Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dear VV

Some people are just plain fucked-up lazy mortified pussy and have no idea how to work as a group with a sense of responsibility and a little commitment. Don't they get it; that a group project requires group work. It's not your individual assignment where you can screw up and not care about it! God-dammit - we share the same bloody marks! Don't you ever feel guilt and remorse for ending up causing low grades for your other team members who definetely does more work than you!!! Get a grip - you work, you had other things to do, you have 3 assignments due on the same week, you had no time for it and you have a thousand and one reasons! Darling - WE ALL DO! ... Well, I bet you had time letting your boyfriend screw your pathetic pussy most of the time which you could have used to call your group mates, discuss and get some work done!

Another point - time management girl! How could a smart girl like you end up having your brains placed on your knee? I hope god pity on you and start sending impulse signals to your misplaced brain and remind you that the unit requirements are difficult, the presentation is 6 days away, you are backed schedule for 2 weeks with no work done and the lecturer is warning you about the consequences! You took my reminder and planning as bullshit so don't go crying and complaning why the lecturer did not give us an extension. SAVE YOUR explanations and start squeezing your brains. Skip work like I care. Stay up all night to finish up your late work. Stop getting fucked and maybe get some work done. Don't make me send you another SMS that will certainly hurt your feelings again. I have no guilt in doing it twice. Call me evil. Call me violent. Call me anything you wish. You deserve some motivation anyway!

What's with stupid group members. Am so freaking unlucky this semester.


  1. the name's BeeMay 18, 2006 at 7:05 AM

    come, i kick her ass for you!

  2. Go Andrew! *waves pom poms*

  3. That bitch will definately be like the bitch here at my office. Knows NOTHING about team work. She always thinks she is the best and knows everything. Just that day I called her LAZY and she gave that "look". Well, she is never at her desk, always calling her ugly boyfriend who she thinks loves her with all his heart, but i think he just wants here for her money and that smelly pussy of hers! As a matter of fact, she IS the smelly pussy!

    Don't worry princess, I KNOW how you feel, learnt it from the world outside.

  4. yup... better still, dun give a damn bout her... some people will juz never learn to work with others... let her be... come here meh.. i'll give u a hug!!! =)

  5. leave ur pain behind. walk up to your lecturer, tell her your situation.
    let this be known.

    muaks boi.


  6. wow... chill dude, no point risking creating wrinkles for b#$ch like that.

    be warn though they dont only exist in school.... they're everywhere...

    maybe learn to identify them so next time, TRY LIKE HELL to NOT stay in the same group with them lo.. wat to do kan?


  7. don't give up.

    passion, upbeat and composure are crucial for u to grow with the problems... i had gone through all these useless ppl during my life in UTM...

    take it as a challenge n do u best for everyday.


  8. federico - more like irritating :-)

    bee - kick her ass only? I don't think that will kill her. But well, go ahead :-)

    damaris - thanks dear. I shall try my best. You know how shitty it gets when you get those members! Erg *andrewkin snatches damaris pompom and start tearing it aparts

    hafiz - let's introduce them, they could be best friends, or sistas or whatever. For all you know, they might kill each other *andrewkin smiles evily

    leo - yeah! got hugs ... everyday get hugs from leo, meet this kinda people also nvm la! hehehe

    ken - I think the lecturer knows about her already. She is repeating the unit ma! HAHA ... I wonder why is she re-doing the unit again ...

    aysh - no worries dear, but I might just end up killing her thou ~

    xavier - wrinkles? OH NO! *andrewkin rushes to beauty spa

    kewell - thanks dear for the encouragement. But can i still kill her? HAHAHA