Thursday, March 29, 2007


I slept from 6am - 6pm. Twelve hours of sleep. I took advantage of the environment, the everlasting rain. It was a conducive environment to promote deep sleep. That said, I really enjoy myself by dozing off and just relax. In a way, it prepares me to perform at work during the night-owl shift. Of course, the rain is a blessing for me ... but also a curse for residents at lowland. Hopefully tomorrow's newspaper would not have severe report about major floods.

Previously, Sky told me that something must have been disrupting my sleep, resulting me feeling tired when I work out at gym. It is either that or my cardio level has dropped. I notice that he is right. Often when I am sleeping in the day, my closed eyes will hit the sun-reflection from my curtain and I will open up my eyes. But after 5 seconds, I am at lala-land again. Or a sudden phone ring from my house line, or the neighbor kids playing-screaming or even a simple clank-noise on the floor - will definitely wake me.

I am a fast-sleeper but not a deep-sleeper. I really need to learn how to deep-sleep. Any ideas?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Owe it to tell

Close to one month since I blog. I think I would delete my blog soon. Am not too sure any of you guys here still reads it. Anyway just a brief update on my life this month

  1. Working at now from 11p-7am. Night shift, servicing accounts or clients from USA. So I sleep from 8am-3pm. Try not to call me during my sleeping hours ... unless its SOS
  2. Got stitches a few days ago. Knocked my head on the cupboard. First time experiencing seeing blood flow from my head. Scary view
  3. Been trying to juggle gym, working life and friends. I am sorry if I have not seen some of you for some time. I promise to make it up to you. Azyei especially ... Sorry dearie. Promise will treat you dinner soon kaysz
Either than that, I really do not know why I might wanna continue blog again. But till then, ... let's see how thing goes

Thursday, March 1, 2007

New Tag available

It's my third day at work. I enjoyed the training. Everyone is like a family. The environment is conducive, friendly, comfortable and laid-back, yet people are serious when there is work. Boss is a great guy! The VC (vice-president) which is his wife is an awesome lady. They make a lovely young and successful couple... Both are equally respected too. Everyone is a great, except my immediate superior, lets called him Senior. Senior always looked moody and unhappy. Not sure why but I suppose that is fate. Remember my internship?

So? What have I done so far?

  1. Read up on company history and the industry
  2. Studied the competitors and their products
  3. Research work on our product
  4. Navigation for company's working interface
  5. Had my eyes tired during the read-up session about licensing agreement (different copies)
  6. Setup for my mail, internal database and website account
  7. Eat lunch, slowly putting on weight and hate enduring the morning jam to work!

I am working in the morning shift for at least 2 weeks, just to grasp the basic knowledge about the industry and the skills required for the job. By the way, it's an account servicing job that deals with marketing and sales. My division is for the USA market. Due to that reason, after my training, I would be working from 11pm to 7am. Odd working hours, but the pay is not too bad and I get my afternoon life free.

That aside, due to my agreement with the company, I am not suppose to blog about work. But, I can't be bothered. I am going to respect and oblige to my words, but I am still going to blog about work! I am going to use representations and metaphors to relate to office work instead. That answers the Boss, VP and Senior. By the way, there are a number of pretty gals and cute guys in my office. BONUS! haha

Soon, I will have abs beneath my eyes