Friday, October 27, 2006

Echoes in a Falling Leaf

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My voice echoes,
No matter how many leaves I saw falling,
I felt the warmth of a new life.

A perfect day?
Never a perfect person.

So help me echo my voice, my presence and my strength,
Because I felt the stranger in you.
It's not my will to feel the blankness,
It was not my intention to stay in it,
It is the leaf I saw falling.

Warmth new life?
That is not perfect.
New scars will come ... and the leaves will fall again .
But I am glad it fell.

Help me echo my voice, my song and my heart beat,
Because I felt the warmth, the new scars and the perfect person,
It was not the new life I felt,
It was the leaf ... ever falling


  1. yo, ppl change the header oo~~~, how ya doing there ler? tkcr k, tt~
    miss ya...

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