Thursday, January 25, 2007


I saved three puppies today. My neighbor's dog (my family call her girl-girl), gave birth to three puppies last week. The puppies are only 1 week old and have no abilities to crawl, bark or such. They only roll around the cold cement concrete to move about. That said, they do have the interest for the drains nearby. Unfortunately, this time, they were stuck in the dry drain again, under the hot sun and were making a whole lot of unpleasant cries for help. Previously, the puppies end up in a wet drain after the rain, but the girl-girl manage to get them out. This time, the mother was lost and left the puppies crying.

I had no choice. I can't stand there and see the puppies roast. Moreover, the puppies are already crawling into the rain hole near the wall. One way in, and no way out. Each puppies cramped through the opening and began suffocating. My heart broke. I had no choice but to fend off the angry mother with an umbrella and carefully pick each puppies from the drain without getting bitten.

Now they are calmly asleep under the shed in my house. Too bad my parents are passive towards dogs. They are not even thrilled by pedigree puppies ... apatah lagi mongrel.

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I felt like a superman but I felt bad at the same time. What is going to happen to the puppies??? It is not the first time the puppies are mistreated and my neighbor has no ability to take care of the puppies. Girl-girl was cared by them out of pity. She is always chained, drink water out of a weed,algae-infested tub of water, live under a table and roam around where her shit lies stinking. My family feed her once a while with bones as the carer can't afford to feed her at times. Either than that, she is nothing but an ugly fierce unfriendly mongrel. How are the puppies going to grow up in such environment?

I called SPCA today for solutions. If they were to take the puppies away, they have no choice but to kill the puppies as there are already an increase in unwanted breeds and mongrel population. I understand but I can't help but still feel bad. Did I really "save" the puppies?

Am beginning to think that the puppies would hate me for saving them from committing suicide

Friday, January 19, 2007

Urg - Void

I have not been writing. There are many reasons to it, but I am not keen on sharing. I suppose that part of me prefer to just keep things quiet. Weird huh?

*cough cough*

Believe it or not, for the past few days I really feel down. It’s like everything is wrong. Whatever I do, whatever I think – it’s all wrong. I am not too sure whether it is caused by the Maxis interview, the fact that I am growing up and I feel like a child, the ever gloomy-rainy weather, my friends, me-myself, health issues or even my family’s expectation. I am not sure. I know I feel so lost and empty. It’s like my life has suddenly turned into an empty void. A silent vacuum.

There are so many things running in my head right now and I feel like banging it on the wall. As the result, I ended up sleeping with a headache and waking up with one that is worse than the night before. Maybe I shouldn't think too much ...

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I am not too sure what is happening to me. I need to rearrange my thoughts – maybe try to be a little more optimistic and cheerful. Thanks Kenny for accompanying me in the arcade today!

*A HURK ... "*!@$^&!
Gosh – my cough is tearing my body apart

Friday, January 12, 2007

Same Script Different Cast - Whitney Houston

I've got a job interview from Maxis on tuesday! I hope everything goes well for me ... Am not too sure whether they are hiring, but nevertheless - I am going to do my best to impress them.

Thanks Bart for the interview advice .

Wish me luck!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Stan Getz - O Grande Amor

Cheers, Toasts.
The New year arrived. Christmas celebrated. Journey into the 4th Year.
New resolutions? Too hard to maintain. But I do have some just for the sake of motivation.

Stepping into the working world.
Nervous? Abit ...
Support? Alot ...
Interviews? None yet ...

BA Arts (Media and Communication)
Getting anywhere with it? Too soon to tell ... hopefully somewhere
Maybe a little regretful ... but there are more pros than cons.
So ... ?

I am not sure

Facelift for the blog? Soon, but I think it would only be for the header ... since I have plenty of time.

Wish I grow more flesh this year.