Saturday, July 31, 2010

Posting BKK ...

... alil later than when it should be posted. As always, busy is an understatement in my life. I had no other choice but to prioritize my assignment whose due date is today and also pending tasks from my work. And since things have quiet down, for at least the past night ... I am dedicated in getting some of the details from my previous BKK trip and also to end it with an awesome picture!

To begin with, I've learned a few important, or rather often used Thai phrases to get along with the Thais. I believe they are very useful especially when you are venturing the streets or bazaars, negotiating deals, picking up menus or even just to pass compliments. To share some;

Thank you - Khor Koon Ka(girl) Khor Koon Kap(male)
How much? - Nee Tao Rai
Ice Coffee, Ice Tea - Ca Yen, Ka Fei Yen
Chicken, Beef, Pork - Gai, Nua, Muu
Cannot - Mai Dai
Delicious - Aroi
Very very pretty - Sui Mak Mak

Ok, perhaps not the last phrase. Often mistaken as Thai and not knowing how to respond, I usually use that phrase. I know, silly and at times - very misleading - I tend to get smiles and often nods from the locals there. By the way, Thai looks really really gorgeous. Is it in their blood or the air they breath? If I were to be given a chance to look like one of them, it would be this guy:

Yeap! I am crazy. I took his photo from a local magazine and I came to know that he is a celebrity. Doesn't matter ... I just need some sort of reference if I am getting a cosmetic surgery treat in the future.

I promised myself that I should not only indulge in their shopping scene but also Buddhism and do a bit of heritage study. The Wat-Tri Mit (Golden Statue Buddha) at Chinatown is definitely a great place to start. Apparently the history was told that the solid gold coated statue disappeared and literally was found later due to transportation cracks after being misleaded that it was a generic clay statue. Since discovery, the statue has been a mystical symbol for the locals.

Another highlight of my trip was definitely at Jim Thompson. I am talking about his house, contribution to Thai Silk and also how the Thai is proud of this legacy they had. The most memorable guided tour at his previous resides was of course the preservation of Jim's collectibles; statues, drawings, paintings, ceramic decos, furniture and his home ... not to mentioned the lovely lady who was telling us fantastic stories through the visit.

The interesting piece at his home was definitely the Chinese instrument he used to create texture on his silks. Apparently the big piece of wood (painting alike) has smaller detachable pieces which you can use - like fish fin, scales, prawn skin ...

Of course, a little shopping at the Factory Outlet warehouse after that didn't hurt :P

Nevertheless, food in Thailand was superb. I am still trying to understand why their tea taste so different and often, when you order their local drinks ... they come in large cups. Unlike those here in Msia! I bought a few of those "cannot-get-in-malaysia" foods from 7 eleven. For starters; Mew - rum raisin milk, Black sesame seed soy milk and also Lays with pork flavouring. SEDAP GILER!


The only let-down so far from my trip was the tailored made suit which did not fit me perfectly well. To me, it does not even compliment my figure. No body shape and being trendy is so important to me ... I don't think I will ever wear the suit until it is fixed and I prefer the Tailor to fix it himself as I have a pending grey suit I would like him to piece as well. Reason to go BKK again?

Enough said about BKK. Let's end the post with a nice picture of a big fan of Elvis and deng, we had fun singing our hearts out at Redbox during her bday!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Trip ending in a day

And so I went to the temple today, did some historical exploration - revisited the thai silk and experienced new thai dishes and also the heavy downpour in downtown. I bought some nice stuff for my family members and now I am back in the hotel writing my blog ... and in between, writing my assignment.

Am having a mental block now, so gonna skip the elaborated entry ...

Will be back in KL tomorrow ... am going to miss Chatuchak the most ...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bangkok Day 1 and Day 2 1/2 ...

Being in Bangkok brings a total different feeling. The last time I was here, around 2+ years ago, I was here with a peaceful mind, soul searching, mending a broken heart but still has the will to rectify mistakes I've done. This time around, it feels exactly the same except that I do not even recognized what kind of errors I en-strangled myself in!!! Questions after questions, I've been tagged as complicated and deserve the bad sleeping feeling every time I wake up. Something to do with thinking in my dreams. Ironically, I had a great sleep last night.

