Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feedback and Getting Lonely

Was listening to feedback by Janet Jackson. Yeah, yeah ... old song ... but the song reminded me of another single from her that I used to love when I was a kid. Yeap ... this is the song:

Janet's I get lonely from her Velvet Rope 1997 album.


I don't remember seeing so much "skin" and "boops" on TV back then ...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wifi ... my dedication to you

Omigod ... so hot downstairs. I cannot stand doing my editing and keywording work with the current temperature. CAN DIE LO. Now I am upstairs, with the enjoyment of air-cond. Well, I am in between breaks - so decided to drop by and blog about;

Wifi Connection ...

Practically, it is very important for people who runs their business with internet connection and also for those who literally needs to go online to run their life. Sad to say, soon I will be one of them. My ACT206 (Art, Embodiment and Aethetics) lecturer will be so dissapointed to know that I am one of the many billions who had to depend on technology for survival. Also, I finally knew why K has so many gadgets that can go online, anywhere, anytime!

Back to the topic, as long as you have money and the password to log onto any available WiFi ... you are good to go ... anywhere in town. Of course, I would not try being lucky at more rural or "ulu" places. Fingers crossed, you never know!

Some of the recommended places for Wifi would of course be the famous Starbucks (free) and you can always ask/test the connection before "investing" in a very expensive not exclusive drink.

The list goes on to : Old Town White Coffee (any franchise), McDonalds, Pappa Rich and even KFC! Of course, those are some of my favourite places to hang out, get connection, food and sometimes a good crowd. You can also go higher end places like Carat Club, Alexis or even Delicious for internet connection. The rule with this cafe is pretty simple ... buy something from them and you are granted access to the "world"

Lastly, you can even go for the currently-famous Wifi in town ... P1 Max ... Not sure if that;s the name but my best IT buddy told me it is reliable, fast and not expensive. Something like RM5 per day. So why buy Starbucks at RM10min per drink when you can spend RM5 right??? Haha

Alternatively, get those broadband pendrives. Celcom and Maxis has it. Not sure of the rate. Last heard from my Bro who uses the Maxis one, it sucks!

The choice is yours...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rambles? I don't think so

It just ain't working. My photo shoot session are constantly being sabotage. Either by my own props, subject or the environment. Is this some kind of test or just a joke? Every single time!


suddenly, the sun disappear...


Thursday, May 21, 2009

SSM user experience

I am going to review the SSM service today. If you ever dealt with registering a business in Malaysia, the three initials should not be a stranger to you. Now, my experience with this government service should be rated A-... for being one of the worst experience. Thank goodness for their friendly staff, saving them from total emasculation if I ever do take the field in political arena.

Anyway ... enough joke. Back to the review. The one thing that is frequent for SSM is the word System down ... I wonder, is this some kind of norm for all the other government services or they just hire bad IT staff. Why are they always so ill equipped and insufficient. A few months back, I tried registering online with their system, system failure and causes some wrong info to be saved into the application process. Being not very user friendly, you cannot remove the details and have to travel to the nearest SSM office to make amendments. Not very user friendly ... minus 10 points

When I was there to meet the customer officer, it had no proper waiting queue or numbering system. Everyone just waited in a line as if they are going to pay for something over the cashier. Just a basic school-student lining up outside a room. Finally it was my turn ... I was told that the internal verification system is down and I cannot get my business cert, but the details have been amended. I can either opt to get my cert mailed to my address or I come collect another day. Of course, I chose the most convenient way. Minus another 10 points

Thinking about the process. It was not worth making the trip there to make the amendments. Nothing was required for the changes, no authorization ... no verification. Just a simple "Tell me what happened" and it was done! Why can't it be done over the phone? Like a call center or something! Minus 5 points.

I finally got my cert and happily went to the bank to get my business account rejected from CIMB. Why? Cause SSM did not mail me the physical copy of my personal ownership of the cert. Apparently there is one, and I didn't get it along with the Cert. I have to travel back to SSM ... Minus 10points. If the document is so important, why didn't they just include it along with the courier?

