Sunday, July 30, 2006

Indians 2

Please read the post before this one first ...

They are still yapping away. Just additional information; One of them actually fought with a girl ...wanting sex! It was quite funny and hillarious. I bet all the awful music and drinks got up the guy's head. The host had to actually calm the situation and tell the rest of the crowd to remain cool and calm. They crowd laughs and cheer the guy on. Guy drag the Girl in the house and I have no idea what they will do (Ain't interested in the Nehi Yesi Sex thinge). WHATS WITH INDIAN GUYS violently wanting sex???? Don't get em but I am sure ... the steel bar is beginning to bend ...





Case :
Indian Neighbour playing Loud music in the middle of night

Venue :
Ireland St

Description :
Indian dancing, singing, discoing from 7pm till 330am. Music as loud as Disco and Clubs. Definetely hired speakers and rented disco light ball. Bad awful music. Painful remixes from Bollywood and definetely too much noise for a quiet sub-urb. Too much dancing, stamping, cheering and laughing (not that its a crime, but it might be if I lose my temper)

Report made :
Andrew - 230am, Grace - 302am and 3 other reports

Some awful music remixes:
YMCA, Kuch Kuch Ho Ta E (i dont care how you spell it), La Bamba and a whole lot worse!

DON'T YOU FREAKING FUCKING INDIANS HAVE BRAINS??? Music that loud could kill a dog! Do you have any heart at all??? Stupid freaking MUTHAFUCKA! Your music is so loud that when the police arrived and knocked profusely for 3 times, no one answered and the police guy had to actually CLIMB OVER TO THE BACKYARD and BANG ON THE WALL to get the FREAKING INDIAN FUCKED UP ARSE HOLE to the door. WHAT A FREAKING EMBARASSEMENT. When confronted, they even had the heart to ask the police "CAN WE LOWER DOWN THE MUSIC?" ... HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET! obviously they disallowed it and told them that another complain would land them a fine. I was cynically smiling away. After the police left ... THE NOISE CONTINUED ... without the music but with them CHATTING AND LAUGHING AWAY...

WHAT'S WITH INDIANS? I am not implying all of em ... BUT THIS BUNCH REALLY PLANT THEIR BRAINS ON THEIR TEMPLE! BRAINLESS HEARTLESS FREAKS. ANOTHER LOUD NOISE, I will personally land a huge rock right THROUGH THEIR WINDOW ... That will keep the noise down ... I will be sure of it

Report written by:

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I love chocolates. When Sasha said she hated it. I declared her; not human. It's a lovely sunday afternoon, except that it rained and I couldn't find my Oxford shirt! ERGH@!/#@1p@##$%21!!! Of course, things got much better when the girls and I end up at Max Benners Chocolatarie, also known as Chocolate by the Bald men. Except there weren't any balds there but I do recall a VERY cute guy, around the corner. Come to think of it, there are alot of cute guys who goes there, frequently!

Anyway, I need to show you the pics! I can'e help it!!! Afterall, it is chocolates and I am very sure, it will do no harm. Let me introduce the sinful drinks and deserts ...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Italian Chocolate & Dark Chocolate Truffle

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Max Benners Special Milk Chocolate - do it yourself - drink (comes w 3 different chocs too)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Chocolate Brownies - could be better! SHOULD BE MORE CHOCOLATIE!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Chocolate Babka - what a funny name :P

One thing I find amusing about the place is that the sittings are quite near to each other, so there is very little privacy between the tables. Whatever your neighbour is talking about, you are able to hear bits and pieces. It's quite cosy but of course, try not to be nosy all the time or at least keep it discreet if you are dropping ears on others! HAHAHA ... Also, the place is always packed! ALWAYS ... They are doing so much better than Starbucks. BTW, Starbucks is not a big thing here because they serve lousy drinks. I quote that from the Melbanians ...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Grace loving herself for melting the chocs

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Eva and me (Do I look like I put on weight???)

