movie i had watched in ages! It's just so nicely build, nicely end and touches me down inside! The entire casting was good! The entire story line was good! Even the meaning and acting was fabulous! Disney rocks hard this time!

Too bad, they are not seeling this TV show online or avaiblable in anyway! I should have recorded the movie! I am so gonna miss this show - Tru Confession
Do a google search on it to learn more. IMDB is a good place to start!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

May Sickness

I am sick again. I think by the rate i fall sick, i could actually open a hospital specially cater to me. Sigh* I am only 7 page through FTV script and i am gasping for more oxygen. Yes - i have a very bad flu which oxygen can hardly transport through my nostrils, a inflated red sorethroat - which the doctor say - it is quite bad i say, a minor headache thanks to panadol(who invented those wonder pills anyway????) and of course some cough here and there. Nothing big a deal i suppose. Normal sickness. Just a much quieter me. I dont talk as much. I dont concentrate as much. Hope i heal fast enough for this saturday's madagascar outing!

Monday, May 23, 2005

In A Cinema Near Near My Place ...

I suppose most of you all who have read my title blog input today would know which latest movie i have watch! HAHA ... yes the none other than Star Wars III; the revenge of the sikh ... i mean Sith, i mean Sith! really ...! LOL (Imagine sikh people holding lightsabers zapping droids with their ever fabulous fashion trademark - the turban :P) Anyway - no offend. Just thought it was cute.

Anyway, today is a holiday and as usual; the cinema is overcrowded. Long waiting lines could be seen at popcorn counter, was not really fun especially when there is people infront who take their time ordering, or people who cannot decide what they want. I mean, comeon, think before you reach the counter le! Plus, the people behind the counter are slow. Waste people time only! Because of that, i missed most trailers and was only awarded with Mr and Mrs Smith, Angeline Jolie is so cool in that movie! Yah yah ... Brad Pitt was ok la!

Image hosted by

Well, back to the land or time far far away (you see i am so not a "Bintang Perang" fan) but i went out with 10 other crazy fans and 4 soso fans to watch it. It was not bad i would say, compare to SW II which was badly commented on. Although so, i was thrill to see Ewan Mcgregor which is the only reason why i am stuck with other URGLY creatures, slimy-girl jedi knights, big rolling machines, ever-short but gorgeous master yoda, "purple" lightsabers, funny droids, weird looking pyjamas, hairy wookies, lasers everywhere and awesome ugly rough transportation creatures! Overall, it was an ok movie but the lightsaber fighting scenes surely send me blind for a second and then another and the another everytime they touch. When the show finishes, i swear i could feel like having's yoda's big eye or mayb 3pio's (is that how u spell? - the gay golden robot).

Padme and Master Windu died of course. Oh tribute to many other jedi who died as well but yah, there is an episode 4 coming. My only question is ... Darth Vader sounds funny. Since the director change and add in some really cool stuff to the new episodes of SW, why not make Darth Vader sound a lil more decent? Everytime he breaths, it sounds as if he farted. LOL ... anyhow i shall now resume my script writing.

I so need a pink lightsaber and you can call me the Orr Diva I-ness Jedi Knight!

My Rainbow Story

After the rain, there is always the rainbow. That is what everybody say. Some believe it, some just take it as it is and some just dont. (Please do not give me shit like what if it rains at night ...)

To me, there is always one just around the corner. You just need to choose whether to close your eyes, turn around and ignore it, even it is there; or you can just just at least look at it, searchs for it or even imagine it is there. Then, life would have been much more beautiful fro the present and the future.

It has been a rough ride throughout my weekend. Certainly not the best this year! But, I choose to look at my own rainbow, a multicolor one and more on a positive side with Kenny. Hugs. It was with a whole lot of guidance and support that the storm ended calmly. My salvation has complete. I am me again. Cheers!

... and i got a new shirt! muahahaha

Image hosted by
me and kenny - hehe - enjoying the everlasting photoshoped rainbow

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Simple Weekend Outing

Visited Albert's house today. Wow, it was so cool! The pink gate, purple kitchen, sea breeze living room, LG high-end artistic aircond, comfortable sofa and delicious food he made certainly made the worth of me walking through a gang-fighting indians downstairs, more than 5 minutes of waiting for the "darkwater" lift and also heavy smelly indians. 2 thumbs up for the view too! Man i m beginning to like condo at higher level, with good view that is!

