Sunday, September 10, 2006

It's about the sleeping

After 10hours of sleep and a whole lot of mess with ALC314 Advertising unit last night, I wake up feeling just a little better. No headache or what so ever but only a backpain. That reminds me of my bed back in Subang. Sigh* Miss that mattress! Good support and tough, compared to the beds here - soft till the extend you could feel the spring with your back. Now that explains the backpain!

When Alvin talks about being picky with his pillow, I so totally agree with him. I mean, picking a pillow is like picking the partner you hug to sleep at night! The pillow ought to be not too hard nor too soft for me. The pillow got to have that softness where I would just doze off as soon as I put my head on it. And of course, the pillow gotta be "smell-free" regardless of it's material. Some has that kinda feel that it smells ... urgh ....

Then we have the mattress! I love my mattress (the one back in Malaysia) and I so totally agree that the higher the price - the better it is. LIKE DUH! Go for a good brand and look for a particular attribute. What do you want from your mattress? Extra support, good padding? Tough cookie? Soft? Something you can hump and pump on? and FYI, size does matter! If you have a partner that loves to sleep over - dump that single and get a queen. If you have a partner that loves to do martial art when he sleeps over - dump the queen, get a king! If you like to feel you partner and hug him closely to sleep, a supersingle would be just nice ...

Another thing important thing about sleeping is the hair! I don't know about you guys, but long hair keeps me awake. I fell the heat behind my head. Am still wondering how girls sleep. BTW, got a new hair cut last friday. Man ... I love the new hair. For 20 dollars at Sui, it is so worth the money. I think this is my hair. You know - THE hair that suits me. hahaha

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Lastly, the decor is very important when you sleep. I can't sleep in a room where everything is disoriented and messy. Of course, I think many who knows my sleeping "style" - disagree with that! hahaha. Anyway - the color white and earthy color makes me feel more comfortable. I think it applies to most people. Give me a raise of hand, people those who can sleeps in bright-shocking red walls?........ Jimmy raises hand.....

Make sure everything is fengshui directed too. No sharp "blades" disturbing your chi when you sleep. No mirror reflection. No computers or mechanism that is on. No legs facing directly at the door. No sleeping head first to the bathroom door. If you ain't sure ... go grab Lilian Too's book or borrow one from Kenny. Hehehehe.

and of course, a glass of water right beside me ...


  1. nice hair !!
    but you already knew that didn't you? hehe
    i think having those thin nonspring mattress on top of a spring mattress is the ultimate combo
    hotel pillows are the worst

  2. Nice hair cut. I bet we all now can run our fingers through your hair. ;) hahaha

  3. Love the new hairdo!
    Btw, what rahsia you korek from Sean when you chatted with him on msn a few days ago ah? Heheheh

  4. Ooh~ nice hair but don't get too flattered too much or else you'll get cowlicks! Choi~
    Haha anyway since you're so particular with room conditions, you'd better come and try my hostel room in USM -.-" So 'nice' I can guarantee you'll hop on the first flight to Melbourne immediately.
    Foam mattress, no pillow (I have to bring one here), bad feng shui for bed position, inverted window area, bla bla bla... See the pix in my blog for youself.
    *sweats embarrassingly*

  5. haha, gosh, SO bebanyak kriteria kriteria!

    haha, i guess that's a good attribute?

    guess i am a tough nut then, like hard matress and pillows :)

  6. love your new look... cepat cepat balik sini...

  7. OMG ... i have the same hairdo too!!! (... i know ... this is a terribly delayed reaction)


  8. simon - two mattress??? sounds like a plan! *hehe

    cava - o_0, well ... I am very sure you will have different thoughts when you see the real me! :P

    hafiz - OMIGosh ... it was him on MSN that day? I should have known!!! Something was different!

    jolynn - I am very sure if I visited you, the moving-truck will be accompanying me ... hehe

    xavier - well, thats provided if notroh woods sell'em ! lol

    leo - *blush blush. coming back ... soon ...

    alvin - ah? same hairdo? hehe ... I bet your's much cuter ...