Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dear VV Part II @ Chapels

It's so hillarious! I know I am not suppose to keep grudges, but I really need to just burst out, explode, open the pandora's box, express, share ... just anything! I assume most of you had read the previous post on my group member, double V. Erg! I tell you! We met up yesterday at Chapel St (where we did our project observation on shopping males) and she was 1 hour 45 minutes late! Where the hell she came from? Perth???? I was obviously furious. Sasha (the other group member) had to leave. I understand why Sasha couldn't stay! The meeting was only for an hour! God dammit. Blacks! (Am not being racist but almost every single Africans i worked with end up giving me shits). Anyone wants to prove me wrong?

Not only she was late! She came with only her handbags. What??? We were suppose to discuss GIRL! try doing notes and pen! Guess what??? I end up giving a solo presentation to her about what I've done as if she is the lecturer. She was amazed. What ticked me off was the part she said "Andrew dear, I think you are overdoing it". What was that suppose to mean? You are the mortified pussy not moving your arse to get work done! *PIST I tell you! Pist!


She even accidentally blurted out "I went shopping yesterday ... and she stopped". Then, trying to find a lame excuse to escape the embarassment, she said " I went out and take pictures for our assignments". She expected me to not give her a death look after her "valid" reason for shopping. Yes ... I didnt give her a death look, but I gave her a disgusted stare. During the entire almost-5min-stare, she presented me her work. Her invinsible, only verbal, with no reference to what so ever authors or unit readings presentation. I thought - and you got the guts to say I overdid my work?

I was mad. I was pissed. I really felt like punching her in the face, push her down on the floor and just do bodystep on her.

Why is killing and murder a sin?

Enough of her. I did have a great day yesterday. She was the only spoiler. Let me brief you what I did. I don't think you guys want to read a novel entry anyway. So ... Here goes

  1. I bought a new crumpler "glamour" bag (yes! that is what their tag says!!! - which is actually a sling bag) and digital camera pouch (future digital camera pouch :P - It was on sale!!! *andrewkin smiles innocently) . The western lawn and The sporty guy pouch. So in total, I have 6 crumplers! hehehe

  2. Me and Eva bump into a gay guy couple holding hands. They look so cute until a stranger walk up to them and started lecturing them about gays with god and gays with humanity and it goes on and on and on, literally embarassing the gay couples in the public. Obviously, none of the public really cared what she said ... Most of them look at her in disgust ( Why is killing a sin again? )

  3. I got a wonderful 1 hour of leg massage from Eva! Damm she was good. Who ever that married that bitch get to enjoys free massages. She's so darn good! Awesome bitch!

That would be about it. Now, if you excuse me - I have to go "overdo" my assignments


  1. OMG, it's the AFri.. again???? well not being racist here, but *maybe* we happened to meet the not so good ones gua...

    Go boy, Go BodyStep Go...

  2. I would just bloody walk up to her and tell her, it's either you work, or get out of the team.

    crumpler again? hahah...speechless liao. You can sign up to be their brand ambassador liao!


  3. Look at the bright side, you got a wonderful massage from Eva...

    As for the bitch, I agree with Ken. No point wasting your energy over that bimbo like that. Saliva very precious one you know! Save if for someone that at least have a brain. ^^

  4. ur emotion seem like up n down, fluctuated like stock market index... haha...

    no need to bother the bitch, u r human, act in a humanity way. just go ahead - overperform, overdo, overexecute, overimplement, overrun, overxxxx, who cares?? just do ur best for everyday...

    "overdoing" - this is the idiot, silly excuse to cover her stupid manner...

    me also very tired of the ppl in maxis, they jealous? who cares?


  5. simon - was thinking of advanced step instead - hehehe, more violent moves ~

    xavier - well, the good ones are really a minority almost to invinsible then!

    ken - hehe, no la! cannot la ... all cheap n small stuff only. wait till i have more than 10 crumplers, then i might considered :P

    dee - yeah, can't care less but am afraid she screw up the group only

    kewell - well, my best has officially covered her ass (kinda did her work as well) but anyway; at this point, i don't really care. Maxis ppl still shitty a? Hows life? Amy still as bitchy :-)? hehehe