After sending James back from Albert's bout 12am, i decided to take drive around - its amazing how i can still stay awake after almost 48 hours of none sleeping. My body felt heavy but my eyes and mind are still quite awake. As i drive and puff, my eyes begin to feel dry due to contact lense and the cold aircond kinda make me feel comfortable - to fall asleep, which is not good! I swore i would fall asleep but i reached Old Klang Road and went to Kiven's corner. Passed Kenny's condo. It was lighted, Kenny was around with his friends and as the vacant neighbours all glow in darkness - their condo stands out clearly. Anyhow, Kiven's roti kaya and milo ais kept me awake a while. And i was on my way driving again heading down to Bangsar, pass a police road block, and turn into Help Institute. Exited somewhere near to SS2 and speed down the Kelana LDP highway. Dad's wira is a wonder compared to muah's Kembara! Back in Sunway and there were illegal races all over the road.

Reached home half dead after stopping at 2 traffic light near to Summit, enter room stripping myself and begin listening to the tribal princess, Nelly Furtado's - The grass is green while i input this. I sense dreamland coming my way. Hope tomorrow's meeting goes well. God bless!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Trial and Error

I have not been sleeping. My face looks like the moon, my body ache, feel like throwing up every now and then, still stuck in yesterday's mood; i have make my point to be more progressive today. That is when, this new design came about. I prefer this one than the previous one. Much more simplier and has a lil of me everywhere through-out the blog. DUH!

Decided not to go gym, not to go to Pasar Seni for my GC111 signature project, not to eat lunch as there arent any for me to scavenge on and worst, my body will not stand the sunny day. I might just faint, as my zombified body is running on muah's extra motor. hahaha. Parents are away also to Cameron! That means my the entire house is mine for this weekenD! YAHOO

Spinning to the entire torrent file of Gavin Degraw's album chariot, my bro downloaded a week ago, i begin pressing buttons, redesigning using macromedia and plunge myself into the HTML codes. Man, it is surely tough but thanks to Kenny's previous tuition lesson, it kinda learn a few things or two and i certainly made it easier for me to manipulate those funny "codes"

Problems??? I do not know is it my sleepy eyes or my cloud9 brain that i see unrelated "blue" or "purple" colours on my blog. Those links you press on - got what i mean? On my template preview setting, it looks alright but under, it look horrible out of design. It was not suppose to be there! hmm ... i figure it out later. Guys, if you do see any, do page me or buzz me - i need to alter the codes again *sigh* here comes the labyrinth again!

Well i think i am going to try and get some sleep. See ya blog!

A balance world

A bird can only fly that high with only one kind of wings,
A piano only has 8 notes, not less not more,

Once someone told me to be a pavillion for the sun and rain,
and once someone told me to be the reason for being the sun and rain,

Being the soil, sand or rock, you still belong to earth
Being the tree, sky or cloud, you will still be threaten by mother nature
Then why choose to be, when you can just forsee?
Why have you chosen and yet you still doubt?

Questions are always a key to answer.
But certain answers do not need question
Sometimes questions are redundant
Sometimes answers are useless and meaningless

There is always a rainbow somewhere after the storm
There is always death somewhere after the storm

Eve and Adam,
Adam and Eve,
A broken angel, is still an angel
A devil is forever a devil
Who is who, and who is what, doest matter

As i always believe;
The world is always a balance

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Crab-catching Operation

I skipped school today, just to do Anita's Policy Assignment. It was difficult waking up to it. I just rather be in dreamland (even it was a nightmare seeing Marilyn Manson chasing me!), doze till afternoon and get a headache in hope to further stress my body to fall sick, so i can get an MC and skip class tomorrow ... but ... i know that can't or should not happen. I would be wasting time and even if i can delay or lucky enough to postpone Anita's due date, ALL consequences will be bared by me. I hate that! I got up trying to write something regarding Cyber Law and nope, nothing came up. About 12, i have decided to fall back on plan A - Copyright which most people are or have flooded the library for resources. That means - nothing much left for me to scavenge. Thank gawd, Kenny helped me previously, about a month ago preparing references from newspapers and with my previous research, i manage to pull through the pathetic dilemma dumbdumb policy with examples *sigh*!