Come to think of it, I am beginning to love the place. With just about 8dollars, you get good food and a wonderful drink (although they could try and make the drink warmer ... since it is winter!). I am beginning to like the city ... alot

Saturday, July 22, 2006

First Club Ya'oll

I finally had a true taste of clubbing last night! (Crown didn't count, although I got myself drunk and actually approach, complementing and literally scaring a girl). That's long gone history! Before I start on the club ... let me tell you more about pre-event before clubbing! Yes ... FOOD!

Yesterday, I went out with Brian & Weng and we had a wonderful, very-da-delicious dinner at this Vietnamese Restaurant on Vic St, Richmond. Can't recall the name. My advice, always always-ALWAYS order their spring rolls (not the fried ones!) ... IT WAS SO FREAKING DELICIOUS! Yummy* We had Coleslaw Chicken Salad, BBQ Pork w Shitake Mushroom and Beancurd, and the ULTIMATE dish - LAMB STEW ala Bak Kut Teh Style. I'll skip the pics as it was so mouth-watering that I am starting to feel hungry just by thinking of it! Moreover, I bet you guys are sick of me posting pictures of food!

Clubbing was awesome ya'oll. The music was right! The crowd was happening! The drink was good! The company was fun! Of course, there was one tiny bit of problem. I can't dance. I totally lost the touch. After almost 7 months of no-dancing-at-all, my body moves like a a huge "kayu-balak". Thank goodness the crowd was all so hype (I think on drugs as Brian said it was a normal thing to do here in Melb) that no one notice my "Balak Bounce". There was an exception for the guy who is next to me. I pity him ... I bet he vomited half way through the dance watching me trying to shake it, groove it or whatever you call it! Can't wait to get back to Malaysia and kidnap Jimmy to cast some magic spells on me.

Half way through the dance, there was also a drag queen show. When she came out, I was shocked - not because she was a tranny, but she had a body size of a rugby player. Tall, Build and ... Gorgeously-GIRLY! Then, I became rude, I gawk when the Cher-lookalike started dancing! SHE WAS SO FREAKING GOOD! Her waist practically turns 360 degrees! Her arse, her hip and her botty bounce was as good as Shakira's! AMAZING - for a Rugby player ... It was definetely an awesome show! After that, the crowd had to bear with my log dancing ...

After 2 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, 2 Jack Daniel coke and a I-dont-know-whose-beer that spilled on my jacket, I decided to call it for the day. It was about 130am when Brian and I left the bar-cum-louge-cum-internetcafe-cum-club. Sat the NightRider Bus back home and chated with the most-friendliest bus driver. Did I mentioned he was cute??? HAHAHA

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

UPM Racist

Believe or not, racism still exist in our country! I find it so interesting how the younger generation still has the mentality of a nazi thinking. Ok, I am over dramatizing it. Anyway, just watch the clip.

I can't tell much of it but after some research, the fight was between 2 society (the uni society, malay domineering and the student society, chinese domineering). Am not quite sure what they are fighting about but there seem to be no media coverage on it. After a phone call, not even insiders or the media knows about it. So, its a closed case. But thanks to some media students, future potential journalism students and a beautiful recorder - we have ourself; proof that University students are uncivilized and barbaric too! I present you; the UMPers

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Media Intro

A media introduction of me. Something different from the usual posting. Let's get to know me ...

Movies during my childhood that I will never forget.
Sound of Music
Mrs Doubtfire
The Never Ending Story
Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls

Cartoons that I still enjoy watching till today
Little Mermaid
Beauty & The Beast
Lady & the Tramp

Animations that I watched over & over again
Shrek 2
The Incredibles
Ice Age

Movies I simply love
Cold Mountain
Moulin Rouge
Brokeback Mountain

Sunset Boulevard
Rear Window
Citizen Kane
Taxi Driver

Political Movies that I most certainly would like to watch
The Color Purple
Far From Heaven
Gods & Monsters
The Shawshank Redemption
Schindler's List

TV series I watched to sacrifice my SPM's revisions
That 70's Show
3rd Rock from the Sun
Ally Mcbeal
Spin City

TV shows I still catch once a while, if I have the time
Gilmore Girls
Desperate Housewives
Sex & The City
SpongeBob SquarePants
Dark Angel

TV series that I watched and fell asleep
Law & Order
The Practice
The West Wing
ER (season 2 above)

Reality Shows that I actually like
America's Next Top Model
The Apprentice
Amazing Race
The Mole

Reality Shows that I hate
Simple Life
Who wants to marry a Millionaire
For Love & Money
Average Joe
The Bachelor
... and the list goes on ~~~

Important Movies that had a huge influence on me
Forrest Gump
Green Mile
Big Fish
Bicentennial Man
The Hours

I think I am done. This could actually be a tag. Anyone wants to be tag???

