Thursday, June 22, 2006

Things Change

I've just browse through some pictures taken at least 3 years ago in my room. I should say, those pictures shall remained sealed and forgotten in my picture folders! My goodness; My fashion is all over the place, I look so tan till I am very sure why people those days assumed that I was malay, my body size were much thinner, my hair was the 80s type - where you comb to one side ones!, my room's wall were fill with pop posters ... 0_o ...

AND I can't even pull a smile! It was all over the place ... Believe it or not, I took a mirror and practice to smile! It was horrible. I couldn't get whether I was truely happy, smiling, laughing, grinning, forcing a smile or just pulling up my cheek to form a smile? Thank goodness - I am out of that phrase!

Come to think of it, I really grew alot. I dare to say that my fashion is not all over the place, I still look tan but not till the extend where I was mistaken as a malay, my body is fitter than previously, censored the hair style, my room's wall look like a wall now - no poster! and at least my smile, looks like 'one' now ...

I wonder what will happen in a few years time ??? Would I look different ... Hmmmm

PS - I did carpentry work in the furniture shop, staining chairs, painting cupboards, sanding furnitures and etc ... quite manly job. Never thought of the day I would do something like that ... The dust, the hammering, the boots, the carpenter ala mechanic look ... hmmmm ... Things ARE changing huh ???


  1. yeah, sex with the hunky carpenter on the table with woodsaw, hammer and everything else messy around is erotic aint it?


  2. eh..not time can help me to fix my house's furniture lo...



  3. Hey, you might come up with something that beats Ikea!

  4. Now we've got Andrew, the furniture guy.

    I guess I can count on you to do up the house in the future? :)


  5. Whoa. You do all thats weaty, manly carpentry stuff? HAWT!


  6. change?? nahhhh... u still WOOOO MEN!!! =)

  7. then when back to malaysia, you can look for mechanic job as a second job... (0_o) hahaha...


  8. xavier : TRUST ME! The workshop is not messy ... the boss wants every single dust to be out of sight ... CRAZEE ... With a boss like that ... nothing can ever ever happen!

    vynn-may : CAN! I charge you my weekly hour rate lo *ehehehe

    Dee : Huh? Come up something to beat IKEA??? That means I have to come up with "Easier to break furnitures" le??? LOL

    Ken : Sure ... I charge you cheaper rate la ... no need to convert ... but Vynn stays on 18aus per hour! LOL

    Savante : I think you should see me doing it before saying I look "HAWT" .... :p

    Leo : WOOO Men becomeing WOOD MAN soon!

    Kewell : You mean carpentry?