Saturday, July 22, 2006

First Club Ya'oll

I finally had a true taste of clubbing last night! (Crown didn't count, although I got myself drunk and actually approach, complementing and literally scaring a girl). That's long gone history! Before I start on the club ... let me tell you more about pre-event before clubbing! Yes ... FOOD!

Yesterday, I went out with Brian & Weng and we had a wonderful, very-da-delicious dinner at this Vietnamese Restaurant on Vic St, Richmond. Can't recall the name. My advice, always always-ALWAYS order their spring rolls (not the fried ones!) ... IT WAS SO FREAKING DELICIOUS! Yummy* We had Coleslaw Chicken Salad, BBQ Pork w Shitake Mushroom and Beancurd, and the ULTIMATE dish - LAMB STEW ala Bak Kut Teh Style. I'll skip the pics as it was so mouth-watering that I am starting to feel hungry just by thinking of it! Moreover, I bet you guys are sick of me posting pictures of food!

Clubbing was awesome ya'oll. The music was right! The crowd was happening! The drink was good! The company was fun! Of course, there was one tiny bit of problem. I can't dance. I totally lost the touch. After almost 7 months of no-dancing-at-all, my body moves like a a huge "kayu-balak". Thank goodness the crowd was all so hype (I think on drugs as Brian said it was a normal thing to do here in Melb) that no one notice my "Balak Bounce". There was an exception for the guy who is next to me. I pity him ... I bet he vomited half way through the dance watching me trying to shake it, groove it or whatever you call it! Can't wait to get back to Malaysia and kidnap Jimmy to cast some magic spells on me.

Half way through the dance, there was also a drag queen show. When she came out, I was shocked - not because she was a tranny, but she had a body size of a rugby player. Tall, Build and ... Gorgeously-GIRLY! Then, I became rude, I gawk when the Cher-lookalike started dancing! SHE WAS SO FREAKING GOOD! Her waist practically turns 360 degrees! Her arse, her hip and her botty bounce was as good as Shakira's! AMAZING - for a Rugby player ... It was definetely an awesome show! After that, the crowd had to bear with my log dancing ...

After 2 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, 2 Jack Daniel coke and a I-dont-know-whose-beer that spilled on my jacket, I decided to call it for the day. It was about 130am when Brian and I left the bar-cum-louge-cum-internetcafe-cum-club. Sat the NightRider Bus back home and chated with the most-friendliest bus driver. Did I mentioned he was cute??? HAHAHA


  1. we are not sick of it!
    i'm not at least..
    food pictures that is

  2. where did you go? xchange? sounded like it when you say internet pool dance drag and lounge.

  3. Anyone who likes Shakira & what a show-off she is, is a REAL trash-bag. Where are all the gays that show a little restraint these days. Try being like David on Big Brother!