Sunday, September 3, 2006

Bai Ling - VIRGIN ???

The music industry is definetely in chaos. First, we have the diva-turned-tribal aborigine wannabe Beyonce. Then we have Paris, our 20thcentury miss-SONOT-Munroe wannabe. Now, we have BAI LING - virgin wannabe!!!!!

I so rike Bai Ling. Se's rike the transattler or something. Se's so ecentric. Se's so kuul. Se's rike the DIVAS! Se's rike my father's nippy or something! Se's everything! (FYI, spelling errors are intentional - think BLONDE) *andrewkin does the Paris Hilton smile.

We should have a new genre rather than categorizing everything into pop. I believe the new genre should be called ... erm ... trash. You figure out what kind of music we can put in there! If Bai Ling gets a contract for an album launch, I am fasting from music.


  1. Oh



    My eyes!My ears!My senses!ARGH!!!

    *proceeds to die of a heart attack*

    P/S:Confirm, yours is better than mine. Yours is original mah!

  2. Really? How come I never know that? Maybe me being cooped up in USM is not doing me any good in updated news...
    Weird... It's so not her... I bet her music will only get as messy as her filmography.
    Haha... (sacrastically)