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Melb w Kenny Part 2

Let me summarize the entire trip...

Day One ( 06.07.06 - Thurs )

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Kenny arrives after not seeing him for almost 5 months! As usual, he made his classy entrance at Tullamarin Airport and I gave him a suprise! Had lunch in a Japanese Cafe @ Flinders Ln. We ordered Okonomiyaki, Katsu Don and Unagi Don. After the mid-lunch, we headed home with a tram. Kenny was shocked that Burwood was so far from the City Centre. When we board off at the PLC Stop (Presbetarian Ladies College - although I prefer to call it P*nis, L*nJiao, C*ck). We did nothing much for the day as Kenny had a long day at Sydney previously so he took an 3 hour nap while I prepared him dinner. Dinner was sweet and sour noodle. We catch up and head to bed quite early.

Day Two ( 07.07.06 - Fri )

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Groceries Day. We made payment for Philip Island Trip at Greenhouse Backpackers. Then, we went groceries at Queen Victoria Market. Bought Australian Shrimps, Scallops, Lamb, Greens, Onions, Potatoes and a whole lot of Vegetables. For lunch, we cramped into the ever so busy Mekong - Vietnam Noodles are awesome! Kenny loved it. We stopped at Camberwell while on our way home and headed to Box Hill for Asian Groceries. It was quite tiring and boring - the "normal days" of being a student; traveling all over the place for groceries with public transport. Was back home for dinner - I cooked Assam Fish and Eva cooked Oyster Chicken.

Day Three ( 08.07.06 - Sat )

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The day begins by us waking up in the afternoon, travelling to South Yarra and dining at Pacific House. Kenny mistaken it for some Aussie Restaurant but ended up being a Hong Kie Restaurant that serves the freshest seafood. Veri veri veri mouth watering dishes! I love em. But it was lunch time and we didn't manage to order the dishes we wanted (only available during dinner). For the first time we had Singaporean Noodle friend with Curry powder. Weird but nevertheless not bad tasting. Then, we walked from one end of Chapel St to the end! I repeat - TILL THE END. It was a long long walk. We walked into some boutique, a pet store, a bookstore, a cakeshop that serves the most wonderful chocolate desserts (we bought 4) and ate them along the street. Then, we headed home - had a quick dinner (Salsa Pasta) and went to Manchester with Eva and Izmir for Swing Jazz. Had a Baileys and Cosmo! After Man. Lane, we headed to Lygon St for late supper - Italian pizza.

Day Four ( 09.07.06 - Sun )

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Philip Island! Here we come ~~~ Boarded the GoWest Bus at Market St and took a 2 hours drive to the Curdies Wineyard. Wintertime = no nice views at grape field. Strong winds thou. Cold and Chilly. I love it. Kenny thinks I am crazy! Next stop; Maru Farm! I love that place. Get to play with a Wombat, took picture with a Koala Bear and pamper the Kangaroos and their Joeys which are so adorable, feed the ducks, 2 Llama, a notti lamb which bite my hand and saw some dingos. Pat a cute pony. Also, we witness the hungry tasmanian devil roaming in their exhibit - waiting for someone to put their hand across, so they could jump and bite. Saw a small Freshwater Croc and bought a really expensive picture taken with the koala. Then, we took a nice drive along the farm side and headed into Philip Island. Went to the Woomalai Beach, enjoyed the sea breeze and watched the roaring surfing waves hit the sands. After that, we experienced the strongest wind ever at Seal Rock (I think that's the name) and saw some cute penguins under the walkway! The main event was of course sitting in the cold waiting for the cute 30cm tall penguin parade. Really an experience worth paying for! Was hoping one would hop into my crumpler and let me take him home! Hahaha. Anyway, had Sofia when we were back in city. Kenny love that restaurtant!