Ended up in the library again doing some research and decided to do my assignment in Kenny's place. I am so much more progressive when he is around. He is just my encouragement to pull through hard times. Thanks so much! HUGS

Things i did to release my stress; pretended to be Buble singing & Kenny was Nelly dueting to Quando Quando Quando!, became a total Cat on his bed enticing his pillows! Danced like a sicko maniac with a towel - how the not diva and ended up catching crabs in his condo. Later, he belanja STEAMBOAT! it was another WOW factor that got my through the stressy moment... It was all the "SUI KAO" and "YUE MEAN" we ate that made me so so so so so full but satisfied enough to get me going the night! As i was 700 words through Anita's assigment, I thought i can just like relax and i did - going to see muah's marine tank! As this present moment i am somewhere almost done, listening to Kelly Clarkson again. I can not care less about poly-see and started BLOGing!

Image hosted by

Yeah! Those are the crabs we caught and dump into the sump (WHY? the crabs became irritating creatures that tries to snap my fishes and shrimp for food). They were caught and banished to the eternal 24 hours lighting algae forest! HAHAHA...

and more crabs!

Image hosted by

which ended up a total 9 crabbies caught. More to go... and will soon banish (feel like a witch!) all of em ... MUAHAHAHA (now i feel like Cruel-le-Devil from 101 Dalmations!)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

National Library

Image hosted by

Made a visit to the National Library yesterday in hope to get book sources for Anita's policy assignment. It was not really the encouraging or resourceful place to go (unless thousand of students had flocked the library in search for policy related books!). The overall trip was not up to my expectation. I have been to the Shah Alam library and MPSJ library in Subang. Both are so much better then the national library. Books are so old, some too old! Majority books are not allowed to be borrowed. What is a library when you cannot borrow books?!?!?!??! Then Kenny told me; "perhaps they scared kua if everyone borrow books, they run out of books????" Trust me, i am a librarian, i know it is possible to overcome such a problem! If a normal secondary school library can, apatah national library!!!!Only books in level 1 can be borrowed - which are not helpful books i called it. Either than the rude loud staff, old computers, confusing search program, quiet spacious room and old rotten lockers ouside, there is nothing much to brag about not to talk about. I feel stupid being there. I dunno, maybe it is the environment or maybe it is just me, but i don't seem to find any interesting thing to read about. Everything look - stagnant! There is like pratically nothing much i should say despite the 4 level of knowledge they have and a BLOODY thick Malaysia Novel displayed at the entrance to level2.

Image hosted by

Despite that fact, there is something quite interesting that Kenny found out, which i later told the Soong sisters. Me & Kenny went for a quick lunch at their canteen while the Soongs stayed at level 2 doing their readings. As we endure the quite huge spacious hall out to the entrance, down left-right-left-right weird design of staircase out the library, to the outdoor and into a dark passage way - we have reach the canteen. First thing i saw was, "funny" food. Everything looks dry, used and erm, i dunno la! I just bought a packet of Snips, 2 Sugus stick, 5 keropok lekor (which was fresh from the kitchen) while Kenny ate their nasi campur. I took some scoops, it was really not that bad! I mean the nasi was ok! But Kenny told me something disgusting which i agreed. There is this mosquito-fly zapper hung right above the food displayed. Imagine what happen if the mosquito-fly gets zap! Where will they fall???? GAWD ! Of course there is this tray that like prevents it from falling anywhere but if in any occasion that a fly could end up in a curry or rendang or whatever that is displayed there, it would be like "kena loteri" ... Moreover, i would not risk eating some mosquito-fly's buntut, kepala, kaki or kepak which got de-tached due the the zap!

Image hosted by

Overall, i shall say that - a country's national library reflects the country's identity. Make a visit there, and judge for yourself!