So ... this morning, I was at SSM again requesting for that important document. The nice lady smiled at me, with a guilty grin and softly apologize, saying that system is down and they can't print the stuff for me. I had to return to the office tomorrow to collect the stuff.

I stood up, took her at the tudung and slapped her face so hard she wailed. As she was about to fall to the ground, I took advatange of her tudung again, grabbing it and pulled her towards me giving her a strong head tudd. She cried in pain again, this time grabbing hold of the table for support from falling. Her colleague stood up and was approaching me quickly. I could see her at the corner of my eye trying to get hold of my raising arm, I quickly turn and landed my palm into her cheek. She stood there, recovering from shock and was burning. She replied my brutal attack with a slap but missed my face as I quickly maneuver to the side, giving her another loud and heavy backslap. She fell onto her colleague. People was looking and my mum clapped happily, laughing at them.

Ok. That did not happened. I wished it had ... It was playing in my mind when they were apoligising frantically for my misfortune ... They just took my details and promise to contact me if there are any updates. Alternatively, they will also email me the documents to compensate the trouble I had today. Minus 10points ... have to ... hate it cos I had to wake up early and get nothing from going to the office.

GOSH ... Government service really sucks la. They should really consider what a user feel from all the trouble. I only salute the frontliners for being so patient over the stupid system. Ok .. I am going to follow mum for lunch now ... just so we can continue our bitchy moment commenting on the government

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lenka - The Show

My current feeling ... of course I am the boy instead of the girl... One of my most played song in playlist at the moment

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A bad day?

Things are bad when you know at the end of the day, you feel like a loser.


1. Couldn't watch my tv series because the VCD hanged every single time I try playing it.
2. The same thing happens with 3 different PC and one DVD player.
3. Phone spoil, couldn't dial out
4. Bank staff tells you that the current documents you have is incomplete to open a business account, have to comeback another day
5. Your grip fails you in most of the weight training at gym
6. You spend an hour plus walking your dog, hoping that he poo poo outside and he didn't
7. The audition you are called for lapsed without your knowledge and a new audition has been called off
8. Your client tells you that the project needs to be postpone again
9. Your business partner is busy and would not be able to slot any session this week to get any work done
10. Your prospect partner's decision is still in the pending box
11. You spent the whole day again, like any others ... non money earning.

I am beginning to think that my blog have more rambles and negativity than anything else that matters.

Its 125am May19th

Yawn Yawn.

Just wondering if anyone will read this post. Gosh ... I am so boring. My life sucks ...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

K's new laptop

I am currently using K's new laptop to blog. I absolutely love the keyboard, the way it fits the machine and the way it just respond according to my fingers. OK, I am officially crazy. Anyway ... I am looking forward to get one myself one day after my 5 years old DELL dies. Haha, I am so bad ... wishing my own laptop to die.

It's unbelievable how technology advancement has caused laptop price to drop SO SO MUCH. K's lap machine is running at a very good internal system (not sure of the actual specs) but it is damn fast. Not only that, the lappie has a very nice sleek modern glossy look to it. K told me that it cost about RM1799 ... with 4G of RAM.


Think of it. People are crazy to spend so much on a phone instead... Why can cars be priced like that way? LOL

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Penang 09 trip review ... beta1

Productive day after a vacation. Thanks K for arranging a wonderful hotel to stay in and drive up and around Penang. My business meeting ended with good feedback and hopefully with a confirmation to proceed so I can proceed with the project execution. Either than the 2 hours business trip, the rest of the days are spent EATING EATING EATING ...

Here are some pointers for the local food tasted and review based on my latest trip.

Over the past few years, there have been some changes in some of my most recommended MUST eat places at Penang. One of them would be the Sawtow Lane Char Kuey Teow @ New World. The aunty is no longer working there and it is such a sad case. Fortunately, K found a new replacement - equally as tasty but a little hefty on the price. Look for a grumpy looking aunty using charcoal to fry her Kuey Teow at Jalan Selamat. She is wearing one of a kind of bakery hat and sometimes with a fancy oakley-look-alike eye shade. Piece of advise, please order your dish from her assistant, NOT HER!

