Saturday, September 2, 2006


Buy-bye winter and welcome Spring. I hardly (almost-never) sweat for the past 6months. The weather has always been comfortable and complimenting. Now, it's all gone! The temperature hardly hits 23degree and I am already sweating ... profusely ... CAN YOU IMAGINE ME BACK IN MALAYSIA ???

I actually hope that Spring would do me good, prepare me for Malaysia. I hate the weather back there. HOT HOT HOT. Even when it rains, it is still HOT! The people there are also HOT-cum-ANGRY-STRESSFUL-PEOPLE and it's not like there are any HAWT hunks around ( look at our Cleo's candidate"sSssss" for gawd sake~!!!!)

Hmmm ... Maybe I should stop complaining. It's awesome, I think I actually said that line a couple of times previously in my blog. I should complain ... afterall, I am Malaysian! CHINESE-MALAYSIAN!

Ok ... the anticipation of going back to a country's weather I hate is definetely doing me alot of harm. Maybe I should think positive ... I get to wear less cloth and bear more skin! (But my skin is filled with hairs, and it is a big NO NO) ... Sandals! I get to wear sandals! MORE reasons to have a collection of sandals!!! (Ok, one point for Malaysia) ... but no more leather-boots or winter shoes (minus one for malaysia) ... Maybe I'll get tan ... Is it still like the "trend-tinge" where people prefer tan boys??? ... Hmmm ... Swimming! Haven't swam for ages! Reasons to get NEW TRUNK ... YahooWEE! ... I can also have a good reason to invest on an expensive and useful sunnies ... Hehe ... Why everything revolves around shopping eh??? ... Nevermind! Nevermind! ... What else? What else? ...



ARGH ... I want LAYERING !#%&!*@%#*&@*@(#(!(!!!**#(@*!@&!%@*!%!!


  1. " skin is filled with hairs, and it is a big NO NO"

    Use veetla...*proceed to laugh in her little corner*

  2. About tanned skin, it depends on what image you wanna potray, hot surfer-cum-beach boy or angelic radiant hunk like fair Koreans or Japanese? Both are hot! Enjoy making decisions haha...

    All that fuss on shopping and clothes just for Malaysia's climate? Unthinkable haha...

  3. When you coming back ah? Kesian tengok Kenny, single but not available when we have outings for the married people *wink*