Friday, September 8, 2006

Untitled Post

Everyone is asleep in the living room. Its past 4am and I got to wake up about 930am. Why am I still not asleep yet? Don't ask me! Have an appointment at 11am and because I need to travel using the public transport, I gotta leave the house early. I am so gonna look like a zombie tomorrow.

Well, not most of us get the things we want anyway. So, just make the best out of it even if you are deeply sad, dissapointed and in many ways - hoping it will get better (but you know it wont).

Problem with staying up late alone is that you always feel lonely, hallucinate, feel hungry and lazy to cook ... and feel more lonely afterthat ... and you can't sleep. Then, you will think what is wrong with you and you start listing the negative stuff about yourself and feel all helpless. After that, you feel emotionally drained, tired and sleep with the thought that you are nothing but a loser. I am not implying that everyone feels that way ... but I do ... mostly - for no reasons (of course there is!) but I am not sure how to spill it out in words.

Sigh* This shucks

Andrewkin grabs his Baileys


  1. i guess i'm not the only night owl after all!

  2. dont worry, at least u will get more of that "vampire" look tomorrow :p

    and dont be so emo la, later lose weight lagi u know... deng deng deng deng!