Friday, June 9, 2006

Lygon Street

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Grace is going back to Malaysia tomorrow. Will miss her being away. Pray that she will have a healthy and safe trip back to KL as well as her hometown. Personal wishes aside, we (she, Eva and I) actually went out to celebrate her "going away for 1 month" *andrewkin grins with evil and also the end of the semester @ Lygon Street at Carlton.

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Girls are ready to go

Lygon is practically a street for foods. The place is quite scary, not because it is filled with gorgeous people hanging out and wonderful food but rather with the number of cafes and restaurant. Simple terms = TOUGH COMPETITION. The cafes and restaurants are like vultures, in the human form of course. They will stand by the street and grab you when you walk pass. Some of them will try and stop you in front of their shop by literally body-blocking the traffic. AMAZING I SAY! These waiters ala salesperson will promote their cafe, differentiating theirs from the others, telling you the best dishes and price they offered and etc etc etc. I left Eva to deal with them. Hahaha ... She is better in rejecting people :P

Then we meet this friendly lady whom mama cook for the restaurant. She offered free garlic bread and 1st free drink. ANY DRINK! We sat ourselves firmly and enjoyed the Secret Stone Sauvignon Blanc which is ultimately the sweetest most refreshing wine I have ever tasted. Will keep an eye on that 48dollar bottle next time I visit the liquor shop. After the heavy Cabonara Fettuccini, I went for a walk to explore the street while the girls end up enjoying their desserts in this chocolate truffle shop. Fattening it is, very delicious they are!

Then, I bump into three Indonesian girls which gave me the friendliest smiles ever. I smiled back - obviously. As I was about to enter the Chocolate Shop where Eva and Grace was half-tipsy consuming their desserts, some girls (Malay from Malaysian - recognized their accent) with tudung gave me the same "friendliest" smile. As I sat down and chated with the girls about it, Eva laughed and said "What to do, you malay market look ma!" Grace agreed adding that there were more malay (regardless Indonesian or Malaysian) girls crossing look on me in trams and streets, previously which I did not notice...

'_' ????

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So, Malay girls like tibetan monk lookalike with glasses in office wear huh? What a fetish! LOL


  1. All MALAY girls will like ppl who have similarities with Mawi! Happened right infront of you somore. So, it's not Tibetan monk-look-a-like. There! I rest my case.

    Don't angry ah Andrew. I know you are faaaaar more Diva that he is.

    (Sure kena kau kau after posting this comment)

  2. hahahahaha, hmmm... maybe u should also check if any malay blokes are checking u up on the streets ... :) the mat motor type u know? streetside motorbike repairman etc... hahahah :p

  3. after this, you should revisit the hairdressing shop, n say thank you to the so called hairstylist. tell he/she how much u value it... :p

    fyi - i just back fr singapore, grabbed lot of good, cheap stuffs. burberry perfume 50ml is S$33, around RM80, in KL is selling RM180++, wow... all the shopping malls are crowded with ppl, like kambing terlepas kandang, all come out to grab things...

    when is ur semester holiday? coming back to malaysia?


  4. hey, i was just in lygon st a few days ago. visiting melb btw. the food's good, but walking there like u get so many people asking u to go into their shop.


  5. Gosh, I got an instand hard on with your picture.....Office is my biggest soft spot and G-spot..Can I suck ya cock off while you are fully clothed in office wear.....GOsh......arggggh..........

  6. hafiz - Calling me Diva doesnt save you from my fist of the flamingo feet! LOL ... AND I DONT LOOK LIKE MAWI!

    xavier - OOOOOoooo trust me, the mat motor here is VERY MACHO ... They are so not the MAT MOTOR MALAYSIA. I shall try and snap a few pics for you to see next time :P

    kewell - serious? They having sale period a? WAH, Maxis so nice eh , can give free vacation during working periods! lol

    pl - yeap, they are scary people all right.

    shine - *PIAK ... you are so vulgar le. Spray you with a tank of Holy Water also no use. (Mayb should try throwing p***y juice on you)