Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gracious! It's Friday?

Friday has always been like a weekend for me. Waking up late, doing things that are not really productive, procrastinating work, planning night outings, and even if I get to go home early, I will choose not to. You can call it the luxury for a freelancer. Same goes for the Friday that just passed. I did everything as mentioned above, except that this time around ... I did them without any guilt. Usually I will fell sober and melancholic over my unproductive supposedly-working day ... but today, NOT A SINGLE GUILT. Empty feeling. It seems to wandered around my head ... then pop, its gone. I am getting used to unproductive days.

Matilah macam ni! Macam mana nak cari duit. No motivation, No push, No self-disipline, No guilt! I am starting to worry. So here I am at my desk, 2 am ... scavenging on any leftovers of Friday - editing picture while I am blogging!

Friday rambles aside ... I wanted to write about bad malaysian drivers but figure that most of the readers would already know it. I also wanted to write about the police force crowding the streets during this festive season, but also I figure you guys would already know about that. Then, I wanted to write about how dangerous, inconsiderate and vengeful certain females drivers are but I think most people would already know about this too. Then, I wanted to warn drivers about the stories I heard from Kenny in regards to attempt hijacks on cars done by Indian drivers in a group, but I really do not want to spark of any racial tensions and I concluded that even though I did not want to talk about them ... I did afterall ... silly rite ...

Well ... back to work! Gosh, I so want another Friday. Can reverse time ka? I promise this time around I won't slack, procrastinate or play PS2 ...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lunch and Something Joe

Had lunch at mamak today and spent an hour reading my book. Gosh, it is such a destructive content and a book filled with rejection, depression, loneliness and negativity. I figured it was not a suitable book to read at a time of peace, with the monsoon breeze lightly caressing your face and a great cup of teh ais accompanying you. So much for impersonating Virginia Woolf reading in a cottage garden.

No doubt the book is a still a very good read. Definitely worth having a dictionary around! It was highly recommended to me by Eva and I highly recommended it to Lee. Both loved the book. I loved the cracks and sex in the book. Thankfully, I am not involved in any. The author's description and story-telling is vivid enough to illustrate the emotional instability and fake happiness one goes through with cracks. I just wish I could write like him.

Talking about recommendations, if you are a summer-movie fanatic for action based genre screenings ... go for G.I. Joe. That is one stylo-mylo, non-stop action packed movie. The only let down was that Scarlett and Baroness should really have cat fight a little longer with some hair pulling, bitch slapping and pussy kicking, as how Kenny put it and I dramatized. Either than that the whole movie was really fun to watch. Brainess, effortless and definitely worth the money. For those who oogle over leather outfits, ninja flips, green liquid melting the cities, the wayan brother joke and packs of abs, go watch it

Now, I can't wait for this to arrive ...


Monday, August 24, 2009

Claire's Bday

Eh Sudah mula puasa? CEPATNYA masa berlalu ... sekelip mata, satu tahun berlalu bagaikan angin bertiup.

The alarm went off about 930am and I was suppose to get up, clear my todo list and start planning my next course of action. I did not, and only manage to crawl out bed 2 hours later. My body was aching from the shock training from gym yesterday. Way the go Nizam! You are sure one hell a trainer.

As soon as I was awake, I quickly turned on my itunes. It is so me. Cannot live without music. Played Ning Baizura and decided to post another blated post. Claire's Bday at Little Korea, Solaris Mont Kiara. Not an expensive place to dine in. Since I am a Korean food enthusiast, or all time favourite ... I would recommend this place.

The Bday girl

She totally can blend with the wallpaper

Ok la ... going to continue my work. To all my friends, readers or relatives, if any ... selamat berpuasa ... dan selamat berbuka puasa jugak!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Redang 2009

As I sit on my chair waiting to pour my wonderful experience in Redang, I just realise that I spent the past 20minutes looking through the 1.8G pictures taken from last week trip and how backdated I am to blog about it! I am quite sure many have seen the pictures, news and etc on Facebook. So I am going to do something else than just posting up pictures, I am going to try and pour my thoughts into writing this post.

