Sunday, January 30, 2011

End Jan - Jimmy Er Ge Bday

January is ending. I believe year 2011 will hop by, fly by and soon disappear quickly. As we Chinese usher in the year of hare or rabbit, the tiger is finally going to hibernation for the next decade.

I had some of the most awesome moments in January. Success in sealing a deal with a new business venture, control and venting my frustration differently, learning new perspective and characteristic of people through their horoscope, discipline in recording my financial and forecasting expenditures, able to actually care and love someone unconditionally, getting up on my feet after being slammed down and most important, controlling the tears when I see great old friends last night.

All of those, crammed into the 31 days of the first 2011. Record I must say

Anyway, a gang of us celebrated 二哥 bday last night. Having the entire MP to ourselves and later chilling out with chilly white wine was awesome. Here are some of the random pictures. Probably 5% of what is in the actual folder

Birthday boy and me!

Hyeon Lee and me ... Miss you babes!

Sexy Candy and Me ...

Claire and Sara - Love you girls to the max!

Girlie, Marcus and Nick

As the night comes to an end. I miss all my friends, especially those from overseas. I wonder when will I see them again. But I bet HLee will be hugging me now, convincing me that it is worth getting the Air Asia ticket to fly to Jakarta and have babies with her!

Haha ...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Get to know me by lates

Suddenly just feel like doing something different. So, let's dig out some questions and answers in regards to the term "latest"

1. The last thing you added to your wardrobe?
A red pullover from Massimo Dutti

2. The last song playing on your itunes?
Whitney Houston's I have nothing

3. The last place you ate at?
Vivo @ Tropicana Mall

4. The last person on your mind?
Was just thinking about Ming, wondering what he is doing at this hour

5. The last realization or revelation that came upon to your head?
Life can beautiful if you embrace sadness and move on

6. Last movie you watched from cinema?
Hereafter staring Matt Damon

7. Last country you visited?

8. Last SMS received on phone
About invoice from Ethan Phooi

9. Last application used on Binge

10. The last time you bought something online
Just a few days ago. Now I owe someone money!

11. The last time you did charity work
Hmm ... does giving RM1 to the blind consider?

12. The last entertainment piece
was a DVD entitled Sleeping Beauty from Disney

13. The last thing I did online
Check my Fridae's messages

14. The latest you stayed awake this week
230 am

15. The lastest piece of note from your wallet went to?

16. The latest most meaningful line someone said to you
Not sure about you but the feeling is not bad

17. The last tv series you watched
Desperate Housewives season 6

18. The latest person you called
Eva Emmanya

19. The last person who called you
Martin Wai

20. The latest picture taken

21. The last place you went shopping?

22. The latest email you read was about and from?
Marcus confirmed trip to Malaysia

23. The latest regret you felt was about
Not spending any time to visit art gallery or watch stage play

24. The last time you cook
LOL ... Maggi Noodle considered? That was 2 weeks ago.

25. The last thing you wanna say before ending this silly game
I think it's time to email my friends about quiz. Anyone remember that game we use to play back in Uni? Haha

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Show me the meaning

I stare into the screen and thought, what should I be writing. It's either the fatigue or just me plain trying to get attention. I been feeling restless and pretty much under the weather the whole day. I hope the doc did not prescribe me depression pills.

So, I was driving around today in the car. It was after the rain, the weather was not too humid and as I passed by Yamaha Music at LDP, I had a flashback of how happy I was back in Melbourne. I was innocent, excited and most important content with the daily life of waking up to making sandwiches, riding my bike to library and await the long distance call or Skype. Then it snapped, the connection is established. I know why I was a slump in my car!

Knowing that I probably have very slight chance of returning to Melbourne, I had no choice but to put aside the feeling restlessness. It wasn't entirely about Melbourne. It was about me feeling worthy. Till today, I ask myself ... what really happened? Why did I return? Did I like betray my ownself?

So here I am back in my room, still wide awake but body has officially shut down trying to get into slumberland. I look forward to spending the week with great company. From Jan 25th till Feb 8th, most of my nights are reserved for dinner, party, gathering, group discussion and so ... If that is the case, how come I feel alone?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Special Work Guest

Am so happy my Singapore guest is so excited to hang out with me. I actually think I am doing a very bad job cos I am not exactly perked up. Am tired and feel a bit dizzy even with my medication. Perhaps it is because I skipped taking them the whole of last week and now, I am feeling the post mortem of not having em.

