Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Dullest Post

According to Google, dull means; "lack of liveliness or animation". So, dullest means "lacking the most in liveliness and animation" la ??? and I am suppose to write something on that a ???

Let me think ...

I think the only dull thing to write is about my work but I swore and promised I would not start about the part-time job ... BUT ... since I got tag by Xavier to write about the dullest post ... I couldn't think of any topic. BTW, I don't have a carpenter's brain. You should see how 'slow' I sand/paint a furniture and how I sustain bruises, scratch marks and multiple laceration wounds all over myself during work! But I realize when you are stuck to a boss like that for so long in a workshop ; you become the dullest person ever live!

Back to the dullest thinge. Currently; work is dull. Boss is dull. No money for shopping is dull, No sex is dull, having little friends around is also dull ! Thus, life becomes dullest! I think... Omigod! I think my post has evolve from dull to dullest to stupid, to bimbo, to irrelevant, to I don't know what I am writing right now!!! Well ... I think that is what happen if you have to write something dullest.

So ... that is my dullested post ever! Is there a word as dullested ??? *Andrewkin does the bimbo pose putting his fingers on his lips*


  1. ok lah... u got scratch marks... i got stretch marks... nyek nyek nyek...