Day Five ( 10.07.06 - Mon )

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We met Brian for Lunch at Acland St, St Kilda. We got lost but manage to find a way through. Amazing how a guy who stays in Aussie for 3 years could board on 2 wrong trams in his neighbourhood. Hahaha... Funny guy! We had all time breakfast ala lunch. It was yummy*!!!. Then, Eva meet us for light dessert. She was partially blinded as the strong dry wind blew her contacts off her eyes! It was hillarious. All four of us sat in this Greek Dessert shop. While everyone indulge the most sinful and fattening dessert down their tummy - I dream of only one very greedy thing. To have more desserts! Then, we met with Wing and had wonderful lounge chat time at Westin enjoying Australian wine. Simon called - asked me to work tomorrow; literally beg me to it. I agreed. Had no choice. Kenny didn't mind but I felt REALLY bad. Cooked Meehoon Goreng when we were back home.

Day Six ( 11.07.06 - Tue )

Grace came back. Her boopies shrink thou. That aside, I went to work - LAST DAY! Was late for an hour but I don't quite care. Eva and Kenny accompanied me. Made sandwich for lunch. Eva and Kenny went to the city to top-up some groceries. They got lost too. Don't blame em'. Eva is there afterall. Hahaha. After closing at 530pm, we went to crown casino. I don't get the gambling. We tried thou. Only spend 1 dollar on a slot machine and lost it. I bet some staff from crown pressed the button on "dumb-ass playing; let's cheat him since he won't even know" button. We gave up after 30min being in the casino and went photo taking. After a whole lots of bright white camera flashes, we head home to cook. Dinner was paprik and tomyam.

Day 7 ( 12.07.06 - Wed)

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Today's Kenny ah boi birthday! We went and window-shop around Camberwell and Melb Central. Then we walked around the city. Visited theVictoria Library, the Royal Arcade, Myers. About 6pm, most shops are closed and the city became quite quiet. Still can't believe the 5pm closing policy. Not that I disagree but I think it's quite sad not being able to shop in the middle of the night. We had AN early dinner at Quarters. WONDERFUL food I tell you! - Loved the Turkish Dip and the Fish&Chip. Their Ice Chocolate also veri d nice ya'ol! Head home to cook dinner for the birthday boy. Dinner was a 5 course meal;

  1. Greens with Lemon, Olive oil and Black Pepper
  2. Butter Dinner rolls
  3. Brocoli-Carrot with Melted Cheese
  4. Lemon Honey Oregano Lamb
  5. Mustard & Herb Lamb with Mint Sauce
After the scrumptious meal, Kenny open his present. Can't believe he actually thought I bought a 4dollar wine (which was a decoy) for his birthday! I'll leave the details to him. We slept very early. I was about to fall sick. Can feel my nose and body becoming weak.

Day 8 ( 13.07.06 - YESTERDAY)
Woke up about 7am and send Kenny off to Southern Cross Station. Don't wanna talk about it. I hate departures. Miss him alot. Really wish he never had to go. Had such a good time. Didn't know whether he enjoyed Melbourne but I did. I bet he did. I shall not be such a conspiracy freak ... Also, sending him off reminded me of Jenny, My bros, Leo and CYin sending me off at the airport. I miss ya'ol! Now I miss my family too ... sigh* BTW, I fell sick ...

PS - More tangible pics available w Kenny.

Melb w Kenny Part I

Cookie Muncher is back! Sorry about the dissapereance of 10 days! Rest assured, I did not lock myself up in a cookie vault. I've been spending the last 7 days with Kenny, exploring melbourne. I just send him off - woke up fairly early about 7am. After 2 hours of train travel to the city and back, I am home, cleaning up my room and decided to log online and reply some mails (amazingly, my inbox only show 6 spam mails and 0 from any sort of friends).

