Friday, April 29, 2005


this blog is not done! ahahah .... 30% completed ... the element and colours is there but yah ... it is not done. will be officially launch next month ... i promise

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Beautiful Washing Machine

The Star Weekend pg31 reviews James Lee's BWM to be art with F.

I will say - it should be a F minus~~~

Always justify your point rite? here we go

1 - never never ever assume what the audience know what are you trying to convey! Be artistic and sensible at the same time. Not everyone is an art / film student!

2 - its too monotounous and long. each scene doesnt have really an editor to do certain cuts which lead on to long boring -pleasekillme- mood which further darken the film - negatively not artistically that is

3 - 16 people left the cinema before the show ended. thats like alot! and hey theres only less than 50 in it. James really know how to like rip someone's cash off! hahaha

4 - i know its an art film but wouldnt an art film be even more credible and efficient when the audiences stays in the cinema, not talked, throw empty bottles to the screen at the end (not me, a guy infront of me did that!) or even like slept! people should actually benefit something from it? rite? rite?

5 - style is subjective. if you cant make people like'em, join em - i say. NOT - kill em!

6 - too many redundant scenes just to glue the scenes together to get a story which is like THERE IS NO STORY!

7 - many characters left question marks. dont really get the meaning of the characters or should i say none of us kinda remember who is who and who is what and who is why - characters are alil abstract in their own portrayal - perhaps its time slowness of the show :P

8 - there was a camera reflection on the washing machine ! helo! editor???? man!

9 - actors are quite - erm - bad (or is it me - i mean does all high artistic film need to have boring, ugly dark, dont move much and dont talk much character?). Not to mentioned that some characters look like they haven sleep in days and just did the movie for the sake of doing it! (no wonder no art director or makeup artist credited! )

10 - Ending seem to be alil abrupt - leaving audience like - ? and "so?" - not good not good and music only came out this kinda time - HELLO - we lose mood 15 minutes down the beginning.

THERE you go,10 reasons why i think its an F- but well - all films has its own "quality" and sense of appreciation (hey it got a sundance award ya!) If you wanna watch it - trust me! you need some food, sweets, a pillow and also a watch!

anyhow - i m learning html codes to refurnish my blog! kinda getting some design done too. gurantee! next month you guys will see a new blog ya


Friday, April 15, 2005


andrewkin blogspot is currently on renovations

i felt like a loser after seeing everyone's blog looked like their private diary
while mine is just plain and dumb! sigh* i suppose i need to upgrade :-P

went out with muah bunch of bitches! hahaha
watched hitch - my rating out of 10 for that movie would be 7
funny and quite down to earth
*man i love the sony electronics*


i finally saw a small wallet that i can put muah coins and still look small and sleek! man - that wallet was so cool! even muah bitches said it was cun! too bad i cant get it - price tat is although it is not tat expensive but ya - no la!

well, thats for today. u wont get to see my comments for some time - thanks anyway for reading

Thursday, April 14, 2005

lost and FOUND

They found it~ they found it!
*jumping up and down*
woo hoo~~~~

Police found all my stuff in my wallet except that the wallet and rm20 in it is gone. well i suppose thats good cos then i wont have to go through the trouble of getting everything re-done! hahahaha

anyhow i will get a smaller wallet as i do not like to cramp things in my pocket. well, thats how i lost my previous one! haha cos its too big n bulky (after putting everything in - it was like godzilla)

anyhow thanks everyone who was there for me

my bros - i love u guys! u all have been there for my ups and downs! MUahh!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Stupid Government

I woke up like 6.30am just to get to the Shah Alam MYKAD office to replace my old lost identification card. Arrive about 7.30 and waited in a que outside the not open office till 7.50.

My number was a heart relief. 8016 - which means i am the 16 person. It was good

As number continue to beep - it was finnally my turn which time shows - 8.30am. I was early, i deserve to get it over and done early! AND - the lady at the counter told me this:

I am sorry but the service system is down at the moment. I am not able to retreive your info but the new IC applications can be done manual (you see, mine is lost, not a renewal - thus - i have to wait).

Went mamak with my bro and was back at 9.15 to continue the stupid process of waiting for the bloody network to be fix.