The fun thing about going on trips, even though they might be boring and that you are emotionally wrecked is you have a bunch of wacky friends that are constantly gossiping, pillow-talking, posing to camera, what I call "syiok sendiri" and entertaining - It helps keep your mind off negative things. My trip was simply fun (at times) because of that. Being the clown of the group, it was nice to see everyone laugh at my dorkiness, bubbly-dirty jokes and also my "drag-like" natural poses. I wish I wasn't like that, but well ...

All of us ... Clockwise from top left - Nick, Jimmy, Lee, Edward, Nilson, Wick, Vivian, Joanne, Girlie, Sara, (sitting) Nat, Dr Kok, Anthony, Ethan ... Hmmm ... Next pic, with me (sitting second from left)... Wee (most top) and Kiddo (most right)

Wonderboys? Or Powerrangers? from left ... Nilson, Wick, Jimmy (Er Ge), Edward, Ethan

There were about 17 of us, all ready to do all sort of things at Laguna. After waking up at 4am, taking the ride to LCCT, then a plane, a bus, a ferry and clocking in about 11pm to reach the resort ... we headed straight to the buffet lunch, throw on our sun tan lotion and head towards the beach. As soon as Dr Kok joined us, we were up and ready for some warm-up yoga poses and headed straight to the sea. Of course, with a boat ferrying us to CK Bay - our first snorkelling location with plenty full fishes, corals and a whole lot of sun.

Dr Kok = Yoga!

Ethan, Nat and Er Ge

Me with Lee, Er Ge and Nat

Of course, most of us also took the opportunity to have our underwater picture taken. Happened second day at Marina Bay! Here are some of those that I absolutely love ... except mine ...

Nilson with the aquaman pose...

Edward with the flying eagle goddess pose ...

Me ...

Then there are the solo-wannabe models, or rather ... already a model! Haha


Bikine Lee!



Everyone knows how beautiful unexplored or new destinations are. Redang is one of these treasures that I pray hard the Malaysia Government will keep. I hope that both locals and international visitors will appreciate the beauty and do their best to keep it "natural". Keep the plastic and bags away from the opague lime-like waters. Keep the corals, rocks and sand where they belong. And definitely, keep your rubbish to yourselves when snorkelling! The beauty of swimming in a navy blue sea, turquoise ocean and with plentyful of marine fishes is wonderful.

Me and Nat before diving into the splendid warm sea

Me and Lee, the best babe with gorgeous boobs!

Wacko Family - Sara, Ethan, Me, Jimmy (ErGe), Anthony (TaGe)

Dr Kok and Sara


In summary, we did most of what a group of close friends would do on a beach trip. Eating, buffet-ing, snacking, talking, joking, gossiping, singing, dancing, acting, impersonating, snorkelling, diving, sun tanning, sun burning, banana boating, swimming, soaking, lazing, sleeping, volley balling, pillow-talking, makeup-ing, reading and most important, entertaining!


I certainly hope to keep all the great friends I made through this trip. Thanks Jimmy for organizing such a wonderful trip that involve peeps from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Australia and Malaysia ... bye bye Redang for now ...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wait ... Wait ...

I am writing something. Yes, I've been busy ... VERY BUSY, and friends have been asking me to get a Facebook instead of updating my blog. I am still considering it, but most likely will shelve the idea. I am certain FB will be phase out quite soon. But I wonder if FB has a blog you can write, that may the only reason I may apply an account at FB. Anyhow! I will be posting something very soon. I promise it will be long, filled with pictures and ramblings ... Check back in soon

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Confessions before Redang

Enough! I say! I am leaving to Redang in a few hours and with fatigue hitting me, I am quite close to canceling the trip, disssapoint my friend and mourn my miserable life. The main reason is because my mood is badly affected by a string of unfortunate events.