Back to the dissapereance, I will blog about it later ... Need to resize some pictures, get some rest and arrange my thoughts before I start a LONG post on it! Till tonight ... Take care and stay tune :P

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Just my personal touch on Malaysia

Is it possible to have time for yourself in Kuala Lumpur? Eva told me that she would work in the day and part-time sing in night. I TOTALLY disagree. In KL, everything is so hectic and out of order. Firstly, you start by waking up early to crawl your way to work. Then, if you are in the working-class category or a mere employee, you are practically subjected to working your arses till at least 530pm everyday and most of time even later - as required by unethical-and-unprofessional-nowadays-bosses who doesnt know the papers by brain and the true meaning of life by heart. After a whole day of work, enduring the all time everywhere-famous traffic jam would practically kill you. How could anyone think of doing anything else than just bum and relax???

Let's not even dwell into cleaning the house routines, meeting friends once a while, attending the gym, being a responsible child by spending more time with family or even a responsible parent by spending more time with your children and not to mentioned - slow down a lil and look at the good small things around you (I bet Malaysia has quite little to offer). The question here is - are there enough time for yourself ??? or do everything is routine based ???

My best buddy James told me once that; "You can slow down, if you want - but then everyone will just zoom pass. Malaysia is like that. We compete to survive. Natural ma! Look at how the government is causing more stress than a better living"

James is right. Our education system stresses good results rather than quality of knowledge and humanity. Our roads suggest that it is an economic commodity rather than a freedom of land where we can just use it. Our society has turn from Bo-Chap to Judgemental. Our social context is competition not education. Our definition of democracy is agreeing, supporting and following the majority even if they are wrong. Our government is working towards the national interest rather than for the people's interest. Our friends becomes people who are just around us to use us when we are needed, rather than sharing passion and lending a shoulder to cry on. Our lifestyles changed from one definition to another with no boundaries - non which I could understand.

Come to think of it ... it's not all that bad. We are save from natural disaster except that we might just destroy ourselves with the current "malaysian" attitude. We are developing with first class facilities but also at the same time further dwelling into our third class mentality. We are open minded and clever to accept that bad things can be part of our culture as well. We do have authentic cultures, beliefs and values which we are destroying slowly and softly through time. We do learn that government listens to us when we rebel more.

and of course

We defend our country when some pathetic bloggers states the obvious and highlights the negative part of our country. Yup! We do that!

*andrewkin continues munching his freshly baked cookies, listening to jazz and wonder what lies ahead for him in Malaysia

Monday, July 3, 2006

Jazz, Soul & I am quitting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aint he cute! He is so hawt~! Presenting Chris Botti, trumpet blower - I mean, trumpet player that make jazz the hawtest thing alive! I want his look! I want his talent! I want to be a performer of somesort! I want to be trumpet player too ... but I prefer playing the trombone, the extension is really kewl ... hehehe

After Friday's soul night out ... I got home, bum the weekend and decided to quit my job. My Boss treats me like dirt. He sarcastically insult me, constantly reminding me that a guy needs to learn to work fast with woods, told me my pay was lower than my other colleagues, order me like some slave and mock my previous working experiences saying that my previous working experiences are not usefull for his sales demands. I can't believe I actually stayed for 3 weeks. I gave him the benefit of doubt that he might be nice and ethical until some friends told me that he might be cheating me cos there weren't a contract or any paper that I signed (He said it was done informally and such - AND I ACTUALLY BELIEVE HIM - after all I did get paid). Then, he decrease my pay every week by giving stupid and unacceptable reasons like; my sales are not up to standard and only top notch sales person gets that much a pay. Then, why did you told me my pay was that? Moreover, I only work 2-3 days a week and my clients usually pay their furniture the next few days which I was not scheduled to work. Mind I remind you, I am not even part time - I am TEMPORARY CASUAL worker! In addition, who was the one who kept sending me to the workshop to do carpentry work??? How to serve customers like that???

I skipped some details which I told a few friends. No point repeating some old depressing stories! Cant believe I actually let him sarcastically mock me! ERG! Amazing! So I quit. I got so mentally challenged that I think I might actually commit suicide not because of stress from study but from work instead!

Like my dad said "Why do you need to work? Just go get some more relaxing job like selling apples in the market or something! I can still afford you" . I guess I was blinded by the pay and really wanted to help loosen the burdens from my parents. There goes the cash ... along with every insult, mockery, stress, pain and negative stuff ...

I should start writing my script ... hehe ... my 2nd script :P