10am i was asked to the counter and the network was still down. The lady was very nice enough to tell me sweetly (thou she look so damm garang - i mean seriously!) and that i would have to come back another time. I complain and i got a bonus out of it! hahaha

The next time i come back, i wont have to que! Yahoo! but the gov should really like have a IT team or something. Many times i heard this kinda complain

If a police catches me without IC - he will get a piece of me on the government! and yah - u got all the money to like spend on trees and roads and your beautiful hill houses but no money to hire someone to maintain the government service system?

Sigh* Malaysia government is so whimpy

Lost and not found

I lost my wallet today in KLCC.

I admit i wasnt quite myself. Some things came up and i was bothered and in away blank - no thinking! thats how i was so bloody careless and not noticing i left the entire wallet in the toilet. How pathetic and stupid can i get huh!!>!>!

Things i lost:
Identification Card
Driving Lisense
RHB ATM card
Maybank ATM card
Starbuck and San fransisco "chopchop" card
Burger King - GSC voucher
MCd coupons
Insurance card
Guild card
some religious pendant

I suppose it is fated but i will miss my wallet. I like it alot but i suppose when you are not yourself at a present moment, you will in a way leave some scars behind. This case, my wallet can only be experiencing 3 things:

1 in dustbin
2 in Masjid Jamek jualan murah sale
3 some kind of ugly useless people who use it

AGH - pity my wallet

Monday, April 11, 2005

Pain Gone - 4EVER!

Went to the sifu that day, and it is confirmed that my long lasting always stomach pain thinge is gone . gone . gone.

WOO HOO! yes*
but i have to becareful in my consumption
less ice helps reduce pain (this is gonna tough during hot days!)
and less spicy and sour stuff (good, can somehow control my pimple!)

overall, guys thanks for being there for me
will make it up for d movies we miss ... hugs

mode-holiday working mode

Monday, April 4, 2005

Lost & Found

Its always nice to feel something longed left behind ....

Sunday Blog

Summary event of my Sunday

12am - 2am
Watched Miss Congeniality 2 - ratings 2 thumbs up for Tina Turner scene and also the "sudden honk walk part"!

3am - 7am
Read book and slept

7am - 11am
Chien Bing(I know i spell tat wrongly!) at Nirvana Kajang Memorial Park. Had to take like 2 Panadol Actifast. Was really having a headache. Not enough sleep and the hot weather kills! But my aunts are all there. I mean every year they are there. Had a "buffet" feast -_-"' and met this girl from my college. My grandpa's cemetery is just like neighbours to hers! But she look so hot! i mean it was hot but ya ... hot!

11am - 3pm
Stuck in STUPID JAM! Sam Vellu should just be shotgun! Can u imagine? 3 hours ... Dad is a strong warrior, he endure the entire jam. My uncles too. I was too busy sleeping

3pm - 4pm
Lunch. This is what i had:
Spicy argument and entire family was practically screaming their voices out (to outwit the noise from heavy rain outside restaurant)! Except my sister. Usual, she's the lone zombie.

4pm - 6pm
Chat Online, Did my GC111 signature - so tired

6pm - 8pm

8pm - 10pm
Chated with my bro
Downloaded songs

10pm - 12am
1paragraph for MCI 211 & 1 page for FTV241 script
going out to yamcha!

Thats my day!

Saturday, April 2, 2005

Utopian Friendship

I think friendship is kinda over rated or over defined in reality. Dont you think so? I mean i have no idea how other people see friendship or their best buddies, but this is how i see it:

Something that will always be there for you no matter what. Something that makes you or people around you laugh to bits when they see you all around. Something that shares the inner true self without lies or doubt. Something that no matter what you turn up to be, you are still accepted. Something you can joke about laugh at and still love each other to bits. Something you shared only within the circle. Something special you will treasure each other companionship and feelings. Something which everyone envy looking at. Something that cannot be tore apart no matter what is the case. Something i called a shoulder to cry on, ears to listen and place for confession and expression. Something very special and sacred. Something you call names after each other. Something no matter what still stays the same. Something something.

Something is quite utopia and hard to achieve. I suppose i shouldnt doubt so much about it and just "take each step at a time" eh~~~