My favourite Hokkien Mee (Prawn mee) has moved too. Somewhere at the corner shop street next to New World. Time of operation is only from 7am-9am. YES! 2 hours ONLY. If possible, ask your Penangite friend to book the dish in advance. The stall is called ... SUPER HOKKIEN MEE. Haha

Visit Pulau Tikus, nearby Pasar for great hawker food in the night. Locals recommend Char Kuey Teow (order from the stall that has the most people and a queue) and the Curry Meel. Very nice! Another great night eat out area is New Lane, near Sunway hotel. Recommendations; Fried Kuey Teow (order from the stall in the shop, not the road side), Lobak, Pig Porridge and desserts-drinks from an old uncle. Curry mee and Chee Cheong Fun not bad too. DO NOT ORDER; Laksa and Fried Oyster. Both the dishes has deteriorate in quality compared to the last time I ate.

If you fall sick and have a weak stomach, visit Wang Chau Juen at Rangoon road for stim Kuey Teow with Fish fillet or their famous clay pot fish head noodle.

If you can, go for lunch and taste the Peanut Butter Chee Cheong Fun (only one in Penang) near to Jalan Besi, along Jalan Utama. Its somewhere in the housing area... Can't recall the neighbourhood, so the best is to ask local for directions. Landmark are the shop is near to a local high school. Once you turn off from Jalan Utama (left if you coming from Penang Bridge or right if you coming from Tanjung Bunga direction), you just need to turn left at the first junction. Shop should be visible from then.

Drop by Joez Coconut and get the Coconut Jelly. One of a kind and super refreshing at very super cheap price too! RM2.60 per coconut. Get ready the cash as the shop is situated directly in front of a super busy road. Just park at the side, wind down your window and quickly request for the dessert. TAKE AWAY only. Hopefully the traffic light nearby turns red, that could buy you time to get the yummy dessert. Business operation hour is before 5pm.

DimSum that is VERY VERY NICE. Situated somewhere in Komtar. Morning to Night. Can't remember the lane but it is somewhere near Komtar buiding. The circular road around it... if you see a HOTLINK shop signboard, turn left and move straight till you see the word "点心". Corner shop on your right. Sorry ... cannot remember road name. Order Egg tart, a pao that has lotus paste in it and also their speciality pao (lo mai kai inside the pao). Skip the ordinary dim sum, nothing special.

Fried Oyster -very nice and big ones can be found at night before 11pm at Jelutong area. This one, I can't help with the direction. TOO MANY small roads to get there... but if it helps, it is near a wet market. Haha. Good luck in finding!

Supper, after 2am. Most places are usually closed. Best options are Nasi Kandar around Komtar area and the Kueh Chap & Duck meat at the corner shop on Macalister Road, Komtar area. If you are lucky, you may get the Hokkien Mee too, recommended by 8TV's Ho Chak!

Well, either than the food, please be cautious about the roads in Penang as well as their drivers. They are not reckless, but rather pushy and very KIASU on the road. Get used to cars suddenly turning out without signaling, cars speeding at emergency lane, super slow cars on busy roads, tons of bikes, cars stopping at road side without reason and also sudden honks.

Last piece of advise, don't travel in Penang during main holidays and festivals. The reason can be explained by the formula below

Narrow lanes + small road + no. cars on the road + island + one way streets = Overcrowded traffic ...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Departing to PG in 8 hours time

Am going to make my way to Penang with K in a few hours from now. Kinda excited as this is considered my first business trip there. Hopefully the meeting will bear positive prospect. Ironically, I will be hitching a ride with K in his new Civic ... and my last trip up to Penang, I actually car pool with Connie, in her new Civic. Haha ... Kinda funny, most friends who get their new Civic drive will bring me to Penang. Yahoo!

Well, that said. I hope this trip will be a great, fun-filled and pleasant one. Of course, it will be ... what could go wrong rite?


