Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The weak Heterosexual

Today I did something no gay guy would do! I speak football with my boss. I not only speak football, I told him I played defence back in school and it's not a lie!. The only reason why I did that was to shut him up. Is it me? or most heterosexuals , especially those with powers - babbles? I know; I am slow and not as skillful as a carpenter - LIKE DUH! but you don't have to keep repeating and constantly reminding me that a "man" should learn how to quickly do up a cupboard - or rather in the furniture jargon; a four drawer light teak entertainment unit. Eva calls it; the TV table. There you go!

I bet if we were wrestling with clothes and scissors - He would bow and kneel to me, praising me like WONDER WOMAN or something! Afterall, I grew with fashion and shopping ... not some dead teak, wooden "TV table". Well, that is obviously not the case. Anyway - I made a point. From now onwards, there shall not be any more complains about work. Since I made my mind and has decided to work there, I just had to live with it. Afterall, giving up is not me. I shall come up with more football stuff (protege"ing" from Eva!) and learn to shut him up. It works... all it takes its a little fact about any football stuff and they totally forgot their main point of conversations ...

No wonder heterosexuals are so weak ... in the mind sense that is ...


  1. bravo bravo.... smart carpenter ya!! :p

    i do agree that MOST of them have less insights...

    WE on the other hand are cunning and fast.... heheh

  2. Hehe, and I can't believe I'm following soccer now.
    I would call me dad a powerful man, and he is a man of few words. He scares the beejesus out of everyone -.-
    How's the weather there right now! It's been raining all day with winds and all, so annoying, cos I was out in a skirt! Gah.

  3. btw, u're tagged, go work ur manly carpetery brain of yours to see how u can take up this one hehehe..

  4. hahahhh... andrew dear... that's why i prefer to hang out wif u, so gentlemen, so sensitive... hik hik... but gay or not gay, everybody, i mean everybody man, woman or woo men... shud know a little here and there about all those DIY thingy... put up furniture, change bulbs, change car tyres... and etc... easy one lah...