Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Merdeka ...

Since that most of my readers are from Malaysia ... Happy Merdeka everyone!

Would love to share my most favourite Merdeka Advert with you guys. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I do ...

and also ... this one too :P

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vampire Look

I've just finish watching Underworld Evolution with Grace. I know I am so..ooooo outdated, but hey, better late than never! Anyway, it was not a bad movie. Werewolves battling vampires, tearing each other apart, and bloods spattering everywhere … gore but compared to Van Helsing – UE is way much better! Moreover, werewolves there were mostly nude! Of course, I am talking about the ‘human’ form of it … want their abs! Don’t mind being one if I have their abs!

It’s quite interesting how Eva said Vampire has a kind of look (sleek, sharp, cool and ‘blood-sucky’ type) and Werewolves has another look (macho, rough, huge and “cowboy” look). Of course, we are talking in terms of the human portrayal (minus the CG) in pop media and Hollywood!

Eva told me that I somehow have that Vampire look. NOT THE VAMPIRE LOOK, but close to one. I suppose she meant, I look like some lean bloodsucking creature that has sharp facial features, demonical stares, sleeps upside down (except that I am always upside down anyway) and cannot see the “light” due to multiple various I-bet-you-know-what reasons!

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You can suck muahs blood anytime!

Come to think of it, I totally don’t mind. I think would be the Asian-China-Beng type. HAHAHA. I must be drunk! Not the zombie-vampire, “keong see” but a Western-China-Beng one. You get what I mean right??? To be frank, I don’t mind being a vampire – you get nice-cool outfits, lives in big huge mansion, immortal, hates the sun (now that’s a natural), possess awesome kungfu while looking graceful and sensual drinking off a goblet and most vampires do look rather cool and mysterious and you KICK ASS! Though, biting someone on the neck seems a’lil unglamorous …

Of course, if I am a vampire, it would be a HUGE disgrace to the clan, tribe or whatever you call’em! I would be the one that stands out from them. Asian and Fukgly. Who knows, they might just throw me out in the sun and I bet if a Werewolf sees me – he will turn straight into a stone. Of course, then that will make me Medusa. Now THAT I don’t mind!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Am I ???


Hot-Impression Pro
You're a master at making a sizzling impact without leaving skid marks. "You're able to enter a situation, whether it's a job interview or a first date, and come away with people wanting to know more about you, and that's what makes you so magnetic," says Leil Lowndes, author of How to Be a People Magnet.

Another wow-worthy trait you possess: intuition. "You know how to pick up on other people's cues so your moves are appropriate to the situation," says Debra Rosenzweig, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in New York City. For example, you'll be daring enough to toss out a naughty joke to a new group of girls at a bridal shower or compliment a random stud's iPod picks to warm him up to you, but if you hit dead air during an interview, you won't fall back on the same sexy tactics. Instead, you'll cleverly spark your interviewer's interest by lobbing him a question that gets him talking about himself (most people's fave subject). Bottom line: You know that creating a fab first connection means showing interest in others, then pulling back juuuust enough to get them intrigued.

Hmmmm ....

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Who at fault?

I think most of you guys and girls back in Malaysia read about the MAS, AirAsia and Transport Minister bakering each other on some tiny issues (where our DPM obviously couldn't care less!!!). If you haven't and want details, do a search on StarOnline. I'll do everyone a favor and summarize.

MAS, AirAsia and Transport Minister tries and resolve frequent air delayed issues, but found no solution what-so-ever. DPM finds it childish so this happened ...

PUTRAJAYA: A massive traffic jam downtown resulted in Transport Minister Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy having to call off a scheduled meeting with representatives from the country’s two major airlines Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia.

According to an aide, the minister had been caught in a traffic jam in Kuala Lumpur for around an hour.

“The meeting was fixed for 5pm but has to be postponed to a later date, which has yet to be fixed,” he said when contacted here yesterday.

On Thursday, MAS managing director and CEO Idris Jala had indicated that he wanted to meet with Chan after the minister expressed his unhappiness over the mounting number of passenger complaints about flight delays.


BODOH GILA!!! and definetely the most hillarious news I read so far ... I hope this incident shine some light onto SamyVellu on his brilliant road works. Soon, we will see more of such news - PM calls off Summit due to traffic, DPM calls of national security meeting due to bad traffic, Delayed meeting with visiting minister from countries due to traffic, Late comers for world conference due traffic and Samy Vellu died on his way to hospital due to bad traffic congestion

I love the roads in Malaysia. Can't wait to get back and have a feel for it!!!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Beyonce on EVAogue

This is extracted from EVAogue. Beyonce talks about her latest album with reporter-cum-fashion analyst-cum-mediastudent-cum-cum-cum andrewkin.

