Wednesday, July 19, 2006

UPM Racist

Believe or not, racism still exist in our country! I find it so interesting how the younger generation still has the mentality of a nazi thinking. Ok, I am over dramatizing it. Anyway, just watch the clip.

I can't tell much of it but after some research, the fight was between 2 society (the uni society, malay domineering and the student society, chinese domineering). Am not quite sure what they are fighting about but there seem to be no media coverage on it. After a phone call, not even insiders or the media knows about it. So, its a closed case. But thanks to some media students, future potential journalism students and a beautiful recorder - we have ourself; proof that University students are uncivilized and barbaric too! I present you; the UMPers


  1. cant see nothing darhling...

  2. eh? click the play button on the middle and try??? why cannot eh? some friends tried can wan wo! u both bimbo isit?

  3. Andrew,can i have your e-mail?for freindster or MSN?

  4. looks like someone is really wanting to know u ler SkinG.. hehehe

    anyway, still no video,maybe it's the line here problem...

  5. Malay = stupid loud lazy pigs

    Chinese = cowardy timid useless pigs

    all swines.

  6. hei gorgeous. just a bit of info about this controversial issue. based from what i heard (and received), the fight amongst the student bodies was ignited by this one shallow article distributed by some fellow chinese student about malays & goverment. this has a lot to do with the issue where a chinese student with excellent SPM grades whom not accepted to any of the universities here in Malaysia. those malay students you saw in the video are not from any student bodies. they're just mere student, who're about to go to their rugby practice (plus others yang sibuk-sibuk lah).

    and ye lah, i also cannot see the videoclip. wonder why meh...:) me bimbo, so you have to teach me wor..