Having the Leo trait, I am going to ignore my condition for these few days and tour my guest to the best I can. Hopefully with a few helping hands and also to my fetish of seeing people smile, I will be able to pull through without falling sick because looking at my schedule, I cannot afford to do so ~

Time to clock out and plan dinner cos my Guest ask for Malaysian Food. Matilah ~

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Funny but true

It has been quite a productive day today. I manage all my work except my MBA assignment. Unfortunately, I was unable to connect to the stupid hotel's wifi. Can you believe it? Singapore Hotels ... konon

Since last night was just a big blunder, I spent half the night with Eagle for dinner and dessert... and the other half with Dong and his partner. They are planning to get married after 5 years of being together.

After listening to their stories and actually gotten the official invitation to their "still planning" engagement at London, the only two thing I could think of at that present moment was;

1. Where am I gonna save that much of money for London?
2. Are they serious ... REALLY serious?

They look like it and definitely sound like it. So I bit them all the best wishes and may they add more photo frames to their amazing achievement and adventure. Yeap, their home is filled with envious pictures of their journey, travel destinations and damn some really sexy ones too but mostly they look awesome as a pair! I shall now look up to them as my idol couple. *wink

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bragging a month later

I think I better quickly blog about this before it goes way to historical. Anyway, this is a post about the Xmas gifts I've gotten! Hehe ... Time to brag a bit

I have absolutely concrete reason why this post is so belated. It was only till yesterday that my babes and I manage to have dinner. As most of us are working in different background, we only manage to find time like 6 hours for our rambling and updates yesterday.

But I have to say that last Christmas celebration did feel a bit different. Like Yesterday, we were so dress up for Xmas but the ambiance was filled with Chinese New Year noises. Despite that, we had lots of fun. I mean, to think back ... it was really great to have invited for gatherings, exchange gifts and just spend quality time with great acquaintances.

From the boys! My all time favourite (ok - second favourite) DISNEY show ... and DARK CHOCOLATES !!!

From work colleagues - a new set of facial wash stuff

Leather diary from the partner in crime

Binge got a new pink dress ... from the babes

Ray Ban classic wear ... from a great friend

Lego headphones? From another great friend

Of course, with great acquaintances ... comes great gifts eh? A friend told me that Xmas is the second best time to show your appreciation and gratitude to a friend after Birthday. But I think the thoughts matter the most ...

To all my friends who had made the effort ... I love you all. You are the best!

Friday, January 14, 2011

SNSD 소녀시대 - RunDevilRun 런데빌런

I suka! You have to admit ... They are so pretty :-)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The unforgetable 11111

Seeing happy people makes you happy they say. It is very true! Somehow, seeing the person you love happy makes you incredibly light and joyful. It was like watching the disney princess cartoon but except that it is live this time. Lilpixie has now become someone's princess. Everything was well planned from the sent-out invitation card, the beautiful girl with her heels (man I WAS SO JEALOUS OF HER SHOES MAN!) and even till the detail of bringing bread, milo and coffee for all her guest during the ROM

I tell you, this is one fairy you will never find in town.

Now, time for the tears. I remember about 2 1/2 years ago, she was a complete total stranger to me and asked me out for lunch at my first day of work when I changed my working shift. Then after a few days, through looking into my eyes - she knew I was in some kind of crossroads. Her sincerity of fetching me to FF at Axis was the first time I disclose to her not only on my orientation but also my dilemma aka hurt. I remember her sitting across me sharing the equal sadness and hardship I was going through and holding back her tears, when I said I really want to just be with K through thick and thin

Then, she spent the next few months helping me back on my feet at work and sometimes after work. Helped me lift my head when I was pissing drunk and definitely helped me when I try to commit suicide by throwing my head out of the window to vomit while the car is still moving. Helped me kill time with tea, food and lots of ramblings. Helped find new friends. Helped me manage my own weakness and disadvantages. Helped me realize that I am worth living for.

If she was a man, I would have definitely be her mate for life.

I gotten to know her so well, so deep and even on surface - we support each other through thick and thin. The only one thing she was always worried about is finding that companion to share her life with. Thus, when she was uncertain about dating again when meeting with Mr lilpixie back few years, I held all my effort to ensure she sees herself available and lucky Mr lilpixie! Down the emo girl, you get the whole new world!

Yesterday, seeing Mr lilpixie posing with her through her authentic comical posses for camera, and joining in the fun ... I was nearly wetting my eyes. She was so beautiful and so happy and so content... it feels so comforting to know that she found that special person that can share her sadness and wildness ... To also know that he will take care of her with protection and all, I was so freaking happy ...

And to add, I had beautiful pictures taken ... so DOUBLE HAPPINESS !

I will always remember what she said to me "You will find your special someone through your heart, and regardless of the years you spent together ... that special person will want to be with you because you are special, and" ... she starts a list of my strengths

So Taylor Swift rite?