To be honest, I do not even know what got into me making compulsive last minute trips. I will not deny that I am currently traveling at my most vulnerable moment. Dangerously it may sound, I am like a ticking bomb waiting to explode. It feels like I've taken 5 tequila shots and my body is purging to vomit the discomfort.

That said, I did and am having a great time experiencing Bangkok after the riot. The traces of the previous unrest are still vivid. The locals do talk about it but today at Chatuchak, there were swarms of tourist and as usual, its a never ending bazaar for fashion lovers. I am a bit more adventurous this time around, trying new dishes and street foods, with caution to my weak, sensitive and lady-like stomach!

Talking about ladies, yesterday's Jupiter Boys show was a brief letdown. The cute boys parading with numbers are pretty boring displays, with frequent folks "buying", "renting" the gorgeous cuties home ... or whatever you call the gesture, since I think prostitution is a bit judgmental. The saver was of course, professionally choreographed lady boy drag shows. With smirks and laughter - I went back feeling chirpy!

Well, I look forward for the next few agendas, especially plans to visit some buddhist temples here - something that probably my friends would have be delighted to skip every time we travel together.

Got to go now to grab dinner ... Will post pictures later on!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Incept this!

Inception! I likey the movie. It makes you think, and the story is quite straight forward. Although I did not gave a standing ovation for Christopher Nolan, the movie is worth paying for. I would say that even though I am not a big fan of Leonardo, I am watching out for a rising actress, the girl who played kitty pride in Xmen - Ellen Page!

No spoilers on my review but it is definitely one of the best movie for the year. I very do much likey How to train your dragon and sex and the city2, but Inception is one wonderfully directed and written. Nothing compared to Memento, but still a good movie!

Of course, the main reason I watched Inception, despite I got bad seats (thanks to last minute eagle who wanted to watch in Iluma) ... not that bad at the end, was solely for : Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I am sure many of you do not recognize this young actor but he had made a scene while acting in 3rd rock from the sun ... yes, the famous comedy back in the 90s and when I saw him in Mysterious Skin (2004), I knew this actor is going to be big one day! I mean, he can act! and something about his look I likey very much too!

So, it was worth paying $10 SGD to watch him. Moreover, he was in a suit!!! Seeing him flying around (or is the right term floating? gliding? maneuvering?) in the hotel without gravity, landing punches, kicks and literally stacking his comrades with wires was really cool. The thing that really made my little wild kid jump up and down is really seeing him in the back of the van, heavily dosed but still managed that little smile upon his face. And with the rain drops splashing on his cute smile ... arh! melted! I wish I could wake up seeing this kinda grin ... So empowering and SO CUTE!

Ok, I shall stop right now ...

Pic of the day - Me in Chinatown Spore, enjoying the hawker food! I think I look nice in this pic! No?

BTW, I am back in Malaysia. Tee hee!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Healthy gambling?

I had my first casino experience today. While at lunch break during work at Marina Bay Sands, Eagle and I visited the casino, where we each took $50 and vow to stick to the initial budget for gambling. The bad thing was, we both lost the $50 but the good thing was that was the only thing we both lose in the hour we spent there. In comparison with those aunties and uncles we saw, $50 for some of them is nothing!

I learned a few tricks myself and I must say, gambling is one game one should not get hook too. The temptation and drive of hearing slot machines ka-ching, dealers announcing the result of win, the chips in your hand and magnetic force of raising your bets is very high. The higher the feeling, the higher the risk. Eagle and I both understood the environment and also game play. We were betting on having fun.

Beginner's luck hit and I was at a good winning streak. $50 vs $125(nett). I probably should have cashed out but one silly mistake, one pride moment and one compulsion act, blacking out my conscious and all took that fortune I made away. Beginner's luck also comes in beginner's skill. I mistakenly placed my $5 chip with my $25chip in three bets. A quick second of warning from eagle, and me bluntly (or more like blindly) forgetting the value of chipped I placed and wanting to withdraw ... the dealer deals, and bye bye fortune.