Thursday, May 7, 2009

wang lee hom - 落叶归根 (luo ye gui gen)

舉頭望無盡灰雲 那季節叫做寂寞
背包塞滿了家用 路就這樣開始走
日不見太陽的暖 夜不見月光的藍
不得不選擇寒冷的開始 留下只擁

命運的安排 遵守自然的邏輯 誰
都無法揭謎底 喔~

遠離家鄉 不勝唏噓 幻化成秋夜
而我卻像 落葉歸根 墜在你心間
幾分憂鬱 幾分孤單 都心甘情願
我的愛像 落葉歸根 家唯獨在你身邊

Repeat all once

但願陪你找回 所遺失的永恆 當
我開口你卻沈默 只剩一場夢

我卻像 落葉歸根 墜在你心間
幾分憂鬱 幾分孤單 都心甘情願
我的愛像 落葉歸根 家唯獨在你身邊

ju dou wang wu jin hui yin
na ji jie jiao zuo ji mo
bei bao sai man le jia yong
lu jiu zhe yang kai shi zou

ri bu jian tai yang de nuan
ye bu jian yue gang de lan
bu d bu xian zhi han leng de kai shi
liu xia zhi yong you yi han

ming yin de an bai
zun shou zi ran de luo zi
shui dou wu fa jie mi di

o... yuan li jia xiang, bu sheng xi shi
huan hua cheng jiu ye
er wo jue xiang, luo ye gui gen
zhui zai ni xin jian

ji fen you yi j fen gu dan, dou xin gan qing yan
wi de ai xiang luo ye gui gen, wei du zai ni shen bian

dan yuan bei ni zhao hui, shuo yi chi de yong heng
dang wo kai kou ni jue chen mo
zhi sheng yi zhang meng

wo que xiang luo ye gui gen chui zai ni xin cian

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mindless Blast

Funny it may seems, my head echoes
Lost translation and never ending stories
I heard them all, I hear
Trembling the sound, the storm never came
Stila, Mila, comes a stage name
Again and again, ever changing to adapt, to change, to witness the revelation
A trophy failed, dashed into golden blings swept by gentle breeze
Funny it seems again, the echoes grew
Now brewing with deaf ears
The roles changed, the wheels turn
Perseverance in truth, or story? Which is more powerful
Tick Tock ...
Stop shrieking

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Bro

I am back from Pantai Hospital. Yes, I visited ErGe about 2 hours ago (apparently the hospital has very flexible visiting hours and very friendly nurses and very lenient regulations) ... and came back with a heart that carries a lot of discomfort and uncertainty. Life is surely unpredictable. Er Ge got the same illness as I did about 2 years back ...

I am partially stunned, but mostly afraid. I wish I had someone I could talk to and lean my shoulder on, hearing Er Ge story brings back some nightmares and pain ... but I know a big boy has got to stand up by his own and not count on anyone in the world. Something I learned the hard way.

I am so glad I was there with Er Ge making him smile and diverting his attention from the pain he is feeling. I am happy that close friends were all around him ... caring friends and to see that everyone did a fair bit to keep him company touches my heart. Edward brought fashion magazines, a laptop to keep his updates on facebook and a pluto doll ... a soft touch to the whole thing. Sara brought food, healthy sushi from a vegetarian restaurant. Many sent their wishes and were mad that they weren't told earlier about his minor surgery. Something I didn't felt much of previously when the same thing happened to me. Different friends perhaps. All I remember was waking up half way to see K sitting around and a slice of chocolate cake from Ta Jie.

Er Ge is a very lucky guy. Being around his friends ever since 2 years back has brought very fond memories of friendship back to me. It was nice to feel belong again ... but I still have my reservations. I sometimes envy him, but almost all the time ... love him for who he is and how he has treated me. Then I finally understood why people care and show their love for him so much more. That is because he does the same to his loved ones. Love his friends unconditionally, anytime, everytime. And because he is still himself, never flawed, never masking his disadvantages on every occasion or situation. Always love and never hate. Never expect but always give. Be happy and sad but never depress and boast about life. Always shelter the needy and care.

I am so happy that he is my brother. So honoured to have a brother like him. So proud that he calls me 小第

Er Ge, my extraordinary brother! I wish you the best of health and recover quickly. Will bring you shopping next time and buy you the ice cream i promised. Get well soon and Love you lots!