Malaysia Boleh!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sleeping Beauty

I have been sleeping almost the whole day. I woke up once in a while thinking of my FTV treatment assignment, Anita's policy analysis (which i have not even started!) and also the KLCC photography trip tomorrow. Then, i went back to sleep. I slept at 2am last night, woke up about 11am. Then i went out for lunch with Ken, do a lil shopping for Lynn's coming birthday (Yes, we got you a gift) and also bought my mum a gift (Yes, it is also her birthday) and went back home to sleep at 3 - 5 again. As i am typing this entry, i still feel like jumping to the bed and doze off like sleeping beauty. hahaha. Anyway, i got myself a Tropicana Bag as ALL my current bag is tore, broke or not "IN" enough. I love this current bag, it camouflages with my room's wall colour - green and beige. Its about RM60 - which landed me with only RM13 to pass this 2 days. Well, i hope i can make it through...

Image hosted by
Muah's new bag!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My "neighbours"

You know what they say about neighbours right? In primary (moral classes), i was taught by my teacher to respect my neighbours and treat them with oranges during chinese new year and visit them when they are sick. That happen with my Indian family neighbour who was very nice! but everything nice must come to an end. They moved out - to a bigger and better environement. Then in secondary school, i was taught to be a nice neighbour, always considerate, respectful and helpful. I did my part (will skip the justification) but well, my neighbours certainly did not went through schools I say!

Neighbour 1, is stingy, action and boastful! Aunty 1 is a pain the arse! She has like 3 cars in her house and only 2 person knows how to drive. Aunty 1 is a fulltime housewife and uncle 1 drives to work. That i would understand, but her cars are hocking car parks around my neighbourhood. I have 3 cars and 4 person driving. I know it doesnt matter but she is just so stingy. She does not park her cars in a understanding way. She doesnt care about her neighbours, she just park wherever she likes and when people (her neighbours) comes back from work, she will monopoly the parking without regret. Worse, she has a sister that lives in Puchong coming frequently to her place and park at somebody elses' front garden parking. She even said to another neighbour which somehow the gossip got into my front door that she got the 3rd car because she needed more cars. Dear, sell one then since only two of you drive. I always see the other car left on the same spot for days! Then where would other people park? My friends who pay me visits park at the street behind or like 10 blocks down the street thanks to some people! Even her neighbour park 2 cars inside (1 at parking lot & the other at the mini-inner garden - poor thing) And when people like hint about parking space, she says "yah yah, people all park everywhere until i got no parking also!". I wanted to just go like "Yo Fat ass! look whos car is everywhere huh...!" One day i am so gonna scratch some cars!

Neighbour 2 is rude, young, ugly and sick! Students will be the issue here. Yes, they painted the house looking so beautiful but let me tell you something more interesting. They have 3 little cute puppies! YES 3! and for those of you that have been to my house, having 1 shih tzu would be a killer as there is not enough space. This pathetic enthusiast of animal cruelty not only have 3 lil pups that will grow to be medium size dogs, they used to have 1 white bitch which almost tore my 7 year old sister apart when she came back from school. Luck was not on the dog (as if there is luck being with an owner like that!) - she was crippled as one of my neighour beat the hell out of the dog for reasons; she poos everywhere anywhere, bark and attack people(me once, but i landed a kick on her face), mate with other dogs and got into fights with other dogs attracting more each day as if they were making another "fight club" - the dog version movie. SO, she was beaten and her leg sprained, but what made me sick was not only the owner did not took her to the vet, they throw her somewhere to live! AND NOW, they have 3 dogs. I pity the lil creatures and i pity the owner for having bad karma. In addition, my mum collect rents from this particulat neighbour to hand the monthly rental to the real house owner. They never really pay on time. Last month (afew days back) my mum confronted them about paying late, and they scolded my mum for chasing them. Mum got mad, thats the end! They were late 1 month for rental paying and the scolded my mum. HOW PATHETIC AND STUPID! Worse, they say that the money used for rental was used by them for the car they bought brand new! Mum was like; "so?>?" and "what the fuck are you trying to say"? Of course, mum kept her silence and did more damages when she asked dad to settle the problem. Dad was like "Freddy" - and i heard they obey but Dad also offer them to move out.

