Monday, October 30, 2006

Up at 5am

I think I am still alive - pretty much like a zombie! Had watch sunrise for 3 consecutively days. It's beautiful I tell you! The sky just splits into three colours; dark blue, bright blue and a yellow base line. Don't be mistaken, I did not stay up for the sunrise. I had no choice but to study. Can't sleep anyway. By the way, daylight saving started. Lost an hour and am going to have longer day, in terms of light and shorter night. The sun only start setting at 8pm and comes out at 5. Quite cool, but it feels like you have more things to do in the afternoon.

Exam is just around the corner - two days away. I am only half prepared. Can't wait for it to be over. After that, my uni days are over. Fast eh? Soon I will be returning to the land where the haze comes every year. I am not glad that I had to return to Malaysia so soon, but I do anticipate for the day I pack up, board the plane and meet my friends at mamak again. Those were the days. But I better not expect so much, since Jen told me that things changed since I was away. Sadly, it was not changes for the better ... but nevertheless, I hope my friends are healthy and happy for my return! Hahaha, definetely have to make everyone buy me a welcome back mamak drink!

I wonder, does my friends back there still remember me? I hope so ... afterall, 10months is not that long ...


  1. me! me! me! see... remember you la! come back quickly la, i'm running out of clothes ...

  2. alvin_kyen ; hehe! so miss my advice on clothes only is it? BTW, the shirts here is FABULOUS! compared to msia ler. I bought a few new ones.

  3. hey bro....u think i'll forget u?....cepat lah balik...cant wait to c u already.....

  4. All the best with ur exams babes!

  5. buy some for me .... perleeeeesssseeee......beg u beg u beg u!

    p/s: miss other things too senstive to be revealed here.. oh i'm so gonna get my neck choppped!


  6. Hmm...
    1. Ooh, your new blog header is so umm... you get what I mean
    2. Haha if you're coming to M'sia for real (and you're heading to Penang) let me know, and I'll treat you Penang hawker food :p

  7. Wow, flaunting body! I know it's summer la :P

  8. wah, so fast one? ten month finished already! good luck ya