The little ghost then took over, turning the winning streak into a losing one. Eagle was happy I lost. I was happy too. Reason? I learned a few things or two about gambling. The healthy and most wisely way to approach this game. A lesson and advise of two;

1. ALWAYS stick to your initial pullout money, and be prepared to lose them
2. NEVER lose your conscious mind and NEVER get emotional
3. COUNT your blessings, WITHDRAW when winning
4. LEAVE your valuable belongings, atm card, credit card, cheque at home
5. BRING someone who can stop you from being a casino-for-dummy experiment
6. Recommended pull out is 1-3% of your total salary for this GAME!

Gambling can be fun and thrilling, as long as you know your limit. Ok, that's a bias statement. Gambling can be fun and thrilling, as long as your loved ones know your limit and approve of you at the value you are going to throw down the drain.

Pessimism aside, winnings should be counted as bonus on top of the game. If Ma Jong can be healthy, I am sure having to bet on big/small dices can be too!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bye bye leisure time

It is going to be a packed two weeks! Looking down my schedule and itinerary ... having to attend a 3 days theme park exhibition, then immediately on the wrap-up day fly to Singapore to attend another event by Marina Bay Sands, then rushing back to Msia again to present the sales kit for Fujifilm and off to the land of fantastic cheap shopping, finishing the last week with a deadline to hand in my assignment for Economics, I soon will look like this picture

The exact feeling when I venture into singlehood. I must say; it is a good picture! No?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Seng Kee review

I can't be bothered. Just wanna upload some pictures of this nice place I've dine in for the past nights. The famous Seng Kee located in Petaling Street has one of the nicest noodle you can get under one roof. Caution, they are not healthy and open till late, and definitely a bit pricy in comparison with other similar dining places. A dish basically ranges around RM8-RM12, and comes in different sizes (S, M & L)

Yong Tau Foo

Must order - Claypot Loo See Fun

Wantan Noodle with Roast pork

You can find the stall while turning left at the traffic light, Kota Raya just as soon as you see Nandos and Watson. Drive along the road, pass 7 eleven on your left and the Petaling street on your right and somewhere between there and the road curving to the right, the restaurant is there. Parking available which ranges around RM5. Drinks is nothing big deal and the restaurant does have shelter from rain.

Shall leave it as it is

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Don't judge ... Choose to listen

Today, I had an awkward conversation with Ms. GreenCum as she asked me about my sex life. As I was quite reluctant to release the details, I gotten a signal from her that the subject was not directed to me. She wanted to someone to listen ...

As my eyes started to open widely, I agreed to listen ... quietly. The details unfold and at the end, I was happy to be there for her. I realize that it was quite a serious problem and the moment I doubted her at first (and close to refuse her moment of sharing) would have been quite a shameful and mean act.

After the awkward and quite private chatter. I decided to crack a joke and the rest was history. We were laughing non-stop for the next hour of drive around Klang Valley, delivering goods, inventories, paying government taxes and gasping for air from being drama queens. I realized what a joker I am and how people would taken me not seriously, misunderstand me and worse prejudge me for my comical stance. That said, dear Ms GreenCum comfort me with words of encouragement and motivated me for work. The time flies and soon we were back at work, rushing for deadlines and hoping to get the company to the next level

The beauty of being open and truly yourself at work.

That said, I am also truly blessed to have great friends who remember me during their great shared moment. Like this next pic, where I gotten a nice treat for a scrumptious supper ... how sinful!

Me devouring the biggest prawn I ever saw. It measures close to 15cm in length!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dry and got me thinking

They say that economic management is dry. The lesson to keep yourself awake during lecture is to keep your eyes on the lecturer and keep your mind actively relating concepts to real life examples. That kept me sane through the 3 days non-stop (what we called; no weekend) lectures.

I am not even sure if the lecture is indirectly affecting me right now, but I feel stoned.

Today, a close brother of mine told me that people can change very quickly and that sometimes people don't really care if it affects others. That scares the hell out of me! Because if that statement is true, it means that someone you thought, that you knew is a complete total stranger!