Neighbour 3
The one that was never home, but always you get cars again parked evetywhere. I shall not dwell into this topic again

Neighbour 4
Mad! This is the neighbour that wacked the Bitch and had her a total makeover. He is crazy but well who isn't! Singaporean man who doesnt seem to work does gardening, washing car, going out on occassion, plays the piano, throws dishes when he doesnt get sex from the wife (YES WE CAN HEAR!) and got bad points in life when he hit a dog for illegal entrance to his home. Well, what can i say? He's a man that is depended on his wife.

Now this is 4 of my neighbours that lives very near to me! Well, like they say, you cant beat'em ... dont join'em if they are bad ... just teach'em a real nice lesson. Sue me!

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Starbucks KLCC

Listening to Michael Buble's album for the 3rd time already in Starbucks and i realized how i had fall in love with this guy's singing and voice! Darn ... As i am sitting here for the past 2 hours, i have totally ignore those surrounds me and if KLCC were attacked by terrorist - i would know of nothing but here, typing muah's blog entry. hahaha. With the Ipod continuous playing-spinning to my favourite songs, the laptop charged onto an extension cord (which i was lucky to get hold of) sending out hit wave, online chatting in MSN, my grande chocolate frap (muah's favourite) all down me and researching photography composition notes that santalia ordered to finish up, i am enjoying every bit of this - secluded in my own corner and space, doing my stuff.

Things are getting a lil more nasty as its almost 10.30. Can begin to hear more noise, see more people and my next table - kept having more friends joining. Its like for the past few minutes, someone will just introduce someone to someone and start da "kissing" muax muax thinge. All are malay girls thou. And by the rate they are introducing themselves; they can form some hitler army already by midnight. Nothing interesting except one of few that kept staring at me or could be my white ipod headphones. HAHAHA. Also, what is so interesting is that - they didnt even order any drinks and used that table to play UNO card game... whatever!

My front table sat a red shirt girl with really hot short pants, crossed leg, not at me but at someone else i suppose. Scary is that, she has been alone with her venti-sized chocolate ice drink for hours. Hmmm ... should i say hi? Maybe not. but she seems lonely thou...always looking at the counter (which are mostly girls and the guy is a trans! unless she's interested in malay baritas boys or she's a lesbian - what is she looking at???? the menu perhaps :P) Playing her handphone and crossing her arms once a while, i am quite certain she's waiting for someone! Unless - she's just a regular trying to be the "you-dont-know-my-name, Alicia Keys, female version of the coffee drinker" in her MTV.

I stood up and went to take water. Guess what, the next table of malay girls actually look up at me and smiled. Hmmm. hahaha. dunno what that means but well, they are whispering as soon as i got back. I presume they think i cant hear as i was with my Ipod - yeah yeah- i can't listen but their gestures; laugh out loud, hitting each other at the shoulder and the "gatal" word which i heard certainly made me very geli. Matter got worse when the old classic trick came - camera phones was on the loose! They are taking pictures now. Dunno who thou. haha, but if they did took my picture, what can i do? Explode like a pink diva goddess??? Thank god, they resume their Uno game and ignore me. Ahahaha except that one girl was backing me sat opposite to face me. Should i turn and say hi? In her dreams i thought.

I just noticed how "keh poh" i was but well, what do you expect me to do? hahaa
Image hosted by
me listening to muah's ipod and secretly vulturing the sight around

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Again rising prices

I woke up today felt like a total loser. Been up for some hours last night searching for my lost student ID, woke up early to continue the search and even ask my family members to help out. The result was a bit sad but what got me into being moody is basically how i felt about myself. Notice I always lost things or at least assume or thought i lost something - it is like my habitual concious to do something like that, especially when i am busy or rushing. Today, i wore my pink shirt to school - to counter attack my mood. Hate to say this, but pink do make you boyish (not gay damm it!) and of course you feel like the next legally blonde strolling down school. It works for me, it made me happier. Then, during Anita's class (she was like scolding) and i look like Barbie coming late to class. HAHA but well, got back my essay assignment! Anita sures know how to penalize mark without justification (of course there is, in her notes - but there is still loop holes!)

