Sunday, December 17, 2006

Selina's wedding

Attended Selina's wedding last night. The wedding was well planned, the food were good and the crowd is supportive and cheerful (even during the "yam seng" ceremony!). Something I hardly experienced in weddings. What to do? Most family members are traditional Chinese-type, where weddings are usually held at restaurants instead of hotels. Anyway seeing Alvin, Janet and Kenny getting drunk last night was a whole lot of fun. Overall, the dinner was enjoyable. I am so happy for Selina and Yean. They looked very happy together and I wish them the best of luck in everything they are about to endure in the future. Seeing them being strong for each other really got me thinking how special a relationship can be and ... can get. I suppose they are right with the saying that "it is not easy to find that special someone. So when you do, appreciate them". That said, those out there who have that special someone - never give up on each other if there is still love and for those who are enduring singlehood - never give up on love.

Best wishes guys

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