Although it is inevitable that people do change across time or situations, and at many occasion ... they become a totally different person, can we subject ourselves to believing that the way of life is that? Change - Different - Accept it - and - Sulk it up you loser! We all prefer to believe that the truth is what you see and feel, no? Life is already superficial as it is, and I would like to think or choose to believe or in stronger words, provide the benefit of doubt that close friends are not strangers at heart. Unless they try to be

Imagine if your definition of life controls your perception (pre-judging) and labeling someone as a stranger, inflicting awkwardness and proximity on the sake of "choosing to falsely believe" that a changed person only exhibits a false front. Wouldn't that rise more concern and doubts? which will then leave you feeling insecure and bitter? Why would someone go through all of those for the sake of subjecting themselves to such ridiculous thinking ... Does a person really change or do you just have a different perception or expectations on how a person should be? Does it really matter at the end?

Will you reject and dilute all the great feelings and prefer to find an empty piece renewed for the sake of continuity? Where do you go from there? The issue of returning to the root problem can occur again ... No?

As I venture deeper into this questions of uncertainty in knowing someone I knew, or at least I thought I knew ... I began the never ending road of questioning, evaluating and inspecting my own expectations of that someone.

My brother would have put it in two words : soul searching. I put it in one word : redundant. Being on the side where having admiration on Noah Mills creates a sexual infatuation shows that people like us already live in a superficial fantasy life. By rejecting the normality expectation of relationships, we are already defining a world of our own ... and that said, we have chosen the path to travel with pride, and certainly with bright colors. What is the whole point of "trying" to live a normal life, when you are not?

Answer : Because we choose to believe there is life in the layers of life

A great teacher told me this
"choose to believe and good things comes your way"

Therefore, I choose to believe that a changed person is only based on your own assumption and pre-judgement to reject your own true feelings about a person. It is not a question of who has changed, but how you react to it. By staying neutral, you get the best of both worlds. Thus, I believe the person hasn't changed a bit. Probably that is the truth. I prefer to think that everyone is an angel in their own special way ... let the change in negativity be someone's problem. I am probably happier that way ~

I shall end your misery in digesting such thoughts with my pic of the day!

Nostalgic moment back in high school, pretending to be a young hot dad :P

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Financially still good!

What happens if you favourite brands go on a non-tax goods sale? YOU GO BERSERK!

I am so happy to be leaving SG. I do not know why, but I have felt a surge of discomfort and bad omen around the whole week. Although I kept myself busy at work and busy after work (think of window shopping with the GSS on going everywhere!). By the time I bunk into the hotel, I usually spend one hour preparing for work the next day and another hour to solely to catch up on my drama series. As anticipated, soon 4 days flew passed.

Then, there is the pessimistic self of me who cannot stand how well Singaporean dress. Yes, they do not have the best of looks but YES they compensate that with their sense of style and dressing and NO! I was not only at Raffles Place. Overall, I envy the currency strength that SGD carries. That definitely plays an important role. I mean, I hardly smell fakes around here!

Also, I cannot wait to leave the world of shopping .... resistance or not, it is awesome here and I subject myself to shopping merely for the sake of self actualization and redemption. EXCUSES! Time to be thrifty too for the next month. Thanks E.Ko for your great company and advise in getting the best deals around. I returned with little damage for quite a number of things I bought!

Weird but I definitely look forward to being home with mum. I am so looking forward to have dinner with my sisters and catch up. Miss lifting weights with Caffeine Sunbear and definitely look forward to catch up with friends. I have also made a confession that I hate being alone and the fact that I become quite bitter lately wasn't a good solution.

Time to pay my debts and also make compensation for the wrecked I've caused. Sigh. I hope the cars won't cost too much.

Pic of the day!

How can I resist? It is REALLY worth the buy.

Time to pack up and board the plane. GAWD! The chinese pilot who walked pass look so damn good looking. No wonder all the teenage girls fly JetStar! I am so flying Jetstar too! No delay leh~