As i was driving home, i bump into a gorgeous girl driving a BMW without her door closed properly. I thought:
1. She should be wearing pink today! or perhaps paint her BMW pink
2. She surely doesn't seem like a driver that look at her dashboard
3. I am very SURE a BMW will signal you when your door is not closed properly!
4. It will sure be expensive to replace a BMW door
5. She should be just putting a P sign on her car

Later, i got a message from my friend telling me that the petrol price will be raised, AGAIN! What is with the constant rising petrol cost? Someone like write something on it. I mean, at least pre-warn the consumer about what is excatly happening. I realise everyone just go with the flow when something like that happen. You can't stop em, join em! Shouldn't there be an organization globally that has a say in this kinda thinge? I mean we do have United Nation, WAO, WWF and what so ever, but none to stop the every ongoing of rise in petrol. Now, you have to pay tol and expensive petrol to use the road! Citizenship? Freedom? ... Need i say further *cross fingers, Anita surely will be proud of me! haha* Another stupid thing i notice is that, everyone just crowd the petrol station during this kinda time and like try their best to get their tank filled! How much can you save???? sigh* the most also RM5!!!!! Aiyo! Malaysians~~~ tell me what's new!

Image hosted by

come lets all pump by midnight ... can save more money

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

All in a day

Finally went to Tesco, Puchong today. I have never been there before but i kinda get the concept - hypermarket like Carrefour or Giant. Everything there is like cheap and sold in bulks (not all of them actually). Reasons for me to go there is simple; Vynn needs to go there to do some shopping and need a lift home and as Grace can't fetch her, i volunteer. Moreover, i have nothing else to do and its about time for me to visit that place. Since i am going there, i my as well search for my Pokka Green Tea drink (mum drank all the previous one she bought - how greedy and selfish ... HMMPH!)

Image hosted by
and so the hunt for the greentea begins!

Image hosted by
i seek, i found, i bought - many ... cheap mah!

Image hosted by
in addition, i even bought my 1st pink shirt! muahaha

Finish part one, begin part two! I was at mamak with my big bro, Jenny and some gym friends at USJ9 after a whole hardcore cardio workout at gym. Was not that hungry, so decided to take on something light. As we were ordering, suddenly someone started to like shout some hindustani language and everything was chaotic. The mamak waiter asked us to just resume calm and continue what we are doing (which was ordering food but the attendant himself was stacking chairs from the empty table behind us). All the attendance from the mamak started to fold tables and it seem like a bomb struck the neighbourhood ... (for a moment i was glad!) and then we realize some government officers came in a truck, they are trying to catch, confiscate, summon or whatever you call it - mamak stalls that put out tables on streets. YES! its illegal. Everything was quite dramatic. Let you see some pics i took :

Image hosted by
tables were kept ... darn its alot of tables!

Image hosted by
hah! bribe le ... bribe le ... negotiation as usual to escape law!

Image hosted by
before they came ... and ... after they came! hahaha

That was quite drama. me and my friends just laughed at them, though some of the governement officers notice me taking pictures. They stare and look but i just smiled. I suppose they can't do anything to me. I was just eating at the mamak as normal civilian and if they "kacau" me, i will so send the pictures to newspaper publication pretending i was a journalist! hahahaha ... bite me

Last thinge, i lost my student ID. yes here comes! FUCK FUCK FUCK

Monday, May 2, 2005

Lil Star

Firstly, i would really like to say a huge big sorry to Lynn for loaning her camera and forgot to return to her on saturday night which resulted her in inconvenience of travelling, redundant scolding, rushing here and there as well as getting her worked out. I am so sorry Lynn, i didnt mean to cause so much commotion. Hope your brother did not do any hardcore damages to you emotionally; do tell him is my fault. I am the one to be blame anyway for my ignorance. In addition, i not only got my buddy worked out, i got my parents mad too! (Mum, i know you got scolded by dad for my clumsiness - so sorry ar!, i promise to get you a big gift for mother's day ya and thanks a million for sending the cam over!!! :P).

As everyone was worked out by my forgetfulness, i was far away in 1-Utama with Kenny. Walking around, looking worried and stressed - at the same time, I really hope everything over the other side at Subang with Lynn and Mum is not gonna get any worse! I will so skip the details! It did for a while when Lynn SMS me that there were no battery in her cam and her bro is gonna kill her. Later, she beep me telling me it was OK, there is battery in the cam. Good to hear that the "moment" is finally over and Lynn is still "alive".

