Saturday, June 24, 2006


I don't get some people. These are the few people I don't really fancy and particularly like ... but they are around me ... always seems to be around me ...

  1. People who expect alot and place their high-stressful expectations on you, WANTING you to achieve it ... aka the boss
  2. People who talk bad about people here, there and everywhere and not shy to do it ... aka the pathetic attention seekers
  3. People who don't make the effort to do something ... aka the bummers
  4. People who obviously knows the obvious but believes that denial or ignorant can overshadow the obvious ... aka the liar
  5. People who ask a million questions and answer themselves ... aka the irritating freaks
  6. People who fight back after a lost ... aka the sore loser
I wish I have a shotgun ... shot'em all down ... Save the world, give myself a rest from mentally being disturbed ...


  1. Well yeah I agree.
    I guess that's how the world works, and that's what makes it so interesting, and irritating at the same time.

    Stay cool boy. Hugs.


  2. How about people who ask for sex. U like them or not....


  3. and the carpenters..... dont ya forget them....

  4. Sigh...
    I understand but this is part and parcel of our lives. Have to live with it even if these people threaten our lives' opportunities and our precious sanity to the max.
    Incinerator laser works better though (Remember The War of the Worlds?)