Saturday, August 5, 2006

Still Alive

Sorry for not updating my blog. Busy week. Alot to do, very little time and easily get distracted. Just to drop by and let you ya'oll know I am still pretty much alive. Help me out with some research stuff would ya? Love to know your opinions ...

Do you think you are romatic? Is it true that romance courtship only last for the first few months of a relationship? Are they any rare cases where romance still lives on after years? How would you define a romatic relationship???


  1. I am a romantic! And I believe in romance after many years because my parents are still like high school lovers. Oh well they were. Pak tho so much, my mother always follow my dad overseas leave me and my bro to my nanny, boohoohoo. Lol. They are good parents, and they are like glued together. -.- I'm not kidding.
    For me, romantic relationship is a couple being in love, old or young, and care for each other and spend the time making each other happy, be it a bouquet of roses or just sleeping in :P

  2. I am romantic....
    romantic relationships is when the heart speaks to the heart all the time...

  3. I like to 'think' i am a romantic :P though people around me do think of me as one. I do believe that romance would die down after the 1st few months of courtship. However, it all depends on the individuals - as nothing comes without hardwork - its up to the couple on how much they value love n relationships to work to keep the flame going *wink* Maintainance takes time and effort.

  4. i like your blog, and the banner too! i will update about the romantic part later on~

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