If ever Mr lilpixie bully you ... tell me k ... I will help you "keluar head" in canton ~ :-) muax

Monday, January 10, 2011

It's about you

The day is coming soon. I am finally attending my best friend's ROM tomorrow. It will early no doubt, but I am so eager to see her finally commit her life to this very special person she found. I am envious of her. The jealousy of seeing friends becoming an item with their respective partner somehow always put the thinking cap on me. Often I wonder, when will only it be my turn to share this kind of joy with my loved ones? To announce the beautiful knot, and having your close to heart friends share that love of your life?

Silly it may sounds, it is inevitable that majority of us want to be with someone, sharing the thick and thin, for better or for worse. In many occasion, sometimes that special person becomes a pain in the ass because they refuse to share the thin and for worse. They key word here is "sharing" and not gunnysacking only to burst at the end. So we shelter ourselves and hastily set burial on that love longing to find another that can, in hope be there for the worse.

Not wrong of course, but when will you know when the time and person is right? For me, it is when:

1. You cannot stop thinking about him day and night, having that lingering little sound that often echo "call him, tell him that you miss him" but never shy to play a little hard to get
2. You are eager to spend time with him, eager to plan activities and plans with him, but will not force him to if he is not interested
3. You tend to shop for him, but moderately because you know he will be angry if you overspend
4. You are jealous he is spending time with someone else, but you try to understand an allow it
5. You are dying to introduce him to your friends and best friends because you know they will love him, but if they don't you will still love him as much
6. You feel hurt and depress over him, but eager to solve that problem with him for the greater good
7. You want to cook for him, bath with him, put your head on his shoulder when he drive but he never minds and feels the same
8. You feel like having sex with him more than once, but never set rules or complain if he doesn't feel the same
9. You can let down your mask, guard and just be you - the naked you, and he does the same
10. You find 1001 ways to make him smile and laugh, but not constraint only to when he is sad

The list goes on and I realize that probably the best way is to live and love with moderation. Avoid pitfalls and shit spitting vipers the best. So lilpixie, I hope your Mr lilpixie fulfills the above and vice versa with you.

Lilpixie ... I wish you the best and with my blessings for your ROM tomorrow. BTW, remember you told me that you wanted to reserve that special seat for my special someone on your wedding day so that we both could share your happiness? I don't think I found anybody yet ... sorry to dissapoint you but I leave it to you to match make me! Haha

Friday, January 7, 2011

Macy Gray - I try

Cannot help it, this brings back too much memories!

Cannot believe how she made that song no.1 but I think it was that catchy line "Say goodbye and I choke" and her voice

Beauty in the World - Macy Gray

I may not be a soulful singer, but am sure a big fan of it. Especially when R&B is mixed along with the tunes. One thing for sure, it makes ma booty shakes as if I am high on marijuana!

Absolutely loved her I try single back in 1999, and a decade later still grooving to her.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It has been a few days since fireworks burst into colors welcoming the year of 2011. Amazingly, time has passed by. When I talk about my Uni days with Mr Watch, especially back in Cyberjaya ... it hits me that it was half a decade ago. Although I miss the good ol times, I was not exactly the best of myself then. Not entirely evil, but it was a period of trial and errors

Today, I sit among the comfort of great friends and with soulful music filling the quiet air of city lights ... I have found again contentment. For the short moment this feeling will live and I know soon, it will be swallowed whole again.

To reminisce like how MK puts it, I want to detail down some past few interesting findings since the fireworks;

An acquaintance who shared the Oreo cheese cake and Chocolate moist cake told me that he regret letting love pass his time. A few years later, the feeling lingers a shade of disappointment and loneliness that is too late. He said "Trust me, Andrew it is impossible to find love in this circle and to let it go, you are just asking for it". I never believe him, but looking into his eyes and heart, I found similarities and fear among my own. Something has to be done

I spent the new year the way I like it and it was simple, meaningful and very relaxing. That said, I look back and wonder why I never got my wish during Christmas. In the past I depended on my X to make Christmas wonderful and it is. But somehow, I never really got the chance to fulfill my wish to shop for Christmas decorations and going through the trouble of getting it up, picking the color scheme and working around the budget. I vow to make that change in 2011, it is probably easier since I do not have to worry that much anymore.

While in gym, I realize that confidence and friends is crucial to avoid boredom, self pity and unnecessary attention. Although some degree of attention is good to boost that narcissism trait of mine. To top it up, I finally understand the true meaning of going to the gym which is to have a healthy workout and to execute as much weight exercise as possible to avoid waste in my daily routine protein intake and finally getting the lines to seeing 4 squares on my tummy. That said, diet is important too. Selecting your food is vital!

So ... three details to remember. Somehow, they sound like resolutions don't they?