Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tibetan Monk

I feel like somesort of Tibetan Monk ... maybe Nepal monk ... I dunno ... But I officially had an awful haircut in Melbourne. For the price of $15, I can't complain much ... I look myself in the mirror and had thoughts of actually hanging myself to death. How could I do such a bad thing to my hair! Who would have thought, Andrewkin FINALLY have bad hair cuts! Never recalling having bad ones back in Malaysia ...

Those were the good times in Malaysia. Never had to worry about getting a bad hair cut or hair style. Er Ge is always there to make me look fabulous! Noel's skills were fantastic. My regular barber only charge a RM12 for a clean cut. By the way, I did mention clean cut (safest hair cut in the WORLD i pressume!!!) to the hair"cutter" today. Wouldn't call her a barber or stylist. Is it me or her??? Now, I look like some Juvenile Kid ... even worse, prison escapee ...

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Urg ... Maybe I should have just spend more on the haircut, $30 is not that bad an idea ... but ... $30 x 2.7 = RM 81 ... A HAIRCUT THAT COST THAT MUCH???? ...

*andrewkin starts crying ...


  1. I dont know about you but I think you look equally cute there :) heehee.

  2. well, now u can audition for prison break liao ma... looked ok la, not too bad, kinda different vibes though... more manly.

  3. Hahaha xavier,prison break?

    The hairdo is not dat badla andrew...U could always wear a cap for a while if you feel it looks terrible ^^

  4. dont worry, give urself 2 weeks time.

    but it really not ur style, how come this could happened to u??? OMG...

    amy asked me to send regards to u, she just back fr taiwan. yes, she still bitchy... haha!!! but pity her, one man show running all the events.


  5. Looks ok to me though. Maybe coz I think that EVERYONE with short hair look good. Ngek ngek ngek. Was thinking of shaving my head again, but I did that once and I turned out looking like Sinnead O'Connors. Of all people, have to look like a lesbo! Come to think of it, rather be her then Mawi. YUCK!

  6. Siao Di....it's not that bad..dont worry....but of course your
    Er Ge can do so much better than that....hihihi......

  7. ken; your always bias one le :P, so i shave all a! hahaha but thanks for the compliment

    xavier; ha? more manly? ... more like criminal "manly" which i AM TOTALLY the opposite!!! boyish maybe :P

    dee - my cap is not nice ... erm ... but so far, i went school like that, the girls just smile at me

    kewell - yeah! i know! so sad rite, what i did to my hair!!! Pity Amy la! No one apply for jobs in Maxis is it???

    hafiz - are you applying i look like Mawi??? cos I am very sure I am not a LESBO! *andrewkin starts crying again!

    cava - you comparing me to Mawi is it??? but thanks for the sweet compliment

    aysh - serious? where? are they good? are they stylo? are they nice?

    alvin - why sound so unsincere one eh??? :P

    jimmy - yeah! 200% sure you can do better ... why not you fly over and give me a makeover?!?!?!? hahaha. can bunk in with me!

  8. Ayooo! No you lah. I mean ME! Even with short hair now all my cousins say, "Wah, rambot macam Mawi!". YUCK! Lucky you are not Meley, if not shorthair=MAWI. Dunno where they or what animal came up with that equation. Andrew, you Cheena so you are safe from this crap. So don't cry anymore!!! Don't worry lah, you still look good. d(^_^)b (2 thumbs up)

  9. I like short hair, always like short hair, short guy but LONG THINK BIG COCK...have you got one down there, andrew?

    That probably explains why i don't like Hafiz....it's HUGE!

  10. knock...knock....

  11. hafiz - hahaha, i thought say me ...

    shine - ai ye, who u alwayz so corrupted???

    eva - yeah, a monk that talk sex almost everyday! how kewl is that! hahaha

  12. hehe.. that's a cute monk there... :>

  13. hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... nyek nyek nyek..... (i know its so bad of me but still... muahahahahaahhhhhhhh)

  14. so what has the tibetan monk been up to?? no updates one??

    xavier sean

  15. Picture picture! You scare me now, I was thinking of getting a haircut too, and the cheapest for my hair is 15-20AUD! For that price back home u get a pro adey. T.T
    To spend or not to spend?

  16. u still look cute... hee hee