Firstly, my client is dissatisfied with our corporate video. Although Eva and I both have follow the guidelines, script, approved-storyboard, our client (being "clients") always have unpleasant feedbacks about the rushed-urgent-last-minute-low-budget project. Somehow, I have this tiny-little instinctual feeling that the client is trying to avoid paying us the full payment. Politics. Perhaps not? Perhaps I was just being sensitive, but I don't like the idea when we are constantly being asked to relook the video, put more effort and thinking for the production. I find those words of upsets unnecessary and really demotivating. After reading his SMS, in my disturbed and angry self, I was about to reply our useless-redundant-showoff-bummer project manager's SMS ... I told myself to be calm and react only when pushed. FUCK the bastard cos Eva and I both have put HOURS in the past few week completing the video! As a project manager, he should constantly support the team and act in all means to contribute in every stage of the video construction but in contrast, all he had done was boast and sit around corners, acting boss and rushing the crew to follow his timeline, which was in the first place flawed due to time constrains.

Secondly, I realize that my dependency and hope for this project is affecting me financially as well which could be the main reason why I look after this project, multitask and ensure everything is run smoothly. Apparently not enough to impress the client. If this project has the slightest problem in anyway where it affects the payment, I will go below my savings in the next few months and I am sure hell will break loose then. Family pressure, peer pressure, self-inflicted pressure ... etc

Thirdly, my big fat ulser since Monday would not go off thanks to the jammed-packed production period. One thing I hate about video shooting and production is that work-time is almost 24hours! Not getting enough sleep, rest and water has distrupted my speaking pattern. The constant ache from the lower-inner mouth is killing me. I am going to put salt and get a fever if it leaves me no other choice.

Fourth, at my most lowest peak of emotion - I am still being stuborn and attached with expectations that I know will not be achieved. Somehow, my dissapointment and sadness is revealed even more. I await calls that I know will never come, I await support that I know I have to hint to come, I await comfort that I know I have to ask to come. I know I am being difficult and childish, but somehow - that feeling is lingering around me. So far no one has understand that. Me being all negative certainly has a part in scaring Ariel away as she was basking in excitement about me finally taking a vacation. She saw the tired, worked-up me and was hoping that I get a good rest in the coming days but I scared her off with my signature "cibai-moody" look, which lead to my next point

I realize I cannot control my emotion very well. At the worst time - I tend to act distructively and feel that the whole world owes me an apology or support. I believe this disorder feeling is not healthy but it shows, clearly hurting close friends and family around me. I was about to cry this morning waking Grace and Vynn up to seek that shoulder and ear. My dependency on friends are so essential that I was left with no choice but to find momentarily emotion and spiritual stability in their words. Going to Redang would not be a good idea, but I really do not want to burn the RM800 I paid up front for the trip. So, my friends would have to understand the cloudy me ... Of course I will try to cheer up and forget work for a while but I doubt it will be successful. All I need is one call or SMS from my client and I am sure, It is enough to spoil my entire trip

Well ... Be optimistic says a close friend. Let's see if she could live my life... I am going to try and forget the world exist

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Production Notes at SanFranCoffee @ KLCC

I just realize that I always begin my post with something dramatic, either by expression or by subject matter. So for my readers today, or any other day, I am just gonna say ... I am tired. Physically drained. One of the main reason my passion for film making died is because of this - fatigue. My brain would not process and my body will not respond when I am tired. It's not the job, it's the constant feeling of trying to get the work done, efficiently, thoroughly, professionally and to top it all up, with style.

Eva and I, along with our hired CameraMan - John have endure possibly the most slow, unchallenging and mundane production. I definitely do not mean the current video project I am producing is easy, but it is rather ... erm ...

Sigh, SEE! I can't even get my vocabs right. Its the 2 day shooting, 1 day running around and the whole past week of partying ... I am SERIOUSLY looking forward for my vacation in Redang. Hopefully it would be good.

