Thursday, June 15, 2006


YES! My exam is tomorrow! After 2 weeks of revision, it is finally over! I do have another exam next week, but that's pretty much easier than the one that is tomorrow! I did enough revision, went through past year's questions, manage to answer a few question, which also means I am not literally dead and read through all the extra lecture notes. I just hope I don't get a black out tomorrow in the exam hall. I always get that. First the pre-exam butterflying in stomach, then the exam black out and the worse, post-exam grudges ... Got to go back to work! Like Shine said; when the going gets tough, the tough gets going ...

Wish me best of luck!


  1. good luck, n gambatei!!


  2. Hi Andrew
    I'm just back from a buffer at Yuen Sunway with colleagues. Too full and can't sleep.Suddently, I thought of you all and of course, including you, my gym grandson.Without any hesitation, I log on to your blog as promised previously (hope you can still remember) to learn more about your current life in Australia.
    Luckily, I guess i'm still in time to wish you all the best in your exam tomorrow and the following week. Hope you will be able to ace all your exams with flying colours.

    gym popo
    (arianna yeaw)

  3. all zee best andrew ... go go go (footbal season ma)!!!

  4. read it from somewhere...

    when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.... not bad too u should try it :p