Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Life's ...

... been busy and hectic. Ever since Valentine (which is about more than one month ago!), I have gotten closer to K. We have been spending some time together and better off said, we are on good terms.

Do not get confused. He is not the main reason why I am tied up most time. It is mostly likely because of a new bunch of friend I have met through Er Ge's party. A whole lotsa fun and laughter. Stress free too!

Just a quick note - I am planning to change jobs too. Realize that I want to earn more money and be doing something I like doing. Although its only about one year since I work, I have gotten bored of the routine and also company's modus operandi. Wish me luck in getting a new job!

Well, to sum up - I am just passing each day as it is. No drama, no frills, nothing much to talk about. I am heading to Penang soon. Perhaps snap some really good picture. Hopefully I can see the sunset!