Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Just my personal touch on Malaysia

Is it possible to have time for yourself in Kuala Lumpur? Eva told me that she would work in the day and part-time sing in night. I TOTALLY disagree. In KL, everything is so hectic and out of order. Firstly, you start by waking up early to crawl your way to work. Then, if you are in the working-class category or a mere employee, you are practically subjected to working your arses till at least 530pm everyday and most of time even later - as required by unethical-and-unprofessional-nowadays-bosses who doesnt know the papers by brain and the true meaning of life by heart. After a whole day of work, enduring the all time everywhere-famous traffic jam would practically kill you. How could anyone think of doing anything else than just bum and relax???

Let's not even dwell into cleaning the house routines, meeting friends once a while, attending the gym, being a responsible child by spending more time with family or even a responsible parent by spending more time with your children and not to mentioned - slow down a lil and look at the good small things around you (I bet Malaysia has quite little to offer). The question here is - are there enough time for yourself ??? or do everything is routine based ???

My best buddy James told me once that; "You can slow down, if you want - but then everyone will just zoom pass. Malaysia is like that. We compete to survive. Natural ma! Look at how the government is causing more stress than a better living"

James is right. Our education system stresses good results rather than quality of knowledge and humanity. Our roads suggest that it is an economic commodity rather than a freedom of land where we can just use it. Our society has turn from Bo-Chap to Judgemental. Our social context is competition not education. Our definition of democracy is agreeing, supporting and following the majority even if they are wrong. Our government is working towards the national interest rather than for the people's interest. Our friends becomes people who are just around us to use us when we are needed, rather than sharing passion and lending a shoulder to cry on. Our lifestyles changed from one definition to another with no boundaries - non which I could understand.

Come to think of it ... it's not all that bad. We are save from natural disaster except that we might just destroy ourselves with the current "malaysian" attitude. We are developing with first class facilities but also at the same time further dwelling into our third class mentality. We are open minded and clever to accept that bad things can be part of our culture as well. We do have authentic cultures, beliefs and values which we are destroying slowly and softly through time. We do learn that government listens to us when we rebel more.

and of course

We defend our country when some pathetic bloggers states the obvious and highlights the negative part of our country. Yup! We do that!

*andrewkin continues munching his freshly baked cookies, listening to jazz and wonder what lies ahead for him in Malaysia


  1. sweetie,
    der shud b more people thinking d way u do.
    other den dat, i don wanna say anymore. i'm too tired complaining bout malaysia since dat i've been doin dat for the past twenty years. so God bless Malaysia!!!

  2. i WANNNNNNNNNNNNNTTTTTTT a cookieeeeeeee!!!!

    bring la one back next time u come back MAlaysia, then u know wat's waiting for ya, ME!!!

    actually more like waiting for da cookie... :p

  3. This country is fucked.
    I am fucked.
    Malaysians are fucked.
    We all are fucked.


  4. Life is what you make out of it I guess. If life gives you shit, make shit look, good ya.

    From bimbo me.

  5. Malaysia (mana) Boleh!!!

    Malaysian is like chicken, kiasu, kiasi...

    FYI - ur ex-boss, amy wong is resigning from maxis... sigh...


  6. what cookies you eating? The Coles brand choc chips cookies are superb. Sigh too bad, only brought back 1 box.

    eat keropok lah.. ;-p

    was working like mad in KL, decided to ditch KL, come to SG instead. Less hectic and more pay.

  7. COOKIE MUNCHER, where have u been? updates updates... :p