Thursday, August 10, 2006

The boring updates

Firstly, I would love to congratulate Jimmy on his new place! I suppose, now he is officially "jia chu xi"! MUAHAHAHAHA .... Love you bro and dear catwalk; wait for me!

I think I am bored of Melbourne. I can't believe I am saying this! Life have been so busy lately that I actually felt the routine and loneliness. Usual, miss my friends. What else is new eh!?!?!? Thank goodness Eva and Grace is around. I bet if they weren't, I might have taken drugs to keep myself sane.

Last week was hell. Work, school work, shooting, production, editing and life! Keep it short and sweet, it was a tough week but still had a great suprise birthday dinner from the girls. Yeap, I am officially twenty-one since last week. Need to hunt for a key now ... hehehe *and I just know the right place to find one!

Grace also has been driving lately. We were able to borrow her friend's car for a day or two. Thus, we just drove around (usually for work) and groceries. FYI, I am doing a walker job. Spend two days walking around a neighbourhood delivering promotional materials and newspaper. The car comes as a storage mobility! Good cheap exercise but not much a pay. I rather get lower pay rates than confront with pathetic cheapo useless bosses! BTW, I took legal action on my previous boss. A free law service provided by Monash *Cheers to that! Why don't we ever get something like that in Malaysia eh???

Either than that, this belated birthday boy has decided to stay in for the weekend, read and save some cash for shopping soon. Maybe I will post up some pictures from my birthday. I will think about it.

Happy Ghost Festival Month everyone!


  1. Hi,this is Allan from subang too,have been reading your blog for a while now,can we be freind?Can i have your MSN address?Have a nice day!!

  2. hi happy late birthday ;)
    should post more pic of ur life in AUS kekeke

  3. melbourne suppose to be good isn't it? i like melbourne alot

  4. Hmm poor you lil b'day boy. When was your birthday? Anyway happy belated birthday!

  5. Thanx bro.... dont worry..will have another party when u come back.. and yes u will have to do the catwalk...hahahaha.... enjoy your time in Melbourne... dont worry....i miss sydney...hehehe...