Well, i got this lil gift from Perilis Silver! It's really cool. You guys will see me wear it once a while in school! I think this brand has potential to make it big to the niche market of moderate consumer users. They do really have some really creative and nice accesories although some seems to copy Tiffany! But well, it is silver and it's cheap, so what the hell right? Anyway it doesn't really matter if its a Bvlgari, Cartier or PohKong, as long as you look nice with it - then who cares!

This is da lil star i have been talking about! I do like their packaging too. Quite cute and glam :)

Image hosted by

Sunday, May 1, 2005

A brand new face

After a whole lot of work for the last 2 weeks, i finally finish designing and coding my blog! Before a brief of what's been happening in my past non-blogging-content, i would like to send my highest graditute and many many many thanks to a fabulous brilliant and well support; to my forever best of friends, Kenny Tai! You all should visit his blog! Designed and coded in 6 hours ... man he is good!

Now, for the past 2 weeks, i have been bombarded with a whole lot of stress and school work. Most of you all that have seen me must have got shocked how i look! Pimples! Yeah ... i am very d drama wan, i cannot stand those thinges! PR media strategy was due (very difficult assignment which i did not gain enough support from my team mates, good but not good enough), then i have GC111 potrait marker rending to do, MCI211 Anita's presentation, PR Media interview assigment, GC111 photography work, FTV story feature script, GC111 weekly homework to show my lecturer and also the blogspot thinge to finish up!

Image hosted by
The last day of my "hellish" week, from left, sy, vynn, grace & me

Sigh* Now you know how busy i was! hahaha but everything ended quite well thanks to again my beloved friends who has stand by me, supported me and some even helped me with my assignment - Damaris, your d bomb. I love you! Hugs. It is 1st May, and this is my official 1st blog for my brand new face - andrewkin, puzzles and pieces - cracks of my life and feel free to drop me any comments or so!

Friday, April 29, 2005


this blog is not done! ahahah .... 30% completed ... the element and colours is there but yah ... it is not done. will be officially launch next month ... i promise

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Beautiful Washing Machine

The Star Weekend pg31 reviews James Lee's BWM to be art with F.

I will say - it should be a F minus~~~

Always justify your point rite? here we go

1 - never never ever assume what the audience know what are you trying to convey! Be artistic and sensible at the same time. Not everyone is an art / film student!

2 - its too monotounous and long. each scene doesnt have really an editor to do certain cuts which lead on to long boring -pleasekillme- mood which further darken the film - negatively not artistically that is

3 - 16 people left the cinema before the show ended. thats like alot! and hey theres only less than 50 in it. James really know how to like rip someone's cash off! hahaha

4 - i know its an art film but wouldnt an art film be even more credible and efficient when the audiences stays in the cinema, not talked, throw empty bottles to the screen at the end (not me, a guy infront of me did that!) or even like slept! people should actually benefit something from it? rite? rite?

5 - style is subjective. if you cant make people like'em, join em - i say. NOT - kill em!

6 - too many redundant scenes just to glue the scenes together to get a story which is like THERE IS NO STORY!

7 - many characters left question marks. dont really get the meaning of the characters or should i say none of us kinda remember who is who and who is what and who is why - characters are alil abstract in their own portrayal - perhaps its time slowness of the show :P

8 - there was a camera reflection on the washing machine ! helo! editor???? man!

9 - actors are quite - erm - bad (or is it me - i mean does all high artistic film need to have boring, ugly dark, dont move much and dont talk much character?). Not to mentioned that some characters look like they haven sleep in days and just did the movie for the sake of doing it! (no wonder no art director or makeup artist credited! )

10 - Ending seem to be alil abrupt - leaving audience like - ? and "so?" - not good not good and music only came out this kinda time - HELLO - we lose mood 15 minutes down the beginning.

THERE you go,10 reasons why i think its an F- but well - all films has its own "quality" and sense of appreciation (hey it got a sundance award ya!) If you wanna watch it - trust me! you need some food, sweets, a pillow and also a watch!

anyhow - i m learning html codes to refurnish my blog! kinda getting some design done too. gurantee! next month you guys will see a new blog ya