Gosh, I am so tired ... Need to keep my eyes opened! Shooting is still going on ... and we are only resting (or rather waiting) for tonight shoot. Hopefully Eva can say the magic word then.

In conclusion, although this is tiring ... this is a paying job and with that comes money. With money, I am going to survive a few more months ... Gosh, that's so melancholic ... Gonna skip that and spend the break time talking to Eva, sharing secrets and gossips! Maybe window shop a bit...

Gosh I missed shopping ... Hmm ... maybe thats a bad idea

Monday, August 10, 2009

Quickie Bday Post

A special thank you to all my friends who celebrated my birthday. It was an awesome week, and with a string of celebration since Wed night - I am so happy to finally be 24! NOT!

A big hug to my mum for planning the family dinner, 二哥 (Jimmy Bro!) who planned my seafood dinner with the gym gang and also my close friends, to Kenny for the wonderful dinner at Porto Romano and the great experience staying at Shang, to my best-ED girl friends ... Eva and Grace for the singing marathon at Red Box, and Dr. Kok for the lovely Korean Dinner. Just some pictures to illustrate my memorable 24 birthday ... One of the best, IN YEARS!

Thanks for the dinner bro!


Hmm ... will ask Kenny for the pictures and upload later... Back to work

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tired, Outdated and Frustrated

I will be blogging soon ... hopefully later today.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday Night, Family?

I can't recall when was the last time I spent my Saturday night with family. You guys must have think I am a jerk, but I am still staying with my parents and sisters under one roof in a small house. We see each other almost every single day, and when it comes to Friday evening, usually I am out with my friends ... till Sunday night. Ya, I bunk in here are there and treat my own room like a hotel, as how dad used to put it. That's the past tense anyway. I treasure sleeping at home nowadays.

Well, today my sisters were being obvious and cynically teasing me with full sarcasm for spending time with them during lunch, dinner and supper, being at home and all. Everyone was in the mood for teh tarik around 1030pm and next thing we know, all of us were laughing, eating and catching up at Pelita. Dad treated! We talked about our family pet, dad's current recovery status, my education-cum-part time plan, education policy, politics where the subject was short-lived, and also planning a family trip in August.

The one thing that hit me immediately was this better be a short trip! AUGUST? Seem like a full motnh for me.

I won't deny the fact that I was a bit on the lonely side earlier in the evening when my ipod's calender have no plans for the coming evening. I was feeling weird and think that a saturday should be spent with friends. Then, sis and mum took the opportunity and turn things around for me. They quickly kinda invited me for dinner and supper. I am glad I spent some quality time with mum and dad and my sisters. They are the best!

So, the next time you think about going out with your friends after a hectic week at work and all your contacts are tied up, try going out with your family. I am sure they look forward in spending time with you.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bye Bye July, Hello September

Hello August!

Damn, time flies man. Come to think of it, it been a month since mum and I got the shocking call about dad's accident. It's been a month since me and K chilled, temporary parted and physically detached (we're back anyway!). It's been a month since I gotten every single information and MBA files to decide which Uni to go to. It's been a month since I started working my ass off ... and perhaps those are the few solid reasons why time flies.

With a great plans coming up in August, a few job interviews scheduled, a few new friends introduced, a few more gym training to go to, a few creative projects to execute, a few hundred pictures to upload and keyword ... I am quite sure September will be lurking just around the corner.

One thing I regret with all the work and schedules going around is the fact that I am missing out (or I may put it, MISSED) some of the most anticipated summer blockbusters at the cinema, namely ...

Transformer 2, Angel and Demons, Obsessed, Harry Porter & HBPrince, The Proposal, Ice Age 3, Terminator Salvation and I will so hate myself for missing GI JOE.

Hmmm ...

Well, if anyone here would like to date me for a movie, please do ask. Haha. I am sure I will learn to make time if someone pop the invitation. Anyway, going to finish my book and listen to Maroon 5 bang their music. Wonderful way to end a productive week ...ushering the new month.