Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tiresome 4

4 days, 4 tired people.

Well, I am talking about our Thai agent visit from Bangkok. Mr Thavatchai has been nice enough to send his representatives, Nuch and Perng to come down for training, business development and discussion to improvise everything they have. Of course, being an instrumental myself, I have in many ways volunteer to entertain and host their visit. Company has also been some ways, kind enough to allow me to arrange all their itinerary and fully take accountability on their visit.

Of course, all good comes with an equal bad. Entertainment and food expenditures are marginally low and my dedication in developing greater heights is of course, questionable and not recognized.

I feel that Boss and Lady Boss still doubts me. I wish I have gotten somewhat fair training and thorough brief but being independent myself, I have did more than I should. I sometimes wonder how will I see my deeds and good doings at work in return.

To be honest, I have not been happy with work. I spoken to lilpixie a million times on it and she has begun to feel agitated over me highlighting this issue. So did K. K had a more drastic approach where he literally hurt my feelings. Although sad, I did nothing to react. I guess I would try and stop sharing about this issue.

I will keep this matter distant and concentrate more on something else. Perhaps in hope it will do some good.

One thing good about everything was that both Nuch and Perng was happy and content with their visit. It was a fruitful one. Hopefully sales will grow on their end. Perhaps then I have something nice and great up my portfolio.

PS - Thank you sifu for temaning me this few days! Appreciate it ... hope you will get well soon!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


with work of course! As promised, here is the surprise or mystery that I am hiding from some of you. Ya! Ya! Some know already ler ... but anyway, I have gotten some image up for downloads on a microstock website.


Finally, here is a brief portfolio :

Of course, most of them are just pictures of kueh I shot for Jenn's.

Anyway, side track a bit ... kindly vote for lil pixie's sister! She is one of the finalist for Triump Lingerie Design Contest. The design is very cun, and I would love to wear it ... if I have grown some boobs, drop my adam apple and have my whole body wax, trimmed, transformed! You can visit this website for more info :

Click on the Beijing Inspiration ... and this is how you can make a little girl happy, winning:

SMS ... TIA[space]01 to 33311

Harks! Thanks for the support and HAPPY VWESAK DAY!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Somethings coming ...

yeap yeap ... something new in my life is coming. Very close, very soon. Let's keep everything going. Will be posting a link with *hint hint* my works soon ...


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's day!

To my mum, the greatest woman in my life and home - Happy Mother's Day!

Sis and I cooked. We had roman salad, with so many types of organic vege - it is scary! Angela herself trial a pasta with red sauce. Sadly, I wanted to try this oil-based clam (lala) fried pasta but was unable to get fresh seafood for the day.

Anyway, was planning to take some pictures of the tulips I bought mum, along with the great family dinner at home. Unfortunately, K broke my camera. Yes, my DSLR Lens ... cracked the filter and the whole lens is still in the Nikon operation theater.

That aside, I think mum really enjoyed her dinner. No pressie mum cos your big day is coming. May is a month you can't really save cos it's mother's day and mother's big day - the once a year burfday!