Sunday, May 14, 2006

Grapes anyone?

I am not a fan of grapes. Find them troublesome. But today, I've changed my mind. I started eating grapes - those seedless green ones and those big big red ones. So far, I tasted almost every single grapes available in Australia. What to do, I am living with 2 girls who cannot resist grapes and love having almost every single grape species stocked up in the fridge. Believe or not, there are at least 3 types of grapes in the fridge at one time - green, red and dark purple. What is with girls and grapes anyway???

Updates - my life have been upside down lately. Been trying to get a grip of myself most of the time. I am mostly lost in my own world, looking into a space, suffering from insomnia and not to mentioned - covering my emptiness and blank mind with a cheerful smile. Ain't want my housemates to worry about me! But have been better after I hand in an assignment, spend some quality time chatting with Kenny, being with the ever-happy Eva and Grace and of course the most important - talking to mum on mother's day. It was an uplift.

By the way, what's with me and affirmation from people around me? It's like I am so insecure and unstable ... sigh

That aside, we've finally bake our own chocolate chip cookies. It was delicious. Definetely better than the muffins. Alot of hardwork - but it was well paid off. Also, I bake myself a huge cookie! See See!

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  1. hey andrew
    careful with those grapes!
    they are sugar bombs
    go easy on them
    u like grapes, i love raisins
    nice profile pic

  2. the name's BeeMay 17, 2006 at 12:18 PM

    OMG seedless grapes!!!!!!!
    ahhhh i vant!
    i've been eating a LOT of starfruits and pink guavas... mmm.
    perfect complexion, here i come!!

    hey andrew... :D

  3. Hey, you still look good ok?

    Btw, where is my cookie? Lol..

  4. simon - thanks for the compliment. well, i am not a huge fan yet! unless they suddenly got really cheap and seedless! hahaha

    bee - hehe, drop by my place le. if you do, i'll promise to get you a box of it :)

    dee - I didnt know I ever did look good. Eva ate all the cookies already!

  5. uuu... i'm not a grape girl... i'm a persimmon girl... insomnia? i think its bcoz, u no more doing gym stuff... too much paperwork... try a glass of warm milk before sleep... epi trying...

  6. 那饼干看起来很好吃!!! 我也要!!

  7. Cool Cool.... cookies... I love them. and I love grapes too.