Thursday, July 13, 2006

Melb w Kenny Part I

Cookie Muncher is back! Sorry about the dissapereance of 10 days! Rest assured, I did not lock myself up in a cookie vault. I've been spending the last 7 days with Kenny, exploring melbourne. I just send him off - woke up fairly early about 7am. After 2 hours of train travel to the city and back, I am home, cleaning up my room and decided to log online and reply some mails (amazingly, my inbox only show 6 spam mails and 0 from any sort of friends).

Back to the dissapereance, I will blog about it later ... Need to resize some pictures, get some rest and arrange my thoughts before I start a LONG post on it! Till tonight ... Take care and stay tune :P


  1. cookie cookie cookie! and i am annoyed :(

  2. Glad you're back. Been wondering why is your blog been stagnant for more than a week? LOL...

  3. it's nightfall and still no updates!