Yo girl, long time no see! Congratulation on your latest album, Bday and the phenomenal video clip!

Hey andrew! Thanks so much. It's nice to see you again after that Lets Skin'em Fur Fashion Show at Milan.

So you found anything you like?

Everything! I love the polar bears, the panda bears, the fox bears, bears and bears and more bears and anything with fur on it!

*Phew, guess I am not your type since I have more hair than fur. Anyway, What is the inspiration for your latest album?

My antelope name tribal and my poodle, ecstasy.

Oh, that explains the hair-do and the out of control dance. You must have lost your breath there.

The dance was exhilarating. It was kinda fun to lose control and be crazy in love with this new song.

So did Jay-Z inspire you too for this new album?

Yeah, his my soldier!

But the dance you had with him in the video stirs up alot of comments. How did you guys feel when you did the dance?

It was sensual, sexual and sort of DeJavu

*Thinks of SeanPaul and the Babyboy thinge

Jay-Z was himself in the video clip ...

... Ignoring you?

Oh no! We do that quite often. We ain't want to give our fans an impression that we are the next Whitney Houston-Bobby Brown kinda thinge. No offence to Whitney. She is still the diva and I luv ya!

So let's talk about your new style. As I can see from your new cover and video clip, you have this new hairdo that is totally "inspiring". Did you get that from somewhere too?

Yeah! There is this one time, Jay and I were walking at the park and he said "Girl, that looks like a bee hive, I wonder how would you look like if that thing falls onto your head". So I asked my makeup artist and hair stylist to picture and aesthetically design my new image according to what Jay said. After all, I ain't want people focusing too much on my bootylicious butt.

I am a lil lost, but I got that down. Let's move on and get back into the discussion about the video clip. There were some controversies and fans were not happy. I heard, they even proposed a petition to remake the video. What do you think about that?

I am an independent woman. I make decisions based on my emotions. Even the dance was me just loading it off. The director had no objection to it although the editors were having a tough time, but they pulled through. One of them did end up at the asylum. But I swear it wasn't me!

I am lost again, but hey girl - Your one survivor!

NOW! Say my name! *Laugh


*Jumpin jumpin! WHoa! I felt like I am with Oprah!

HUH?... Are you alright?

Yeah, just a lil dangerously in love with your interview!

!@$*!@$!@#!%!@%#!&(%&$?$^^$@@. OoooooooK! Let's wrap it up. I did a lil impersonation of your album. What do you think of it? *handing over Beyonce a piece of paper;

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


我很想你 你知道吗
如果可以 就让我再见你
美好微笑 清澈眼睛

我很想你 听见了吗
这是唯一 我无解的困境
那些过去 不肯过去

只能叹息 都不是你

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The boring updates

Firstly, I would love to congratulate Jimmy on his new place! I suppose, now he is officially "jia chu xi"! MUAHAHAHAHA .... Love you bro and dear catwalk; wait for me!

I think I am bored of Melbourne. I can't believe I am saying this! Life have been so busy lately that I actually felt the routine and loneliness. Usual, miss my friends. What else is new eh!?!?!? Thank goodness Eva and Grace is around. I bet if they weren't, I might have taken drugs to keep myself sane.

Last week was hell. Work, school work, shooting, production, editing and life! Keep it short and sweet, it was a tough week but still had a great suprise birthday dinner from the girls. Yeap, I am officially twenty-one since last week. Need to hunt for a key now ... hehehe *and I just know the right place to find one!

Grace also has been driving lately. We were able to borrow her friend's car for a day or two. Thus, we just drove around (usually for work) and groceries. FYI, I am doing a walker job. Spend two days walking around a neighbourhood delivering promotional materials and newspaper. The car comes as a storage mobility! Good cheap exercise but not much a pay. I rather get lower pay rates than confront with pathetic cheapo useless bosses! BTW, I took legal action on my previous boss. A free law service provided by Monash *Cheers to that! Why don't we ever get something like that in Malaysia eh???

Either than that, this belated birthday boy has decided to stay in for the weekend, read and save some cash for shopping soon. Maybe I will post up some pictures from my birthday. I will think about it.

Happy Ghost Festival Month everyone!

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Still Alive

Sorry for not updating my blog. Busy week. Alot to do, very little time and easily get distracted. Just to drop by and let you ya'oll know I am still pretty much alive. Help me out with some research stuff would ya? Love to know your opinions ...

Do you think you are romatic? Is it true that romance courtship only last for the first few months of a relationship? Are they any rare cases where romance still lives on after years? How would you define a romatic relationship???